A to Z Challenge (2016)

I have decided to participate in my first ever A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Where, I will be posting everyday in April starting today(April 1st) except Sundays.

Hope you guys will enjoy the posts. Just a heads up it will be a story with 26 Chapters of about a page each..

Story: A Father’s Son

Chapter A: Arrows
Chapter B: Beast
Chapter C: Character
Chapter D: Death
Chapter E: Elixir
Chapter F: Fear
Chapter G: GOD
Chapter H: Heaven
Chapter I: Identity
Chapter J: Jester
Chapter K: Kingdom
Chapter L: Lines
Chapter M: Mural
Chapter N: Need
Chapter O: One
Chapter P: Peasant
Chapter Q: ? (Question)
Chapter R: Rivalry
Chapter S: Showdown
Chapter T: Tale
Chapter U: Unique
Chapter V: Venture
Chapter W: Wait
Chapter X: ‘X’
Chapter Y: Yearn
Chapter Z: Zero

Do comment your opinion on the story.


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