Journey of a Soul……(the journey continues (2))

In a dumpster near the store an insect egg hatched and the larva came to life with the dead ant’s soul. It was a female mosquito and after about five days she was outside looking for food. Only female mosquitoes feed off the blood of humans and other animals. She was admired by her mosquito friends because she told vivid stories about escaping harm while she fed.  She had tasted the blood of many different creatures and had grown fat. As she flew around the city she saw a man going into a store. She had just enough time to go inside as the door closed.

Gary as usual was sleeping in the chair. A man entered the store and the sound of the door opening woke him up. As Gary tried to shake off his sleepiness he tried to smile to make the customer feel happy and began showing him around the store hoping the customer would buy something. As he and the customer toured the store he thought about his old life, working in his farm instead of running this stupid store. His wife’s father had left her the store when he died and had made her promise not to sell it.  It was his dying wish that Gary look after the store. Now he was busy running the store while his wife was back on the farm taking care of the chicken and other animals. He fondly remembered how he used to go fishing and catch the night’s dinner. The memories hastily vanished as the customer asked for the price of something he wished to buy.

The mosquito in the store was starving. She had her eye on the customer but as she flew towards him she saw Gary and decided to sample his blood. Gary walked over to the customer and stood by him. In no time the mosquito landed onGary’s neck and started to feed on his blood.

As Gary talked to the customer he felt the mosquito on his neck and his hand immediately swatted at her. He had missed but saw the mosquito fly away. Gary took the customer’s purchase to the counter to write out the bill.

The sample she had tasted was delicious, so the mosquito wanted more. She flew right back and landed on Gary’s neck. She began to feed. She saw the fingers coming towards her and noticed a small gap between Gary’s fingers. That’s all she needed to easily escape.

In all, the mosquito bit Gary four or five times.  Now Gary really wanted to kill her. The customer had finished his purchase and left. So Gary pretended to go to sleep in his chair. He had uncovered his shoulder knowing that the mosquito would not be able to resist such an easy target and he was right. In no time the mosquito had once again landed on his neck. This time when he hit her he was successful and the mosquito had lost her life in no time.  He took a towel and cleaned off the blood that was on his hand as the soul of the mosquito floated up through the air…

At that exact moment a hen on Gary’s farm laid an egg in her nest and the wandering soul had a body to occupy. The small chick soon grew into a glorious rooster and had no idea that in a few days he would be killed by Gary.

The rooster loved to strut around in front off the other chickens and show off his stature and beautiful coloring. He felt his fellow chickens’ admiration and he was proud of himself.  A few feet away Gary’s wife was once again telling him to kill a chicken so she could prepare a special dinner, for when her aunt and uncle came for dinner that evening.

Gary was on his way to the henhouse when he decided he was tired of his wife’s nagging and decided the first chicken he saw would be going off to the kitchen. The cock was strutting around in front of his fellow chicken inside the chicken pen and Gary quickly grabbed him.

The rooster was in pain as he found his neck hanging from Gary’s hands.  The rooster tried everything he could to escape but had no luck. As he looked at Gary’s face, a sudden sense of fear washed over him but he did not know the reason. Up ahead the rooster saw a log with a small axe lying next to it.

By now due to Gary’s tight grip on his neck the rooster fell unconscious. In one blow his head was decapitated. Gary took the now dead rooster to his wife.  She was very happy and complimented her husband on his selection. The handsome rooster would soon be gracing their company dinner table and on its way to their stomachs as his soul was searching for a new body…

Somewhere nearby a baby boy got his first heartbeat in Mrs. Stevenson’s womb…….

… be continued (the final part)


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