Chapter E: Elixir

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Advaita was on the move away from his tribe. After a while he started to feel as if someone was following him. He started to move quicker, jumping over the branches along the way. When he felt safe he hid behind a bush and waited.

He saw the cub following his footsteps. The cub waited there as it was not sure where to go. Advaita got out of the bushes and stood behind the cub. Had he become a father figure for this cub he wondered.

Advaita now took the cub on his journey. He felt it was better to have some company. As the sun started to set in, the path became darker. He turned to cub and said “We need to stop here, its getting dark”. He took the pouch and drank little water. The pouch was lighter now. The cub was looking at him. He put the opening of the pouch in its mouth and slowly let the water out of it, so that it could drink. He noticed its claws and strong teeth as he offered it some water.

He got some branches and started a fire nearby by using stones and grass. He took out the Hyena’s flesh out of the bag. Tossed one of the pieces top the cub. He started to keep another piece on fire. Cub noticed what he was doing. He smiled and said “I can’t eat raw, kid”.

After the dinner which he struggled to eat even with the hunger, he decided to get some leaves to make his sleep comfortable. He laid down thinking the sudden change in his life in the past two days. As he slowly drifted to sleep he felt someone sleep next to him.

“Son, Do you know what this is?” His father asked him. “That’s Ale” Advaita replied, that was his father’s favorite drink. Father smiled “Its Elixir my son”. Advaita was puzzled now. “Confused?”his father asked for which Advaita nodded his head. “Do you know what Elixir is?”his father asked. He said “I had heard someone saying its some magic potion which helps in different ways” he replied. His father had a huge laugh “Yes indeed, Elixir can be anything. It is a potion which gives pleasure, happiness when you require the most and that is the magic it holds”

Advaita woke up abruptly. He was thirsty. He took the pouch but found just a couple of drops in them, which made him more thirsty. He got up with the pouch, bow, dagger and few arrows. With arrows and pouch in his hands he made a move for water.

As he moved ahead he started to hear the flow of water. He thanked God for his luck. Within no time he started to run in that direction. As he turned he saw the cub following him. He was really surprised by the cub’s persistence.

As they approached near the river Advaita slowed his pace and concentrated on the surroundings. He could hear an elephant trumpeting as he reached the river; he could see an elephant herd bathing there. He saw that the cub had stood behind him seeing the elephants. Advaita slowly got on his knees and started drinking the river water. He drank to his satisfaction and so did the cub.

The cub looked up on him, Advaita stopped drinking and said “Do you know what an elixir is my friend?” He took the water in his palm and continued “this my friend is elixir”. Advaita smiled as the cub had already started drinking again ignoring his comments. He washed his face in the water.

Advaita filled his water pouch. He needed to go back as he still had to collect his bag and remaining arrows. He started to walk back. The cub was still drinking water. “I am going back for the bag” he said.

When he reached the place his bag and the arrows were nowhere to be found…


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  1. Loving the way this story is unfolding Aneesh 🙂

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