Chapter A: Arrows

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In the game of arrows it’s always the bow that makes a winning decision! In life we people are arrows. The more the bow string is pulled, greater the distance covered by the arrow to reach the desired target”.  Advaita remembered his dad’s words as he started running again from the arrows in his life. As he was running, he had seen that he was followed by maybe 6 or 7 guys. In his 13 years of life he had not come across a situation like this.

His father was killed and he had managed to escape from the chaos. Since then he was on the run. He was covering an unknown distance without a target. The only intention now was to live.

He had escaped with his Dad’s bow, dagger and a few arrows in a bag. He had only two arrows left with him now. It was a very dense forest. He stopped again and hid behind the bushes when he heard a roaring sound nearby. It had come from the side where he was moving towards. He could still feel the arrows pointed towards him from behind. He made his mind to move towards the sound.

As he ran a little ahead he saw that there was a little open area and just after that a cave. He hid himself again before the open area and tried to think what needed to be done.

He slowly moved towards the cave. Making sure each of his footsteps could be seen going to the cave. He could feel something being there inside the cave. He started to retrace the same step backwards and jumped to his left towards the bushes. He started to silently climb a nearby tree. As he climbed he could hear the steps coming towards open area. He froze and waited. He was well hidden for anyone to been seen unless thoroughly investigated. Advaita saw them as they reached the open area.

One of them showed the footsteps to another. The other guy nodded. He told two of them to wait outside, as he and the others moved towards the cave.

There was a smile on the face of Advaita as his trick worked. He was in two minds now. Whether to move ahead from there or wait and watch.  He decided to wait. He waited there for some time. The tiredness was getting on him. He slowly slipped but was able to grab the branch and stay at the place.

The rustling noise from the tree got the attention of the two guarding outside. “Go check that Kiri” said one to another. Kiri slowly moved towards the tree. He could see something  atop of the tree but could not make out what it was. He moved his bow pointing the arrow towards that direction. He pulled the arrow to shoot. As he was about to shoot they heard a huge roar from the cave…..


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I am a 27 year old engineer!

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  1. Nice story. I’m in the challenge too. 😀 So you’re going to do one long story with each letter? I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do.

    • Thanks 🙂 .. Yes that’s the plan. I have the plot in my head but building that plot around the letters is becoming a little difficult… But Good Experience!!

      Hope you figure out soon..will be waiting :)… Enjoy writing…

  2. Great suspense. Can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

  3. Great start to A-Z. To write a story of that length each day is indeed a Challenge!. Best of luck – see you around.

    Keith’s Tiny Tales! My obscure word today is Absquatulate

  4. What a wonderful start to your April’s writing Aneesh.. 🙂 I so enjoyed the detailed discriptions of the story.. Looking forward now to the next part 🙂

  5. A good start – looking forward to reading more.

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