Her Aura and the Happiness

There was no one
I could love or trust
The place was dark and
Moving on was a must

I came here in search of
A light in my dark life
Followed her all around
To make her my wife

I moved from place to place
following the light
only to make the place
as dark as I am

Light turned around with
a smile on her face
lighting my darkness
with her grace

I was blind for a second
due to her brightness
only to open my eyes
with her and the happiness

She whispered to me
I was always the light
with hatred and fear
Light was the dark….

: It’s been almost a month since I last came here. We always celebrate a new year, one thing we forget is that every month of that ‘new’ year is a new month, every week of that new month is a new week and every day of that new week is a new day. This can be extended to every second that comes by… So every second in our life is new which makes it very special!

It’s very funny to see how we spend every second of our life. Just stop for a moment here and try to see the past couple of days in the next few seconds and recollect the moments that you worried about, was jealous of someone or anything which comes with the term ‘bad’.  You might have none or you might have plenty of it. Was it worth those new seconds?

In life we think about almost everything. Each second is a new possibility. Our thoughts vary with time, we change with time. But since the very beginning there will always be something very close to us which we will never realize until the end.

Most of us in life will always be looking for something which we don’t know. The statement in itself is odd and funny.  Some of us give up in the middle and accept the life we have while some find it and achieve great heights. But there will still be another question waiting. Is that all you were looking for or is there something else? This never ends, isn’t it!!

In this poem I wrote, we might be searching for anything, a person, a place, object, emotion etc.  I always say that I am someone who believes that a person who is bad will always have some good in him and vice versa. A person on his quest to find something may forget the path he took. One might fall down to a certain level to achieve his/her goal or another person will follow the honest way to reach his goal. Ultimately a final question will answer how your life was, it’s not about the struggle you had or the money you have or how much you have achieved!
I know some of us will say some of the stuff counts, I do agree but only if it answers the final question! So what is this question?

At this very moment are you happy?


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. awesome poetry! Loved it.. and true at the end it all matters how we lived.. so live it fully. 😀

  2. What a very thought provoking entry Aneesh, Happiness is measured I feel differently by different people…. I am Happy when I walk in the woods.. I am Happy when I spend time with my granddaughter.. Now am I contented in my Life….. Yes…… I am…. so is Happiness Contentment? Is Happiness Love? are we Happy with who we are? the answer maybe No.. or we wouldnt be searching for that something to fill our lives of that empty space..

    A very interesting Post. Wishing you Much continued happiness my friend


    • yes indeed… The meaning of being happy varies with people… thank you for the comment… This comment brought back a bit of strength in me and my writing… Thank you 🙂

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