It was just another day
He had come late
With blood in his hands and
Unknown was his fate

I stood in front of him
With no reaction on my face
Took the knife from his hand
And hid it in a case

He said to me
I did it for you my dear
I said to him
Now we have no fear

He came beside me
Took me in his arms
I looked deep in his eyes
Blinding him with my charms

He felt a surge of pain
Piercing through his back
The case was empty
And knife was in his back

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

He died in my arms
Saying I didn’t cheat
Taking that knife
I ran to my new life…

On my way, all I
Could see was dark
As I reached to my new life
The guy was with his wife

I fell, seeing that sight
The guy in front of me was dark
Pierced the knife through my heart
Realizing the guy behind was my light

As I died I told myself
you and she were partners
Fooled and tricked both of us
To have all the gold….

PS: I wrote this poem with a story in my mind…I myself got confused what was the story that was in my mind when I read it! The story goes this way….

                There were two partners running a business, what business? I don’t care… lets name them ‘A’ and ‘b’ married to ‘a’ and ‘B’ respectively! ‘a’ comes to know that ‘A’ has cheated on her with ‘B’ and cheats ‘A’ with ’b’. ‘A’ loves ‘a’ but ‘a’ falls for ‘b’.  ‘a’ plans with ‘b’ to kill ‘B’ using ‘A’.  One night ‘A’ with bloody knife in his hand comes home. Now ‘a’ seeing her husband with blood coated knife takes the knife from his hand and puts it in a case. ‘A’ comes and hugs ‘a’ saying he did this for her, only to realize that knife is In his back. He dies in ‘a’ s arms saying I didn’t cheat…. after hearing ‘a’ say ,

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

‘a’ gets fully confused but still takes the knife and goes in search of ‘b’. ‘a’ sees from distance that ‘b’ is with ‘B’. This makes her realize that it was all a plot made by ‘b’ and ‘B’ to destroy her life for money! Realizing the things she did she takes the knife and pierces it through her heart to meet her husband in another world….

The end

There are many around who plan on deceiving others… beware…

Hope I could make the story more clear for you guys 😛
Take care all…..


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. I followed the plot …. And you wove the words together nicely in this drama of a poem.. thank you for sharing… 🙂 ~Sue

  2. there is a very fine build-up to the plot along the verses and climax is fitting to the story

  3. Omg! it was truly heart touching.. yes, i could actually imagine the plot..(maybe coz im too imaginative lol)
    You wrote it so nicely… 😀

  4. The poem says it all. I can see the evil intent at every turn. Thanks for sharing.


    • When i wrote it initially it was very raw, later poem was modified and then published 🙂 …. i am glad it can be understood now 🙂

      Thank you for the comment…

  5. Yeah, there are plenty of cheaters, and manipulators on this Earth… but I still believe in goodness of human nature 🙂

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