Raghu knew when he opened the door that it was not going to end well. Rajiv was standing at his doorstep, pointing the gun right in his face, “Why?” he asked Rajiv. “We might have been friends but you knew that it was not going to end well, didn’t you??” Rajiv asked. “Yes” Raghu replied. “You knew only one of us would survive and walk out from here and did you think as in the movies it would be the good guy??” Rajiv laughed.

            Raghu was silent. He was scared, but he wanted Rajiv to change his mind and give up on whatever he was doing. “Listen to me Rajiv, we can sort this out….” “No Raghu I am not going to jail and you can’t stay in this world, God might have created us but I am your GOD now, your life is in my hands and it’s going to end now, also I have made sure that she will be mine” Rajiv smiled. “Noooo……..” was all Raghu could say as Rajiv had already pulled the trigger. Shot straight into the face. Rajiv checked Raghu’s pulse to make sure Raghu was indeed dead.

            Rajiv walked out of the house leaving no clues behind. He drove away from the house, pleased that the girl and the money were waiting for him.

                                                                        The End

            Rohan completed the last lines of his novel. He was not completely satisfied with the last chapter that he wrote. He thought he would look into it later in the night. His son came to him, “Dad why do bad guys win in all your novels?” Rohan thought of how some of his writings would make young minds think like the bad guys of his novels, he had always felt it was his will to write anything he wanted, but could not control how people started thinking after reading it. “Son, it’s just fiction, you must not worry about this stuff and who told you only bad guys win in my novels?” “My classmates!”, “Don’t listen to them ok??” “Ok” his son replied. “Good boy, now go play”. The kid ran downstairs.

            “Dear, lunch is ready,” his wife called from downstairs.  Rohan was thinking of how he could create and destroy someone’s life in his book and the impact it had on people’s minds, so much so that it made him the GOD. He smiled at that thought. “Coming honey” he said. He slowly got up from his chair….


            “I should have never given these fools the power to think and create what they want. They are misusing these gifts which I have given to no other creature but them”, God thought to himself. He still had control over them. All he had to do was write in his book what he wanted to do, but the control was on the actions and not the minds of people.

God took his book and started writing…………….


                        Rohan slowly got up from his chair, thinking that another one of his novels was on its way to become a bestseller. He closed the door and started to climb down the stairs. He started asking “Honey what do we, ahhhhh……….”, Rohan had slipped on a small toy that was lying on the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs rolling, he had broken his back and hand. His wife came running and helped him to get up. His son was in a shock not knowing what to do.


            That serves him right. His mind and hand won’t be writing anything for a few months now.

            Next God started to write – helping the people in need…. His son came and asked “Daddy, when will I be writing in this book? Can I write now?” “You are just a kid, living creatures are not meant for playing or having fun with, you need to go to school and work hard, after seeing your marks I will think and decide!!!!”, replied God, “But daddy my friend has written in his daddy’s book”, “Yes I know son, your friend’s dad had to look after the planet Pandora and because of him Pandora almost got destroyed. I don’t want you destroying earth!! Now go play outside and try to keep your toys in place”. As the kid walked away sadly, “I will come and check on you in a while,” his dad said.

            Kids!!! God thought…. “Ok, now who needs to be taught a lesson, hmmm this politician looks good…..”


In the above story ‘THE GOD’ I have tried to show how we act as God in one way or the other. Each of us, have it in us to prove ourselves or motivate ourselves to make a change for the goodness of mankind.

Every one of us is God in our own way. We have got powers that no other creature has got, ‘the power of thinking’. It’s up to us, how we use our powers for the good and bad. The real God above will act according to it.


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Yes each of us are part of the creator, because we are Co-creators, as we create our lives which in turn affect others.. We each of us think thoughts which in turn are actions all having a conseqence … you have portrayed some good stories here to illustrate this… 🙂 Sue

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