Chapter W: Wait

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Advaita had woken up early and was ready to leave Bantu. Chief had already left the house and he was about to go in search of the chief. Chief’s wife asked him to wait for some time as she would provide him some food to carry. Advaita said he would talk to chief and come back.

Advaita saw that the chief was in discussion with a couple of people. He joined them and asked “Chief, is everything ok?” Chief said “Oh Advaita it’s you. This is Biko and Keni. They have found a couple of location where the Spotted Hyenas which are killing our sheep and cattle can be found. We are planning to kill them today.” Advaita nodded. “Will you join and help us. Your marksmanship is the best we have ever seen. It would be of great help if you could join us” Chief asked.

Advaita wanted to leave but Bantu people had always helped him. He agreed to help. “We will leave as the sun comes up a little. They will be less active then” Chief said.

Advaita remembered the days when his father used to take him for hunting. They had waited for a long time. “Son, the more you wait greater is the prize” his father had said. Here the wait was for Truth. He felt he could wait for a day when he had waited for so many years. Biko touched his shoulders and said it’s time to go. Advaita took his bow and had around 15 arrows.  There were 8 guys going for the kill including him. They said they were happy that Advaita had joined them.

As they went inside the forest, Biko and Keni split into a team of 4 and decided to head for different locations. Advaita joined Biko’s team. Some even challenged that they would get more kills. As the four moved they went to a higher ground and Biko showed them the path where he and Keni felt those hyenas would rest. They moved ahead cautiously. As they came near the spot they started to hear the noises of Hyenas. Advaita said he would climb a tree to get a clear view to shoot. They agreed on that.

As Advaita climbed he saw that it was a very small open area. There were about 10 hyenas. He went down and said he could see 10 of them. They said they will attack first and asked Advaita to shoot accordingly from top. Advaita asked for a few minutes to find a spot to shoot.

After sometime the three charged towards the area with their swords. Hyenas who were resting were surprised by the sudden attack. Three Hyenas were immediately killed. Advaita shot 2 more which were trying to escape. One of the Hyena attacked Biko but he tackled and killed it with one slash. Remaining four had started running. Advaita could get only two more as the rest disappeared into the forest. Advaita came down as the others chased the remaining two. They got one and one hyena escaped.

They came back to the tribe with their hunt. Keni and team were yet to come. Chief thanked Advaita for his assist. Advaita said he had to leave for Shaka as it was already midday. Chief’s wife gave him some food for travel and he left towards the south to get to Shaka.

As he moved in the forest, he remembered the days when he was on the run. He wondered whether he could see Fear again. He came to the area near the cave where he had encountered the Beast, mother of Fear. The sun was setting in as he moved ahead. It was dark as he reached the outskirts of Shaka.

Advaita could not wait any longer as he decided to go on. Only a few were outside their houses as many were already sleeping. Nobody recognized him, he felt relieved. Maybe the darkness was hiding his identity he wondered.

Advaita requested to meet the chief to one of them. They enquired what the matter was. Advaita insisted that he would only talk to the Chief. They said the Chief was sleeping and he would have to wait until morning. They gave him a place to rest.

One more night Advaita said to himself as he slowly fell asleep.  


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