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Hope is the word we hang on to

When the darkness rise above us

But all we need is the confidence

To bring the ray of light in us……

Failure is what we see everywhere

When things start to go wrong

But all we need is the hard work

To bring the ray of success in us……

Life was never easy and it never will be

The path we lead will have stones

But smartness is to make ourselves

A slipper with the tools around us……

Many may wonder about the thorns

Make use of your hands and legs

If not use the smartness to remove

The roots with the tools around us……

At hard times we may feel

Sadness being all around

It is the happiness we need to search

Which will be hiding in plain sight……

Past is something off our reach

So why worry over it

When present is still around

To work on for a better future ahead……


The Fourth Collection…

1)I got a message saying my friend met with an accident in so and so place.. I hurried to that place only to see my friend shouting “April fool”…


2)Someone had kissed her when power went off. She stood up from her chair shouting who was it and the 3 year old baby next to her started to laugh…


3)After 15years they were meeting at that place to keep up their childhood promise. He was waiting as she came there with her husband!!


4)Power went off  for few seconds and she was kissed again. She smiled at the 3 year old next to her as the guy behind her smiled silently…


5)A man was hit but left alone in the middle of the road by the lookers. About a km away crows were gathered to mourn the death of its own kind….


1)Manager to employee “you know no work, waste body blah blah…” Few hours later, Boss to Manager “you know no work, waste body blah blah…”


2)He was staring at a stranger for a long time. She saw him staring at her, smiled and started to signal him to come to her! He said “bow bow”


3)After playing his tricks all around the world, Devil went on to attack GOD!! He was found dead the next day, after all GOD is GOD….


4)“The food isn’t good” said the father and was about to throw it but was embarrassed when his little son took and gave the food to a kid who was begging…


5)Eagle dived to catch its prey only to end up in the hunter’s cage for the rest of its life…

The Second Set….

1)”you are the one who always talk, why this silence now.  I have brought your favorite  flowers” He said. Finally placed the flowers over coffin as the tears fell…


2)He was on his way to commit suicide, jumped to a well in a deserted area, only to find a treasure at the bottom of it…


3)Katty the cat was chasing rummy the rat with utmost precaution but forgot the fact that danny the dog was behind her…..


4)“Few years back I had come to that park to tell you that I loved you, only to find you hugging the other guy” he told her when they met after a long period, she replied “It was my brother”…


5)She had noticed him following her the whole day… She finally turned and went to him and said “I don’t have a boyfriend dad”…..

collection one…..

A Set of Very short stories:


1) She used him and later kicked him out as she became successfull. It was later she realised that she was in love with him.Now he was married!


2)He knew she cheated on him. Now that guy cheated on her. He went to console her. She tried to kiss him, he said “I Love You, but, we, not possible”


3)He was on his way to the cops to reveal the biggest secret ever,only to be pierced by a knief by his partner in crime.secret was left alone!


4)He was scared when his dad was killed in front of him.Now after many yrs with a gun in his hand, he was just a door away from his revenge!!!


5)He kissed her. Got in his car to go home and inform his wife that he loved someone else . On the way…accident and he dies being a faithfull husband!