It was Friday and I was waiting for the bus. It’s about 4hr journey to my home. Two days of holiday awaited me ahead. All I could think was to reach home and eat some good food prepared by mom. I stay in an apartment with couple of friends and go home during weekends. Had booked my ticket a day before and was waiting for the bus. While booking ticket I had seen that almost 70% seats were empty and I had selected a seat very back but not the backmost seat.

            I was carrying a bag containing my clothes that needed to be washed and a novel. i hardly wash clothes as there was no washing machine in our apartment and it had to be done manually!!! So I always wash the necessity ones and rest to home every week.

A bus arrived at the station for the fourth time and finally it was the bus I had to catch. Took the bag and got on to the bus. Few seats were already occupied. I sat on the seat for which I had booked my ticket. As I sat I realized there was none behind me. There are compartments on top of the seats for keeping luggage, I kept mine on the compartment which was above my seat and sat beside window. Bus started and my journey began. Always during a journey in bus I tend to attract sleep and this journey was no special as I soon started to fall asleep.

            After a while I was awake and noticed that bus had stopped in a bus stop and people were getting on to the bus. Empty seats were still in plenty in front of me. Few got occupied but none behind me. Finally bus started and a guy hopped into the bus. He had headphones and was listening to the songs. He took his wallet from his jeans pocket, took some cash and gave it to the conductor. Once he was done with collecting ticket, he slowly moved towards me. He was shaking his head to the mood of the song he was listening I guess. He almost started dancing and people in the bus were amazed by looking at him. He even started to sing as he sat beside me. He gave me a smile put the luggage on top maybe right next to mine as I couldn’t see. I told him not to sing as I was trying to sleep and even others in the bus were getting annoyed. He gave a thumbs up. Though he stopped singing he was doing all kinds of crazy actions. I was slowly drifting to sleep.

            Not more than a minute I was woken by the guy next to me. He was trying to take something from his bag and fell over me. He apologized and I just nodded. Saw my watch and realized only half of the journey was completed and still half way to go and the guy next to me was making me crazy….

            I analyzed him, long curly hairs, slim as Bruce Lee…. White T-shirt with ‘I am the best’ written on it. I wondered what might he be best at!!! His pants were a bit torn in both sides at knee level ‘STYLE’ I suppose. He was done searching his luggage and was back in his seat.

            Sleeping wasn’t a good idea anymore. I had my earphones in my pocket. Connected it to my mobile and started listening to the songs that were loaded in it but with very low volume. The guy had an apple in his hand. He started eating it but his head was still nodding, also moving his hands and legs. Though he was enjoying what he was doing, rest of us found it funny. I even noticed the people in front cracking jokes about him.

            His actions made me think of mental hospital. As soon as he was done with the apple, he got up again, took his time and this time he had tissues and a bottle of water from his bag.  He looked at me as he came back to seat. “I always come prepared for everything on a trip, people must be ready to face any kind of problems they going to face. I am always ready for my worst day” he was literally shouting as he said that. All the people stared at him and he didn’t give a shit , he actually smiled at them. They all sat back in their seats. He offered me water and I declined…

            “Hi I am Ranvijay…”,  I was shocked to hear that as he moved forward his hand to shake mine, “I am Ranvijay” I said . Cool was all he said.  He was about to say something when his mobile rang. It had a very unusual song as ringtone. I started to wonder what kind of  person he is!!!!  “Hi mom, yes I am on my way… I will reach in an hour… had good collection…bag is full and have a big surprise for you …. Yes a surprise!!! Ok Okay, see you in few and mom chapathis were awesome… ”

            After hearing that conversation all I could say was what the hell was this guy, maybe an adventurer who loves to travel and explore stuff. Even an elderly woman in front of me was amazed!!! He got up with the bottle started to work on his bag again.. I put on my ear phones and started to listen music. Few minutes later he was back in seat again. This time a letter and pen in his hand. He started to write in it. I tried to look as he folded it saying “its for a special friend and you cant look. Its not a good habit to look into someone else’s letter, only a person who deserve to look gets to see the letter and if you are deserving enough you will get to see too” I tried to stop him in middle couple of times but no use. I did not get a word what he was saying . “ok man , chill” I said. He continued to write , I didn’t even look at him. surely was not ready for another lecture.

            Three hours of journey was done, few had started to get down in their destination. Mr. Crazy guy had kept the letter up in his bag after he was done with it.  “Life is full of twist and turns, one time you thing everything is great and the next second you realize everything is nil” “Are you an adventurer??” I asked “A sort of, I like to take risk” he smiled.

            He got up again, “its time my friend, I will be going, hope we will never meet again” “why so???” “Always want to watch new faces my friend, with new faces we get new experiences!!” “Wow, goodbye then Mr. ranvijay” I shook his hand and he winked as I said that…

            He took his luggage from compartment above and got down the bus shaking his head with music singing in his ears. Another half an hour and I would be in my hometown. The guy I met was strange with full of adrenaline and adventure filled in him but very crazy with philosophical touch. What kind of job would he be doing was all I could think. But it was time for fun weekend..

            My stop had come. The lady in front of me was snoring. I took my bag and got down, breathing the feel of hometown. Suddenly I felt that my bag was light!!! Opened the zip of the bag and saw that half of my clothes, the novel were missing. When I saw my pant pockets my wallet was also gone. It had about two grand money in it. I searched the bag again, saw a letter which was for me, a special friend!!! My heart was pounding, was in complete shock, everything he said came to my mind “How fun can completely turn into sadness in a second, meeting new people….” Slowly opened the letter which was written for me…………..


Dear Ranvijay,

            My name is surely not your name but really nice name though. See you finely deserved to see this letter . I hope I entertained you well and taking whatever i possibly can. Also thank the old lady for a beautiful dress, my mom will love it. Be careful next time……..


                                                                                                                    Duplicate Ranvijay

            I closed the letter put it back in the bag. The day was ruined but not anymore I told myself. Went and complained in police station, called the bank and blocked both my credit and debit card. Later went home to enjoy the weekend as I intended to…but the day would be remembered as

                                    ‘A day I was outsmarted by a crazy act of a con artist’





About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Very well written. I like it 🙂 I’ glad, that finally you posted something new. 🙂

  2. This was a great story.. I am hoping it was a story and it really didnt happen to you.. But the twist at the end wasnt what I expected and you wrote it very well..
    There are many Con-Artists out there..
    Wishing you well in Life Aneesh..

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