Chapter O: One

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Advaita felt restless, he had not slept well last night. He had to solve the mystery. When he went down everyone had already left the house. As he sat on a chair the one memory which his mind had always blocked for so long slowly started to come to light.

‘Advaita was as usual practicing his archery.  He was becoming very good at it. He had successfully hit the ‘X’ mark on the trees many times now. When he was about to shoot another arrow, his father came running towards him. He saw that his father had a sword covered with blood. “Did you kill a beast father?” he asked innocently. His father grabbed his hand and took him from there. The bow and arrow which Advaita had in his hands fell to the ground as he ran along with his father.’

His thoughts were interrupted by soldier Grant. “Please come with me, General Thomas is looking for you” Grant said. “What is this about?” asked Advaita. “He received a letter and after that he said he wanted to talk to you in person, that’s all I know about” replied Grant. As they walked Advaita wondered what this was all about.

They reached a building. As they went in, Grant showed Advaita the room to which he had to go.  As Advaita entered he could make out that the General was not in the best of moods. He asked him to sit on a chair. As Advaita sat General asked rather accusingly “Who are you?” When Advaita heard that, he felt a little confused. “I have already told you that General, I am not sure what you are trying to get at” he replied.  

“We had our pigeon sent to the Channa tribe to check on you. They knew a guy called Advaita with amazing archery skills. But nobody knows from where you came from?” General said. “I told you I am from the Shaka tribe.” Advaita replied. “That is where it gets interesting kid, I asked my soldiers stationed in Channa tribe to go check on that fact too. The Shaka people did acknowledge that they knew you but said that you and your father were cheats and liars.” replied General. “That is not true. My father is not such a person. My father always said that we are the ones who decide what we are and not someone’s perspective. “

General Thomas laughed. “Soldiers tried to talk about what you and your father did. Nobody were ready to talk regarding the matter. About your father, I am not saying whether he was a bad or a good man but the people who knew him said he was a cheat. I didn’t know him” General said. “I think you knew him” replied Advaita assertively.

“What are you trying to say?” replied General Thomas. He was surprised as he was taken aback by what Advaita was trying to imply. Advaita just sat quietly for some time and replied “We need to go to Tip’s house to know more”. This can only be sorted there. “Tip’s House? Why?” asked General Thomas. “I can’t say anything here, you will know when we get there” replied Advaita. The General looked at Advaita for a while. He had a feeling that this man who sat before was not lying and thus decided to go to Tip’s house.

“Grant we are going out for some time. Make sure everything goes as planned. When Royston comes ask him to take over for me till I am back.” General said to Grant as they left. Advaita thought Royston might be the second in command.

They reached Tip’s house. As they went in, Tip was practicing his art. Tip was surprised to see General Thomas and Advaita together at this hour. “What now, speak up” said General Thomas . “What is happening? Can someone please explain.” asked Tip. Advaita said “We need to go to your Painting room Tip if you don’t mind”. Before Tip could say anything General walked past him and opened the door and led them in.

General Thomas and Tip turned towards each other in surprise as Advaita walked them towards the right wall and said “The one in the left beside the King is my father” pointing towards the Mural.


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  1. You have an ambitious project underway for A to Z. Nice job.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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