The Second Set….

1)”you are the one who always talk, why this silence now.  I have brought your favorite  flowers” He said. Finally placed the flowers over coffin as the tears fell…


2)He was on his way to commit suicide, jumped to a well in a deserted area, only to find a treasure at the bottom of it…


3)Katty the cat was chasing rummy the rat with utmost precaution but forgot the fact that danny the dog was behind her…..


4)“Few years back I had come to that park to tell you that I loved you, only to find you hugging the other guy” he told her when they met after a long period, she replied “It was my brother”…


5)She had noticed him following her the whole day… She finally turned and went to him and said “I don’t have a boyfriend dad”…..


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. great collection mate 🙂
    2nd i such a story of extremes and the 4th is simply painful yet sweet at the saem time 🙂
    good work friend 🙂

  2. Very thought provoking, Aneesh. Irony is so much a part of life! Sometimes it is humorous…sometimes it is tragic…sometimes surprisingly wonderful. Your short collections capture irony in all its forms.

    Nicely done! 🙂

    Best wishes,

  3. Very good collection of micro fiction here. If I may offer a suggestion – with a little bit of revision, tighter editing and re-presentation these would be even better. Not that I am an expert, I have been struggling to write micro fiction with little or no success…

    • Thank you 🙂 .. I had just written it continuously and posted it! My first set when i had written i found it little tricky to write but was ok once i got hold of it.
      Yes as i read again this after so many years i can see i could have written it in better way 🙂 . I like criticism 😀

      I am curious on how you came to this particular post?? 🙂

      • Happy that you didn’t mind my comments. I like short stories and micro-fiction and had noticed yours during the A to Z challenge. Look forward to reading more 🙂

      • I have 5 sets of these in total which i have published in the blog.It has been long time since i wrote the micro-fictions. Hope you like them as well 😀 . And comments are always welcome…

        I hardly write now a days and writing each day for A to Z was very challenging indeed. And now again back to the same days!! 🙂

      • I surely will look them up 🙂

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