Few years back,

I was someone,

Having a struggle,

With myself and the world


Now he is someone,

In the dark

Trying very hard,

To make a mark


I took risks,

Played life as a game,

Ignored the people,

To reach the fame


He is honest

Like I was,

He had passion

Like I had


Now I have riches

With no one to enjoy and live,

I still have dreams

Which money couldn’t give


Now he has no riches,

But only love to live

Now he has dreams,

Which only money can give


Close ones around

Were after the money,

Life seemed dark

And the weather was sunny


He told the close ones,

How rich he wants to be,

Giving his best,

To reach his goal


I am sad and lonely,

With richness and fame,

Started to walk back,

To play a new game


As he started his walk,

To play the fame game…


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Fame maybe something some crave..
    But riches are not taken beyond the grave..
    Wealth and treasures come from the within
    This Game of life is not about who we can win
    But what we can give out from our hearts
    Now thats the Fame Game we should ALL Start…

    Wonderful Poem here Aneesh.. spoken deeply from the heart.. Wishing you a Good day.. ~Sue Dreamwalker

  2. Nice one dear…
    True, fame can only give you money but not your real happiness, the love of people around you. They would be there only for your money.

  3. Alas it’s common to most of people, that we can’t be happy with what we have…

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