Journey of a Soul…….(the final part (3))

Somewhere nearby a baby boy got his first heartbeat in Mrs. Stevenson’s womb. After nine months the baby was born and his mother named him Rob Stevenson. The baby grew quickly and in no time he was a boy.

Meanwhile Gary’s wife had passed away due to an illness. They never had any children due to her inability to conceive.  Being all alone and missing his wife desperately, Gary sold the farm for a huge profit and moved to an apartment in the city, nearby his late father-in-law’s store. He had turned 60 on his last birthday and Gary was thinking of funding his retirement by selling the store.

Two blocks away the boy Rob Stevenson was playing baseball with his friends in a vacant lot. He was an excellent batter and all his teammates expected him to hit a home run like he did in the previous inning capturing the lead for them. He had two strikes and finally he hit a pop fly with the third pitch but a friend on the opposite team caught it and he was out. Now it was Rob‘s teams turn to be in the outfield.  He was standing deep in case a long shot came his way.

Gary, the shopkeeper, checked his watch and saw that it was 5:00 PM.  Time to close and go home he thought. He got up from his chair, changed the open sign to closed, locked the store and began walking towards his apartment. As he passed by the abandoned lot he saw the kids playing baseball.  It made him wishfully think that had he and his wife had a child. He would have taught his child to play baseball. As he was thinking one of the kids hit the ball and it rolled out into the middle of the street.

Rob Stevenson raced out to get the ball and throw it into play. As he straightened up from picking up the ball he saw a truck speeding right towards him.  He suddenly realized someone was pushing him.                                       `

Gary, the shopkeeper had seen the ball land and roll in to the middle of the street. He was going to pick it up and return it to play when he saw the kid running after the ball. Realizing the impending danger the boy was in, he immediately ran out into the street and pushed the boy to the side.

Unfortunately, he had no time to escape and the truck hit him hard. Though he was hit and lay bleeding on the ground from the impact, he just raised his eyes to make sure that the kid was safe. In spite of his pain he felt the happiness of having saved the boy and took his last breath with a smile of satisfaction on his face. His soul was gone…

Rob stood there shocked, watching the person, who just saved his life, die….



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I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. good ending, life coming a full circle…really liked it
    wanted a bit of an insight from you,
    Whats the message that you are trying to convey with this story mate?

    • in a life we follow, there are so many small stuff that we do but neglect. i just wanted to say that each stuff will have a reason of its own. say killing of that ant by gary was the inception of series of events that lead to his death…..also every small stuff we do might not come back to us but may make huge difference in others life (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT). Every move matters!!!!!

  2. nice one bro….sense with simplicity…..keep goin…

  3. Good story, a little tragic ending, but still keeps you interested till the end, liked the reincarnation and the justice in the end…all is well that ends well 🙂 Maybe you can become an author soon one day of short stories probably 🙂 Very good job, that too this being the first story.

  4. Very appropriate title too 🙂

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