Life is a path we take
To attain a certain goal, but
A path should never be easy
A path should never be simple

Yes, we need a path
A path with love
A path towards happiness
A path towards the goal

When we desire
we should shed our weakness
When we are certain
We work hard for success

No one said
It would be easy
Neither did they say
It’s impossible

Whatever may come
Whatever may happen
Never give up on the goal
That you have chosen

It takes time to build
It takes time to reach the goal
Be patient in every step
Do not let the weak control

With thunder and lightning
Comes the rain
With hard work and pain
Comes the success

When we do something, when we want something, when we have a goal to reach never give up on it. It’s something we want to happen not anyone else. So it’s up to us to MAKE IT HAPPEN…

Never give up on something because someone else thinks you can’t do it. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Live your life to fullest. Dream and Achieve. THE PATH TO SUCCESS might be painful but when you reach your goal, it would surely be worth it..Go follow your own path and make this life worthwhile  before you leave…

 PS: Its been long since my last post.. had some busy days… Thanks for all the support and will definitely try to write more posts in future..
Would love to end this post with one of my favorite Bob Marley song… please do listen to it… Take care all until the next post ….



About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Things, which are coming in pain are mostly the most precious 🙂
    Keep fighting for your dreams. And never give up! 🙂

  2. Great poem with such a wonderful message. 🙂

  3. Aneesh, I loved this.. especially this verse
    It takes time to build
    It takes time to reach the goal
    Be patient in every step
    Do not let the weak control

    We so need to have patience, and faith .. Wishing you well in all you do… and look forward to reading your next post..

  4. This is almost a motivational poem and post! You probably made someone believe in their dreams. 😀

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