One Year!

It has been one whole year since I started my blog. Though I wouldn’t say it has been a successful one , I would term it as a satisfying experience.

About two years back when I had thought of writing a blog, I was nervous. My closest friend Tejaswi had suggested that I write a blog. Even my cousin Kavya who had read my writings thought I should write one too. So initially when I started this blog exactly a year back I thought it would be good to see what people had to say about my writing. My biggest fear was English! I know my English isn’t good and I wanted to see how people would take it. I always get help from Tejaswi on the grammar perspective before publishing a post and I will always be grateful to him. Thanks a lot man!

As I started this blog, my main aim was to see what people think about me as a writer; it might be the plot, or the way I proceed with a story. To be honest, I know I am not even close to being good yet and I still have a long way to go. Though I got a few positive results from what I wrote, I wanted people to point out what was not good or right in what I wrote!

I have experimented with many things here. It might be my very short stories where the story ends in a couple of sentences; it could be the poems I wrote, I am not at all comfortable with them. I have always felt they are just random lines that rhyme! I even wrote a few articles which I don’t usually do.

I always tried to be within the theme of my blog while I wrote my posts, mainly to balance the act of darkness and light around us. I don’t know how much I have been correct in terms of Dark Light. When I write I usually have certain kinds of ideas or messages of my own and hope it would be of some help to others. Also if I am wrong I would like to hear from you about where I went wrong.

I had thought of closing my blog many times. It might be because I don’t publish much. I also felt somewhere in the middle that I am not good enough to blog. But I didn’t close it down mainly because few were following me and I had started following many and reading their blogs helped me in a lot ways which made me think more. My outset towards people around the globe has changed very much and I feel we all are so similar in a beautiful way because of the blog and I wanted to experience this more.  So I thought it would be foolish to stop coming here. I thank all of you for your wonderful writings and I am grateful to all who visit this Kingdom of Mine,

Thank You Again.


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Thank you so much mate.
    It feels so nice to see how far this blog has come since last year and i use it as an inspiration myself to better my blog.
    Keep writing.

  2. hey, congrats for completing your one year over here. Being a blogger myself i could understand how it feels to celebrate this day.
    and yeah glad to hear you didn’t really closed down your blog otherwise it would have been discouraging for me too… well, as i guess we both have similar thoughts like we started after being suggested by friends. Even i feel i am not having good hold on the language and you would be surprised to know that even i am corrected by my friends. Truly, if they haven’t been there my blog wouldn’t have been possible. I haven’t much read of your posts but surely the once i read are just really nice and that’s the reason i have followed you. I don’t follow many as such.
    anyway i am sure lots is about to come from your side. Keep rocking!

  3. Thank you for your kind words… keep writing 🙂

  4. First of all, i need to congratulate you for completing one year successfully. “Kingdom of urs”, i liked it, well phrased 🙂 keep writing 🙂 🙂 🙂

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