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A Bitter Sweet Day

I was waiting for the bus at my usual stop to go to office. It was a bright sunny day and as the heat was too much that I preferred going in an AC bus.

Nobody was at the stop as it was a public holiday. An auto rickshaw came by asking where I wanted to go, I shook my head as I did not want his service. Couple of non – ac buses passed by, but I did not want to go in them as my office was around an hour away from where I used to stay.

Just then my phone started to ring ‘travelling lady, stay awhile, Until the night is over. I’m just a station on your way; I know I’m not your lover’ a Leonard Cohen Winter Lady song. Last night I had changed to this ringtone for someone, so I knew who exactly was calling. I just cut the call and put it in silent mode. Another non ac bus was approaching and I thought I would go in it as I had waited quite a lot for my preferred AC bus to come.

As I got into the bus most of the seats were taken and luckily one window seat was up for grabs. As I sat down, the conductor came asking me for my destination. As I bought my ticket, I felt my mobile vibrating. It was Rhea calling and so I promptly cut the call.

Last night, we had gone to eat outside. My girlfriend of 5 years had broken up with me last night without giving me a valid reason. I asked her for an explanation for which I didn’t get an answer. I even tried to convince her otherwise, but to no avail.

Two stops had passed by as I thought about last night. A guy was sitting next to me. He started to talk rudely in a loud tone on his mobile. An AC bus passed us by and this in a nutshell summed up the day that I was having.

My thoughts drifted back to last night… I was trying to drown my sorrows in alcohol……. as I was interrupted again; my phone rang ‘I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy. I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love be everything that you need’ a Savage Garden Song.  It was her, I just cut the call changed the ringtone for her and switched off my mobile.

The guy was still talking loudly on the phone. Just then a lady got into the bus, she was holding a baby. Maybe he was around two to three years old. As she stood I started to think whether to give my seat or not. As I did not want to leave my seat, I was half expecting someone else give up theirs. All of a sudden the guy next to me got up and called the lady and asked her to take his seat.

It made me think that how often we come to conclusions about someone without thinking much and let our prejudices get the better of us time and again. The Lady sat next to me, with the kid in her arms. He was looking around; asking lots of questions and his mom was trying her best to answer everything. By just looking at the kid’s curiosity and cuteness I had forgotten my sadness. He made an angry face as I looked at him and smiled; he gave me a stare and then suddenly turned and hugged his mother. I asked him his name. He shook his head saying no and started to stare at me. I couldn’t control and started to laugh. I told his mother that she had a very cute son which made her smile.

My mobile had a message from Rhea. I was thinking whether to read it or not. The lady asked whether I was ok, guess she saw some sadness in my face. I smiled as I put my mobile back in my pocket and said that I was ok. Just then there was a huge braking and the bus started to compress.

At that second, all I could think was saving the kid’s life as he had just started seeing this world. I felt I had experienced everything! I tried my best to cover the kid and the mother in that fraction of second. Something hit my back, my left hand which was covering them both. Something hit my head and my eyes started to close.

I felt severe pain in my head when I regained consciousness as I realized that I was in a hospital. As I opened my eyes completely I saw the kid and the mother were sitting near my bed.The Lady had a bandage in her forehead. A man was right next to them. I realized it must be the kid’s father. He thanked me for saving his family’s life. I just smiled and started to move my left hand trying to say no big issues but realized that I was not able to move it.

I wanted to see where I was hurt. I saw Rhea on the other side sitting beside me crying. The Lady said that after the accident my phone was ringing and she informed Rhea about the accident. I turned to Rhea and tried to say something, even though I was angry at her I could say nothing . She just brought her fingers to my lips. She said she was wrong yesterday, that she loves me a lot. She even opened my mobile showing me a page long text that she had sent me about why she broke up yesterday. I said I love you; she replied I love you too and kissed me on the chin.

As they were leaving, I again asked the kid his name. He naughtily refused with his teasing expression. We all started laughing…..