Forgotten Emotion….

I was walking on an unknown mountain,

I could not see the top,

Every step I took was hard,

But nothing could make me stop….


You had given me the pain,

Which I would never forget,

You had shown me the love,

Which I would never regret….


As I moved into the mountain

Found stones on every step I took,

And the trees were so thick,

That, nowhere could I look….


I still could smell the fragrance

That you left around me

I still could feel the thoughts

That you left in me….


Crossed all the hurdles,

Reached the top of the mountain

Exhausted by the journey,

Expected the miracle of rain…


Years passed since we met,

The battle inside was still on,

Years passed since I cried,

But the battle was still on….


The bottom of the mountain was not be seen

Journey ahead was a free fall,

The path taken had been the toughest of all,

Journey ahead was quick and small….


There wasn’t a place I hadn’t looked for you,

Now sitting in this park, alone

Stood up for another search

With the strength I own….


As I took my next step in air

Had one good look at the path behind,

The free fall felt like a joy

A movie at its end with no rewind…


As I stood there for one more go,

Felt a touch of a finger on my back,

Unable to believe it was you

The forgotten happiness was back….


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Yappah ! :D, sakkattu ! 😀

  2. You are great poet 🙂

  3. super kano:P liked it 🙂

  4. This poem is wonderful Aneesh.. and it took me through the pain and struggle and the joy.. Keep writing. You have a gift. ~Dreamwalker

  5. This is really good.
    You don’t update much, but the stuff you do write is pretty amazing.

  6. A happy ending at the end. .. that was unexpected 😉

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