What is Dark Light?? I would simply say it as life. I, in this blog, will be writing stories, one liner or sayings and articles all pertaining to life, our life.

In life we have darkness (sadness, anger….), light (happiness, humor….). We can see that someone’s light (humor) at times is dark (sad) to others. So in this blog I will be writing fantasy, fiction stories , liners about life and articles comparing to various aspects of life with life.

I maybe wrong when I put forth some ideas or may not completely justify why I wrote some ideas in certain ways….. If you feel that I am wrong then do comment else please comment…….

  1. great job dude..!! you just got yourself a fan 😛

  2. Make that two fans! ^_^

  3. You’ve been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award. Woop woop.

  4. Great introduction… U got a nice blog

  5. Your philosophy seems nice…..and Weird too ! Dark light is life…well Yes I am trying to understand 🙂 Love your writings…..You are amazing !

    • We are surrounded by dark light…. Thanks…. I just have a thought and built on that idea… its been almost three months and finding a comment felt great.. Thank you…

  6. Hey dude just started going through the blog, felt tat i have missed it still now……..to put it in ur words i can say have STARTED FINDING THE LIGHT;)

  7. the value of LIGHT is in DARKness… Indeed

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