Journey of a Soul……..(Journey 1)

It was an exciting day for the black ant.  It was the very first time he ventured out of the nest. He and his friends were scavenging around the woods in search of food. They excitedly sniffed for food with their antennas when they came across a tree. The ant looked up and saw a bird in the tree. Suddenly the bird was flying right at them and the ant tried desperately to warn his friends but there was not enough time.

            The bird scooped up about a hundred ants with his feathers. Birds often try to capture black ants in their feathers because the ants spray formic acid as a defense mechanism. This acid helps birds to remove parasites from their feathers.  The ant sprayed his acid but when the bird flapped its wings the ant lost his balance and began to fall back to the ground. His mind was racing with thoughts but he had no idea what to do to stop his fall. He was scared and it seemed like an eternity since he had fallen off the bird. When he hit the ground he felt drowsy and kept hearing a stepping noise all around him. He saw very big and long things walking around. Desperately the ant looked everywhere for his friends, but to no avail.

            The things appeared to be nothing but long legs walking around the ground. The ant had fallen into a city. He walked and then ran and saw a store, which he quickly entered. There were many items he did not recognize and the smells were unknown to the ant. Everything was new to him and different.  He realized he had become separated from his friends and the thought of being alone saddened him.

            The store was owned by a man namedGary.  He was sleeping in a chair because there had only been a few customers all day. He always fell asleep when business was slow. He was awakened suddenly by the feeling of something crawling on his skin.Garylooked and saw the ant crawling past his elbow and moving towards his hand. He wasted no time swatting at the ant with his other hand.

            The ant was hit hard and hurt very badly.  He could not open his eyes. Two of his legs were broken and though he tried to walk all he could do was limp slowly. Every part of his body was in awful pain. He somehow finally managed to open his eyes. What he saw terrified him. The giant hand was coming towards him again. The ant tried to run but it was in vain.  The hand hit him hard and his eyes were closed forever.

           Gary saw that the ant was dead.  He took it in his hand, dropped it, saw the ant fall off and went back to sleep as the ant’s soul floated up in the air ….

….to be continued


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. well written, and a very good start to the story…… 🙂

  2. the most simple and daily life scenario, seen through different perspective. The start is fantabulous. keep it up

  3. Nice one Aneesha:-)

  4. good one, keep it up. and try adding some own experience into it, that’ll complete it.

  5. Thank you All 🙂 ….. your comments mean a lot to me…….

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