Chapter P: Peasant

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General Thomas White tried to ask about Advaita’s father. Advaita was adamant on knowing Rob first as he looked exactly like his father. They decided to go to General Thomas’ house. Tip felt it would be ideal to talk in Thomas’ study room. As they were on their way, Tip said “He could be Rob’s son” to Thomas. “You mean he is a Royal?” replied General Thomas. They remained silent after that.

They were in General Thomas’ study room now. The three were silent for a very long time. Advaita finally spoke as he requested Tip and General to tell him about Rob and his death. “We are not so sure about his death” replied Tip. Both Tip and General Thomas saw each other and nodded together. General Thomas started…

“Rob was the only son of Peasants Liam and Eve. They had their own field unlike other peasants who worked for Lords. Rob used to help them in fields. Seeing his interest in learning, my father got him to the  University of Heaven to study. There Rob was more interested in learning war techniques and sword fighting. He always joined me for training sessions with a wooden sword. Tip and I were very close during those days. Rob soon became one of us.”

Advaita realized why his father was interested in agriculture as well. His father used to advise the chief of Shaka tribe on what to cultivate in different seasons. “A Peasant is the one that brings food to our table. We should respect them more than the hunters” his father had said. He came back from his thoughts as he continued listening to General Thomas again.

Rob, apart from us had started hating others as they used to always bully him for being a poor peasant’s son. He was a silent guy and never retaliated back. But within he had started hating others. He hated that he was poor and had slowly stopped to help his father with work.

Once During a sword session he took on Prince Aiden. Our King was a Prince back then. Nobody used to defeat the Prince even if they could. But that day Rob did. Prince Aiden stormed out of the session furious and sad. The Prince also realized that many lost to him as he was royalty and not because he was better. From the very next day Prince Aiden chose only Rob to practice with. They became close friends and we four became a gang.

The Mural on that wall was painted during one of those days. Rob had become one of the finest swordsmen and there were only few of us who could beat him. Finally Prince Aiden too defeated him. Prince Aiden took that as great achievement and took us to show the palace the next day. I had seen the palace before as I was the Prime Minister’s son. It was the first time for Rob and Tip. They were amused by the beauty of the Palace.

As we roamed freely around the palace courtesy of Prince Aiden, we heard musical instruments playing from one of the rooms. Rob was so fascinated by the music, he ran towards the room as we followed.

Prince Aiden’s sister Princess Agnes Rich was dancing in the middle of the room with musicians playing instruments around her. King William Rich who was seated on the throne in one corner saw Prince Aiden and signaled to come to him. King William after the dance session got over, came to know that Rob was a Peasant’s son. He ordered Rob to get out of the Palace. We left along with Rob as Prince Aiden tried to convince his furious father.  

As we walked back Rob said he would marry the dancer. We told him she was the Princess and it would be impossible for him, for which he said why? can’t a peasant marry a Princess? “The General said.

There was a knock on the door. It was Commander Royston. He had come to discuss on some urgent matters. Advaita and Tip left the room. Before Tip left he said “let’s continue this after the Royal wedding. I need to prepare some more for my act tomorrow.” Advaita agreed to that.

Advaita came back to his room after a quick meal. He was lost in his own thoughts. It was Shadow who brought him back to reality. She had to shake him as he did not respond to her talk. She didn’t say anything but smiled and waited for him to speak.

“You know the Peasant Rob from that Mural” said Advaita holding her hand. “Yes,” she said. “I think he is my father” he said.


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  1. I’ve bookmarked your site so I can come back when the challenge is done and read your story from start to finish. I really like what I’ve seen so far!

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