Chapter M: Mural

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Advaita and Cully were back at Cully’s home. They went directly to the kitchen to find some food. Cully’s sister Shadow was also there. Advaita and Shadow’s eyes met and they smiled at each other. There was a shyness in their face. Servant got some food for them to eat.

As they ate on the table, Cully started to explain how amazing Advaita had been on the training field. Advaita and Shadow were looking at each other and eating slowly. They were not hearing a thing what Cully was saying. As Cully put his arm on Advaita’s shoulders they came back to reality. “You know what, we should have a Mural together. I will go ask Uncle Tip to do it on my room wall” said Cully.

Cully had become an admirer of Advaita after what had happened in the field today. “If world is full of paintings then you should be a Mural” Advaita’s father had told him. With his archery skills he was reaching that stage he felt.  Before Advaita could say anything Cully had left. Advaita turned to shadow and asked “Tip?” “Uncle Tip is a very good painter, maybe we should get our painting done as well” she replied. Advaita smiled but did not say anything.  

After the food, Shadow held Advaita’s hand and took him upstairs to show her paintings. They sat beside a trunk. Shadow opened the trunk and took out a painting that was her favorite. When Advaita saw the painting he was mesmerized by Shadow’s beauty. Shadow noticed it in him. He could see the perfection in the painting. He said “This is really beautiful. You look very beautiful. The painter has painted exactly as you look”. She rested her head on his shoulders. “I am glad you like it” she said. The moment they had seen each other, they knew they were supposed to be together.

“Why you are at the house, aren’t you going to help your mother with the wedding preparations?” he said. She was about to say something when they heard Cully calling for Advaita. They both got up. Advaita said her that he will go down first and later she could come. They both smiled as he said that.

Advaita went down. Cully was waiting for him. “Uncle Tip said he will do a small painting of us first and then use that for the Mural on the wall.” said Cully. “As you guys wish,” replied Advaita. Shadow started to come downstairs. In a hurry to come down she slipped. Advaita was standing in midway. He tried to stop her fall. He slipped, but was able to stop her fall with his left hand but his right hand hit the steps. It hurt a little but he ignored. “Are you ok” he asked as they got down. She nodded.

Shadow said she too will join them as they went to Tip’s house to get the painting done. Tip painted them for hours. With both of them standing side by side. Advaita was very impressed with Tip’s painting skills and appreciated it. Cullen pointed to a room “You know in that very room, he started painting. There are lot of paintings in there” he said. “Can I check them? “ Advaita asked Tip. Tip said ok.  

Cully was talking to Tip as Advaita went to check out the paintings. Shadow who was watching silently when they were getting painted joined Advaita. They went inside the room and started to check the paintings one by one. The room was huge. Each painting amazed Advaita and made him realize how good a painter Tip was.  Shadow explained a few of the paintings as they had historical importance.

Suddenly Advaita’s eyes went on to a Mural on the corner of the right wall. There were three people standing. The painting was a little faded. He was shocked. He moved closer to confirm.

The person on the left was indeed his father!


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