Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Widow

The day was bright,
The sky was blue,
Change was in the air,
Of which I had no clue….

I rang the bell,
But no response,
I knocked the door,
Still no response….

I walked to the side,
Peeked through the window,
In search of,
My friend’s widow….

She saw me peeking and said,
The door is open,
I went in to the room,
Strong she was, though all broken….

She gave a faint smile,
As I entered the room,
I said not to worry,
He will come soon….

Everything would change,
Though it is sadness lately,
We are all waiting,
For that cry, daily!

She was on due as,
She had a 9 month old,
Inside her womb and
The baby will be her gold….

“It’s happening” she said,
I ran to arrange,
A wheelchair for the widow,
As it was indeed time for a change….