Chapter J: Jester

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Whites’ came to know all about the incident that had happened. They thanked Advaita for saving their kids’ lives. As they were having dinner that night, “Which tribe do you belong to Advaita?” asked Mr.White. “I am from the Shaka tribe” he replied. “Peter, Do you know of a Shaka tribe in our kingdom? Is it the one on the south border?” He asked the soldier who was standing beside him.

“Yes my lord, it’s on the south border. They are immigrants from the Zulu kingdom. I believe they follow their own rules and not the Kingdom’s” Peter replied. “Thanks Peter, So Advaita why did you leave the tribe?” Advaita was not sure whether he could tell exactly what had happened. Now all the people in room were looking at him. “My Parents died when I was very young. After that I decided to travel around” Advaita finally replied.

Martha noticed that Advaita was a little uneasy talking about his past. “Tomorrow we are going to see the Jester’s act and approve it for the final performance” she said to Shadow. “Advaita you may not have seen these kind of acts before, why don’t you join us?” Said Shadow. “I was thinking of leaving tomorrow” replied Advaita.

“Don’t be in such a hurry my friend. You see the Jester’s act tomorrow. Tip Roy is the best Jester this kingdom has ever produced. Even Mr. White suggested him to stay. Advaita finally agreed, as he felt he had no choice.

The next day Martha, Shadow and Advaita went to Tip’s house. Tip was showing them the act at his place. Queen had specifically said Martha to check it as it will be the finishing act after Princess’ wedding for entertainment. Tip was ready with the costume and makeup when they reached. After initial formalities Tip started with his act. Advaita was sitting in one corner and was observing. As the act progressed Advaita laughed like never before. Everyone were enjoying the act.

Advaita had heard from his father about the Jesters. His father had said “Everyone in the world are like Jesters. A mask from outside but different from inside, hiding their true nature.” When the act got over, Advaita wondered ‘how happy the jester actually is. Does his mask from outside match the one who he is inside?’

His thoughts came back as he saw there was a huge discussion going on between Martha, shadow and Tip. They were suggesting a few things to be added and removed a part or two which involved making fun of the Bridegroom. After sometime Tip enacted again a few more times. Advaita saw that the act was finally ready. He was very impressed by the Jester’s work.

“People will fall in love with this act Tip, very well done” said Martha. “Thank you Martha, Let me clean up and come back normal” He replied. “How was the act Advaita?” asked Martha. “It was good” he replied. They waited for Tip.

As Tip came out “So Advaita, How did you find the act?” he asked. Good is all he said. “This guy doesn’t talk much, does he?” Tip asked Martha with a smile. “Only to the point” she replied back. “Oh! I see” said Tip as everyone laughed. Martha and Shadow decided to go to meet the Queen. Advaita said he would stay at Tip’s for a while. They instructed a soldier to accompany Advaita wherever he wants to go and then left.

“So what is it you wanted to ask, son” said Tip. Advaita had a smile.  “How happy are you as a Jester?” Advaita asked. “You think I am sad?’ Tip questioned back. Advaita shared his father’s view with Tip. Tip had a smile in his face. “Yes we do hide our true emotions, I feel in every profession people do that, not just this one. One has to do his Job irrespective of how their personal life is.” Advaita nodded.

They had the conversation going. Tip explained his art and told stories of the famous Jesters before him. Advaita met Tip’s wife and daughter. Tip’s two elder sons were in the army. They had lunch together. After lunch Advaita decided to leave. He conveyed the same and started to leave.

The soldier assigned to Advaita tagged along. As he was about to go out the front door “Your face looks very familiar” Tip said. Advaita turned and smiled as he walked out of the Jester’s house.


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  1. Your story is coming along very nicely. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have a great story to edit and publish (in any form you like). Good luck with the rest of the alphabet 🙂

  2. How true that we all hide behind a mask. Food for thought. Good story, so far. 🙂

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