The Fourth Collection…

1)I got a message saying my friend met with an accident in so and so place.. I hurried to that place only to see my friend shouting “April fool”…


2)Someone had kissed her when power went off. She stood up from her chair shouting who was it and the 3 year old baby next to her started to laugh…


3)After 15years they were meeting at that place to keep up their childhood promise. He was waiting as she came there with her husband!!


4)Power went off  for few seconds and she was kissed again. She smiled at the 3 year old next to her as the guy behind her smiled silently…


5)A man was hit but left alone in the middle of the road by the lookers. About a km away crows were gathered to mourn the death of its own kind….


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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