Chapter D: Death

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The cub was resting beside its mother when it heard the hyena laugh. There were three Hyenas that were coming towards it. It moved behind slowly until there was no place to move. Two of the Hyenas started to feast on the fallen beast.While the third moved slowly towards the cub for a kill. It was giggling and grunting all the way. The other hyenas were laughing as they ate.  

An arrow from nowhere hit the Hyena which was on the attack. It fell with that hit. The cub which was silent so far, roared and jumped at the hyena and bit its neck. The hyena breathed its last.

Advaita was startled with the sudden change in cub’s attitude. He did not waste any time as he still had the element of surprise on the other two hyenas.He took another arrow pointing towards one of them.

Hyenas were surprised by the sudden kill of their fellow being. They both started to move towards the cub. Before they could make a move an arrow hit one of them in the head and it collapsed. The hyena which remained was not sure what was happening. It had stopped its laugh completely and started to run towards the bushes.

Advaita now swiftly came out of the hiding to kill the last one. He had a feeling that the hyena might get some more of them if it escapes. He took the arrow and placed it on the bow ready to shoot as he ran behind it. He calculated the movement of the hyena, controlled his breathing and shot the arrow. It hit the hyena’s head and it stopped moving.

Advaita ran towards it. Took his dagger and stabbed it again. He tore the skin and gutted the hyena. He took what he felt he could eat out of them. He came back and placed them near the beast. He saw that the cub was trying to tear the skin of the hyena which it had killed. As he came near, it stopped. He took the dagger and made a clear cut on the hyena. The cub which was watching him continued the tear as he moved away from it. He repeated the same with second hyena and collected the things which he could eat.

Son, one never knows how or when death will come and make them disappear”. Father was right he thought. He killed three Hyenas and was part of the killing of a beast. Many died in its hands. He didn’t want his death to be so soon. He was determined to survive against all odds.

He went again towards the bushes. He took off some big leaves and placed them on the ground. He put his food over the leaves, wrapped them and put them in his bag. He noticed that the cub was seated and eating its prey. He decided to move the dead bodies inside the cave.

Once all bodies were moved he came out and saw that the cub was slowly eating and enjoying its food. He came near it and moved his hands around its back. It closed its eyes acknowledging him. He smiled whispering “Enjoy your food”.

Advaita decided to move ahead without any further delay. He collected all his belongings. He started to move. He wanted to leave behind this area of death as soon as possible.

As he went deeper into the forest he had a feeling that someone was following him…  


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  1. I can see a strong bond yet to be forged here with the Cub and Advaita 🙂

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