This post was meant to be published yesterday i.e. Dec 6…

Firstly I want to say this article has nothing to do with the number 23, which some people believe to be a special/powerful number.

So what is this about? I turned 23 today. I always want my birthday to be a normal one. Every year my parents, bro, few cousins and few of my friends wish me. I am someone who doesn’t celebrate his birthday, though I feel it’s a special day.

The reason why I am writing this article is because the day didn’t turn out to be a normal one!

Let us first go a few weeks back. As you all know I am working now and no more a student, my colleagues started asking me my birthday. I generally don’t tell my birthday, so I never told them. I thought tomorrow evening I would tell them my birthday was this week and I would like to treat.

So finally Dec 6 i.e. today finally came. I went to office, everything looked normal. Initially I felt that my colleagues knew it was my birthday and they were hiding it but I ignored it thinking it was my imagination. By now you all might realize that they already knew and I would be getting a big surprise. The interesting thing was how it all happened. Anyways let me continue, Lunch hour came, everything was normal. We all went together for lunch; we had our lunch. It was in second floor of the building. Couple of they went to buy some deserts, by now I should have known something was happening but I didn’t. Finally they called and rest of us went to the first floor. When I was walking down I realized there might be a cake waiting for me and these guys knew it was my birthday!

Initially what my mind said was RUN. Then I realized I knew these guys for just few months, they had become close friends (I don’t know whether they all think the same about it, though I believe they do!). I don’t know how but they managed to find out my birthday and bought a cake to celebrate it with me.

I came to the table where the cake was kept; I don’t know I just thought about the cake my mom used to make for mine and my brother’s birthday. Saw these guys all happy and smiling, I was very happy just by seeing them but I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless. I just said “I don’t like cutting the cake”.

After the cake was cut and everybody wished me, we all had the cake. I was thinking how did they know that it was my birthday? It was still a mystery to me. I realized maybe Facebook, though I have not made my birthday visible there, few had wished me last year. So I finally asked “How did you guys know?” On Dec 4 one among them had asked me to log on to one of my account to check something, I had opened it for her and I just started working. She had seen for my info and saw my birth date! Just two days back they came to know. I couldn’t believe this fact!

So the day became very special, thanks to these special people – Kalpana, Sowmya, Abhilash, Radhika, Arun, Shyam, Sindoori and Reshma.

So I am 23 now and day is back to normal. The beautiful thing was that the guy who wanted to give surprise ended up being surprised. It is these moments that makes life beautiful.

Though life has its tough moments, it’s still beautiful…

Interestingly this is my 23rd post!!


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Aneesh, First let me congratulate you on your 23rd Birthday 🙂
    Interesting to see the synchronisities at work 23 I have just looked up in Doreen Virtues Book of Angel numbers… It says quote
    The Ascended Masters are helping you keep the faith, They are with you right now, and are available to you as you ask for their assistance… end quote
    Life is indeed beautiful in ALL its moments..
    Much love and blessings sent your way

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