Chapter U: Unique

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The rest of the night passed away as usual with Advaita deeply immersed in his own thoughts. He again struggled to sleep that night. Glimpses of his father running away with Princess Agnes came in his dreams. His Grandparents getting burnt woke him up. “Every person is unique and so is their story” his father had said. His was getting more unique by the day he thought. He tried to sleep again.

Advaita was walking in forest. Fear the beast was walking next to him. Suddenly a clan of hyenas attacked them. As they fought for survival his eyes opened. It was Cully, he was trying to wake Advaita. As Advaita sat up, Cully asked “What happened?” “Nothing, remembered my days in forest” replied Advaita. “King Aiden has summoned you in the court today. You must get ready and leave if you need to reach there in time” Cully said.

Advaita got ready and left the General’s house. Soldier Grant was again assigned to him. They reached the palace. Advaita was wondering what this could be about. Finally he was in front of the King besides all the ministers of court. Advaita was nervous but he didn’t show it. He felt he was in a yet another unique situation. King Aiden praised Advaita in front of the court. He even said he had not seen a finer archer than him before. Advaita thanked him for his kind words.

When the question of who he was, was raised, one of the ministers said that he had heard that Advaita was the son of Rob and Princess Agnes. King Aiden shocked, stood from the throne. General Thomas who was also present in court said that it might be true. The whole court was murmuring now.

Advaita was now the centre of discussion. Few accepted what General Thomas had briefly explained, fewer demanded proof. The court was divided in discussion. Finally King Aiden asked everyone to be silent. King Aiden was thinking. Finally he spoke “This matter is more regarding my family than the kingdom. I will need to have a talk with Advaita on this and then we will get back on this here.” Everyone acknowledged. Advaita felt relieved. But he now knew that he would need to talk to King on this.

Advaita was asked to wait outside as the session followed. He was called to King’s Chamber later. Advaita greeted the king. After the initial formal talk, King Aiden said “I am busy today. We will have a discussion soon on this matter” “You need to talk to General Thomas on this, your highness” Advaita replied. King Nodded. “I cannot announce to the world that you are my nephew without any proof. Next time when this discussion comes up you better have some proof. Or else even if you are my nephew I won’t accept.” said the King. Advaita thanked the King and left the palace.

“So are you are a Royal?” asked Soldier Grant as they left the Palace. Advaita laughed at that question. ”You will know soon” Advaita said. He said he wanted to visit Tip. Advaita explained Tip what happened in court. Tip thought it would be good to talk to General Thomas on this matter. Tip gave him the copper sheet on which he had painted Rob and Agnes. Advaita saw it and thanked Tip for it.

With the sheets in his hands he reached General’s House. He went to his room. He took his arrows, couple of clothes which were given to him and packed it in the bag which was given to him by Shadow. He kept the bow and the dagger near to the bag. He went down and asked a servant where Shadow was. He left for the city library when he came to know she was there. He felt bad for the people begging on the way. When he went inside the library, he found Shadow reading something. He went and sat beside her. She saw a concern on his face. He explained her the whole situation. He felt it was unique as he didn’t want to be a royal and people were discussing over it whether he was a royal or not. She said “let’s walk back home”.

As they walked she said “If you are a royal, you are one. You just can’t run from it. But I know that the more concerning matter for you is why Shaka chief termed your father a cheat?”  He smiled as he was amazed. “When are you planning to leave?” she asked. He looked at her. She smiled at him. “Maybe tomorrow morning” he said. She nodded. They reached the house. As she went to her room she said “No matter what decision you make or path you take, I will always support you”. Advaita smiled.

Advaita felt bad that he had lied to her. He had decided to leave in the night. He had to get some normalcy in this unique story of his.


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