Monthly Archives: February 2012

In Her Eyes…

The truth was in her eyes

And his talk was full of lies…..

He told me to go away,

As she was only his

Were my eyes playing tricks?

Or something did I miss…..

Tears fell from my eyes

As I said my final goodbye

Seeing her for one last time

Thinking whether I was ever her guy…..

All I could think as I walked out

Was never would I fall in love again

Tears following my every step

Holding onto all my pain…..

Saw my past as I stepped outside

Remembered her every move and line

Making me realize the truth in her eyes

How did I miss she was indeed mine…..

I went in as he said I do

And you miss, the priest said

Silence followed around the room

No, I don’t from her lips is what I read…..

After all those years together

The love had grown from seed to flower

Never should have doubted her

As she will always be mine forever…..


Collection 5 ‘The cycle’…

1)A deal with God was made i.e. A life for a life. He planned for a kill to get her back only to realize a year later the same deal was made as the bullet went through his heart.


2)It will be your favorite day soon. But I am alone here and will be stalking you as you hug him the same way you hugged me last year on your favorite day.


3)“Dad, from these brochures of old age home choose one to go in future, fell lucky I am giving you an option since you didn’t give any to grandparents!” said the son.


4)He killed the guy in cold blood to avenge his father’s murder while the victim’s son saw his dad being killed!


5)“you don’t love me” she said “Would I bring this if I don’t” he said showing the red roses “Honey I love you so much” she said, he smiled. Seeing that he just smiled, she “you don’t….”