Chapter I: Identity

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The door of the General’s house opened. Advaita was in awe of it. He had never seen a house of this magnitude or beauty. Even a house of the chief in a tribe was very small compared to this.

Shadow turned to look at Advaita who had stopped at the entrance. “Will you come in now or will you be standing there?” She asked. He walked towards her. “I think we need to change your clothes. Mother will be in shock if she sees you like this. My Father’s old clothes may fit you, come on in” She said.

A lady came out of one of the rooms. She had a wooden item in her hand. Seeing Advaita she dropped it in shock. Advaita smiled at her and ran behind Shadow before she could say anything.

“Sometimes you don’t just pretend but make an identity your own” his father had told him. He never understood why his father had said that. Advaita thought he will not wear any new identity but keep the one he had in pride.

Shadow got some clothes from a room. Advaita had never worn them before and was not sure how to wear it. When she placed the clothes in his hands he asked “How do I wear these?” Shadow had a laugh. She explained what she could.

Advaita went inside the room shown.  Shadow had called it shirt and trouser. He wore them. The trouser was loose, he used the rope belt he had and tied it over the shirt also tightening the trouser. The dress felt uncomfortable. There was tunic as well to wear on top of the shirt. He didnt like it, so he did not wear it. He went out.

As he came out from the room Cully was waiting with Shadow. “You look a natural in these. Need shoes too” said Cully. Shadow laughed when she saw him. “You look handsome” she said. Advaita gave an uneasy smile.

“You look different. You look good. I think we should change your name, Advaita is something very different” said Cully. “You guys changed my clothes, but I don’t want to change my identity, I am who I am” replied Advaita. “Relax friend, I was just saying” said Cully with a smile.

Shadow went to her room upstairs. Cully showed Advaita around the house. Advaita saw portraits of many men and women as they walked around the corridor. “My parents are both out. Mother is in Palace with queen helping her in preparation of the wedding. Father is always with the King.” Cully said. Cully was not sure whether Advaita heard any of it as he was busy looking around.

They came back to the entrance now. Cully asked him to sit on one of the chairs as he went upstairs to his room. Sometime later the front doors of the house opened. By looking at them Advaita realised they had to be the parents of Cully and Shadow.

As soon as Thomas White came in, he saw a commoner sitting. “Never seen him before, is he one of Cully’s friends?” He asked his wife Martha. “Who are you son?” Martha in turn asked the commoner.

“I am Advaita” replied the commoner. He retained his Identity…


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  1. Bravo, Aneesh.. your story is coming along quite well and I really enjoyed this one where Advaita is determined to maintain his identity.

  2. Love how your themes are going Aneesh

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