I lost myself the day I lost you
Each days go by me
Thinking a reason to find you with me,
Though you will never be

Peace is getting torn into pieces.
The tears falling around
Forms a sea of fear and sadness,
With happiness long gone

Swim to shore of happiness
A place we will unite
To create a better place for us
For all around the world

β€œI, love, am dying’ said the love
come save me and world
before the hate conquers you
and rest in the world.

Its time to love yourself, others and the world, before we lose all.


About Aneesh

I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Aneesh, this poem hits home with the truth of love… We are often so caught up in our world looking for Love, hanging onto our loved ones in fear of loosing them like the possessions we buy thinking often we own them… Which causes so much heart ache in the jealousies of the world… Not only in relationships but as nations battle against nations.. creed against creed, colour against colour………. We have lost the art of loving others… But more importantly we have lost how to Love ourselves..

    Wonderful poem Aneesh.. and thank you for sharing… I missed this post as it was posted on my Birthday!….. Love and Blessings your way…. Sue x

  2. Hope you are well Aneesh… thank you for visiting Dreamwalker’s… Enjoy your weekend ~Sue

  3. Alota reality,in a couple of lines…
    Beautiful…….. :):)

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