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The War Within…

The pain in the heart grew bigger
With the thought of you leaving me
It’s weird to be scared of losing someone
Whom you have already lost

Stay and fight for your existence
It’s your life to live and love
Giving up is a fools option
Even with the pain around the loved ones

You rose from the ashes ones
Get up again from this pain
There is lot to see and explore
In this God created world for us

I know it is very difficult
With all the thoughts jumbled
Pick the pieces that are shattered
Creating a new one midst the chaos

Love and care is everywhere
Hidden between the fear and hatred
Leave the burden inside you
To reach the forgotten kingdom

Smile is indeed an essential tool
To reach the hearts in this kingdom
Happiness should never be the shadow
But the true expression from heart

Living is an art in this world
Facing the fear and dark within us
Giving the expression of love and light
To all from the heart

It is those fears that are dark
We should lose along the way
Spreading the happiness from the heart
And have a peaceful life


Every one of us want a peaceful happy life. I believe if not all, most of us long for that. The major issue is that there are so many distraction in life which gives us all the needs and finally makes us forget the most important one. For each one of us, we need to face the fears and sadness within us. The fear can be of losing someone or something. Our mind plays us so beautifully that the others around who trick us are nothing in front of it.

In the poem above if you have noticed, I have never mentioned mind anywhere. I believe when we start smiling from the heart or spread happiness from the heart, we have controlled our mind. Conquering one’s mind is the biggest challenge. When you think you have outsmarted your own Brain, it might end up saying ‘no buddy not yet’!!
Face the fear/anger within and around you. Find that peace in life. Fun fact is we already have it but we don’t ever realize or see it.

There are so many kinds of war going on around us which have no significance as it is the war within us that is needed to be won.



The room was dark. You open your eyes for a bit and close again. You hear a voice and start feeling that the God is trying to wake you up. God whispers “Find the key to unlock the door and get out of the room”. You are unable to understand what is happening and by the time you wake up, you realize you are indeed in a dark room with no light.  You see a faint light coming from beneath the door. You try to peak through but will not see anything.  You try to open the door but it is locked.

Now you realize the words you heard in sleep . You start screaming for help but will not get any response. Finally you decide you will search for the key.  But there is one problem, you have no idea how big the room is or what it contains inside. You start searching, come across a lot of stuff, of which you couldn’t make sense of. After hours of searching you end up with no clue of the key with complete darkness around you.

You start feeling it’s impossible to find the key in this big room. So you decide to search for a source of light, source which could help you find the key with more ease. You start moving around the walls trying to find a switch. When you cannot find it, you think of the objects you had touched and try to remember whether any of them would be a lighter, a torch or something. You fail in it as well.

Time moves on, you start to feel weak. You think of breaking the door now. So start taking the objects and try to break the door but with no success. You try various solutions and the search continues further and further……

In the end you will be very weak, unable to get up. You finally call God for help. Ask him to help you with the solution. You hear a voice “Search your pockets”.

Your eyes close with tears as your hands touch the key in the pocket!


There is potential in each and every one of us. Instead of realizing the potential within us, we search and try to find answers everywhere else.

Hope this year gives you all the more joy, experience, happiness and makes you realize the potential within you, if you haven’t found it yet..

Wish you all a very Happy New Year….

Take care.

A United Kingdom

Last month, my friends and family asked me “what is your new year’s resolution?” I smiled and said “To try and make this world a better place.” Their reaction to my statement was interesting!

Consider the following two paragraphs,

I know I am smart and I also know that there are people smarter than me. I have seen this world for 23 years now. I have seen more pain than happiness around me but I still try to smile all the time. People ask me “why are you always smiling?” They think that I am always happy and I intend to keep it that way.

I know my country isn’t perfect and I know there are countries better than mine. My country has seen this world for 67 years. It has seen more pain than happiness but it still stands still amidst the people who say “I am happy to be here, I love my country.”  They know the situation of our country, it is filled with poverty and corruption, but does anyone even contemplate to try and change it!

In the above two paragraphs I compared myself to my country. Both look similar but very different. Say each one of us agree to the first paragraph. What would it mean? Are we all happy? Surely the answer would be no.  But only when the first paragraph is true the second paragraph would automatically reach perfection or at least to perfection!

So we can clearly say that we are the ones who decide what our country would be and finally what our world would be!

I know my country is full of flaws, my world is full of flaws and if and only if each individual contributes to for the betterment of the world will it see the near perfect state!

It’s not about the individual invention, rather the discovery of the truth around us that would change this world. The answers we look for will always be in this world whether we find it or not..

I would add unity as one more factor that is very much necessary to make this world a better place. In my previous post I had talked about being happy. Happiness will be at its peak when individuals help one another, which in itself will find a path to unite us….

We say “To break a stick is easy but try breaking a bundle of those same sticks…” Where will be the necessity of this breakage if we all are one!!

Think about it…

Her Aura and the Happiness

There was no one
I could love or trust
The place was dark and
Moving on was a must

I came here in search of
A light in my dark life
Followed her all around
To make her my wife

I moved from place to place
following the light
only to make the place
as dark as I am

Light turned around with
a smile on her face
lighting my darkness
with her grace

I was blind for a second
due to her brightness
only to open my eyes
with her and the happiness

She whispered to me
I was always the light
with hatred and fear
Light was the dark….

: It’s been almost a month since I last came here. We always celebrate a new year, one thing we forget is that every month of that ‘new’ year is a new month, every week of that new month is a new week and every day of that new week is a new day. This can be extended to every second that comes by… So every second in our life is new which makes it very special!

It’s very funny to see how we spend every second of our life. Just stop for a moment here and try to see the past couple of days in the next few seconds and recollect the moments that you worried about, was jealous of someone or anything which comes with the term ‘bad’.  You might have none or you might have plenty of it. Was it worth those new seconds?

In life we think about almost everything. Each second is a new possibility. Our thoughts vary with time, we change with time. But since the very beginning there will always be something very close to us which we will never realize until the end.

Most of us in life will always be looking for something which we don’t know. The statement in itself is odd and funny.  Some of us give up in the middle and accept the life we have while some find it and achieve great heights. But there will still be another question waiting. Is that all you were looking for or is there something else? This never ends, isn’t it!!

In this poem I wrote, we might be searching for anything, a person, a place, object, emotion etc.  I always say that I am someone who believes that a person who is bad will always have some good in him and vice versa. A person on his quest to find something may forget the path he took. One might fall down to a certain level to achieve his/her goal or another person will follow the honest way to reach his goal. Ultimately a final question will answer how your life was, it’s not about the struggle you had or the money you have or how much you have achieved!
I know some of us will say some of the stuff counts, I do agree but only if it answers the final question! So what is this question?

At this very moment are you happy?

Rest In Peace

“The world isn’t split into good people and bad people (Death Eaters). We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”

–          Sirius Black.

I so totally believe it and it felt so poignant to quote this amidst the backdrop of the events that are unfolding in my country.

Some incidents make me think we are worse than animals. Lots of things have happened in my country which I am not proud of but that is not my country’s fault.  Moreover, I feel we have always let our country down.

We generally just talk, do nothing. Even as I write this down I feel I am doing the same thing. I have no idea how many are going to read this article.

I just feel our country deserves better human beings. My mother India deserves better from her kids for all the motherhood she has bestowed on them.

My fellow male species, please be in your limits that’s all I can say. It feels like a shell of dark humor with sadness inside.

When I woke up on the 18th of this month and read the news of a gang rape in a moving bus in my country, I was completely shocked. When I read what exactly happened, I cried, felt disgusted.  Just couldn’t believe what people could do.

You can see in various papers around the world of what happened after the incident; protests, political games etc. I just want to talk about the girl who fought for thirteen days with death. I salute her courage, bravery and desire to live.

The first thing she wrote (as she couldn’t speak) when she gained consciousness was whether the people who committed the crime were caught? Then she expressed that she wanted to live. Her battle against pain, death, sadness will never be forgotten. She got the whole country united.

She passed away on the 29th due to multiple organ failure. Wherever she is now, hope she is happy. I will remember her and her fight for the rest of my life….

There have been lots of rape cases throughout the world. I feel anger and sadness when I come across such news. Being a guy myself, I feel ashamed to read about these things.

One more sad fact is all these incidents are just a mere game to a few political leaders,
Hope she gets justice, and that is all I can make myself say right now.

I am still proud of my country and of this world because it’s not their fault but ours, our race.

There is so much good in this world which can be shadowed by a single bad thing. A set of lit candles (light) can end up in darkness by a passing wind.

The end to this year cannot come soon enough for me, giving birth to a better, brighter world as we enter into a new year full of hope and expectations.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and lead a happy life……

Happy New Year!

One Year!

It has been one whole year since I started my blog. Though I wouldn’t say it has been a successful one , I would term it as a satisfying experience.

About two years back when I had thought of writing a blog, I was nervous. My closest friend Tejaswi had suggested that I write a blog. Even my cousin Kavya who had read my writings thought I should write one too. So initially when I started this blog exactly a year back I thought it would be good to see what people had to say about my writing. My biggest fear was English! I know my English isn’t good and I wanted to see how people would take it. I always get help from Tejaswi on the grammar perspective before publishing a post and I will always be grateful to him. Thanks a lot man!

As I started this blog, my main aim was to see what people think about me as a writer; it might be the plot, or the way I proceed with a story. To be honest, I know I am not even close to being good yet and I still have a long way to go. Though I got a few positive results from what I wrote, I wanted people to point out what was not good or right in what I wrote!

I have experimented with many things here. It might be my very short stories where the story ends in a couple of sentences; it could be the poems I wrote, I am not at all comfortable with them. I have always felt they are just random lines that rhyme! I even wrote a few articles which I don’t usually do.

I always tried to be within the theme of my blog while I wrote my posts, mainly to balance the act of darkness and light around us. I don’t know how much I have been correct in terms of Dark Light. When I write I usually have certain kinds of ideas or messages of my own and hope it would be of some help to others. Also if I am wrong I would like to hear from you about where I went wrong.

I had thought of closing my blog many times. It might be because I don’t publish much. I also felt somewhere in the middle that I am not good enough to blog. But I didn’t close it down mainly because few were following me and I had started following many and reading their blogs helped me in a lot ways which made me think more. My outset towards people around the globe has changed very much and I feel we all are so similar in a beautiful way because of the blog and I wanted to experience this more.  So I thought it would be foolish to stop coming here. I thank all of you for your wonderful writings and I am grateful to all who visit this Kingdom of Mine,

Thank You Again.


This post was meant to be published yesterday i.e. Dec 6…

Firstly I want to say this article has nothing to do with the number 23, which some people believe to be a special/powerful number.

So what is this about? I turned 23 today. I always want my birthday to be a normal one. Every year my parents, bro, few cousins and few of my friends wish me. I am someone who doesn’t celebrate his birthday, though I feel it’s a special day.

The reason why I am writing this article is because the day didn’t turn out to be a normal one!

Let us first go a few weeks back. As you all know I am working now and no more a student, my colleagues started asking me my birthday. I generally don’t tell my birthday, so I never told them. I thought tomorrow evening I would tell them my birthday was this week and I would like to treat.

So finally Dec 6 i.e. today finally came. I went to office, everything looked normal. Initially I felt that my colleagues knew it was my birthday and they were hiding it but I ignored it thinking it was my imagination. By now you all might realize that they already knew and I would be getting a big surprise. The interesting thing was how it all happened. Anyways let me continue, Lunch hour came, everything was normal. We all went together for lunch; we had our lunch. It was in second floor of the building. Couple of they went to buy some deserts, by now I should have known something was happening but I didn’t. Finally they called and rest of us went to the first floor. When I was walking down I realized there might be a cake waiting for me and these guys knew it was my birthday!

Initially what my mind said was RUN. Then I realized I knew these guys for just few months, they had become close friends (I don’t know whether they all think the same about it, though I believe they do!). I don’t know how but they managed to find out my birthday and bought a cake to celebrate it with me.

I came to the table where the cake was kept; I don’t know I just thought about the cake my mom used to make for mine and my brother’s birthday. Saw these guys all happy and smiling, I was very happy just by seeing them but I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless. I just said “I don’t like cutting the cake”.

After the cake was cut and everybody wished me, we all had the cake. I was thinking how did they know that it was my birthday? It was still a mystery to me. I realized maybe Facebook, though I have not made my birthday visible there, few had wished me last year. So I finally asked “How did you guys know?” On Dec 4 one among them had asked me to log on to one of my account to check something, I had opened it for her and I just started working. She had seen for my info and saw my birth date! Just two days back they came to know. I couldn’t believe this fact!

So the day became very special, thanks to these special people – Kalpana, Sowmya, Abhilash, Radhika, Arun, Shyam, Sindoori and Reshma.

So I am 23 now and day is back to normal. The beautiful thing was that the guy who wanted to give surprise ended up being surprised. It is these moments that makes life beautiful.

Though life has its tough moments, it’s still beautiful…

Interestingly this is my 23rd post!!

A note from the author 2:

Hi again… I am back, It’s been three months since I published anything on my blog. I would like to share a few things with you guys.

Firstly My Brother got married!! It was one of the happiest days in my life. I am generally very lazy to work when I am at home. But on my Bro’s wedding, I was happy to do the work, I don’t know why, I was just happy doing them. At the end of the day when I went to bed I was so tired, I just wondered how I got the energy to work so much! Before I could think more, I was asleep!!

Secondly I moved from my old place and shifted to a 1bhk home. Many of my family members said I am becoming responsible and maturing. Many teased me as well regarding various matters! When I shifted I didn’t have internet access for weeks, so I couldn’t write much as well as I couldn’t publish or come here.

Thirdly I want to concentrate more on writing my novel. I have written stories before which are about 100-150 pages but somewhere I felt the stories weren’t matured or strong enough. Also I feel I need to research more to gain knowledge on something I want to write, which is not happening. It maybe because my efforts are not enough or I don’t know where to look!

Well this is about my life so far….

Now to an incident which happened to one of my colleague
He lost his mobile. The way he lost his mobile is kind of mystery in itself. It was a very expensive one and moreover it was presented by his sister. He went to police station to register a complaint. The interesting thing was, the cops were not ready to write one and moreover since my colleague has insurance, they are talking as if he is hiding it for the money; suggesting him that it might be one of his friends etc.

Just to get a bribe these cops are crossing limits in all the possible ways. Heights of Bangalore police

Just because of a few corrupt, irresponsible policemen our hope and belief in them is diminishing. There are good cops and but bad cops too.

This goes for all the fields. If we look around just for a moment, we will notice good as well as some bad around us. The good bad battle will keep going on; that’s how life is! Sometimes I feel the definition of good and bad varies as per the situation. For example take a war between any two countries, one country’s good is bad for the other.

Life is a journey that we must live with our loved ones with goodness and respect and enjoy the marvel of the unexpected future.

A note from the author:My blog,My kingdom and some important stuff!

Its been a long time since I published anything… I have been busy recently… no time to write… have written all my ideas in small sheets … no idea when I will be able to complete them into a full story or a poem…I do hope to write one soon.. I only feel like writing when I am alone with my ideas and not when there are thoughts about my work, my life, I mean my lifestyle….

Well, anyways.. In this note I want to share a thought that came to my mind when I started this blog…

My blog is my own place… It’s like my own kingdom (writings)… I state what I want, I show what I want.. I put forth what I want…

People who follow me (my blog) are like the people of my kingdom and these people also have their own kingdom, whichever kingdom you like you can be a member of it. It’s like every single kingdom can be your own kingdom. A king/queen in one kingdom is the citizen of another! So in a way we all are peers, all are kings/Queens!!

Travelers come, see my kingdom. Few appreciate my thoughts, few give away their thoughts as comments, few help us with their thoughts to improve our own Kingdom, few become their citizens, their wishes and likes make us follow them to their kingdom and we may become their followers. This goes on like there is no end, which is good and that’s the way it should be!!

When I see this whole concept, I feel wonderful. Life in this kingdom is sharing my thoughts, my views, in various manners, it helps me to put forth my ideas in front of the world and in turn it helps me to evolve into something new. I feel I am somehow maturing differently than when I was without this kingdom. Well, people around me still see me doing crazy stuff and talking random philosophy and cracking some pjs all the time!! As I always say there will always be a child in us whatever maybe our age.

This kingdom has made me know more about the world, people around the globe. I have started to look at things in a better way, though there are many damages being done to it. But this kingdom of ours will always be a part of us and we will always try to improve it in one way or another.

Mother Earth, if we see her as a person, we people are destroying her by destroying ourselves. The rule is simple live and let live .We still can’t manage that and we call ourselves mature, just think about it guys and least if not for us but for the future of our race.

It’s like a chain. I mean we need to see us as an individual first, we first need to fight our own thoughts, ie everything starts from inside and then we may have to face other individuals with their own thoughts  and this finally effects mother earth. Whatever we do for us or for others, it finally comes to one thing! Also amount of certain emotions is different in each humans though all have every single one, maybe that might be the reason!!

Feel like talking about what’s going on in my country, though it’s out of the syllabus as we say in college!!

If you are following the news of my country, North East India is being targeted in many ways… I don’t want talk about the facts but the aftereffect of it is that north eastern people around the country are being threatened to leave various cities like Pune, Bangalore etc. The government has been saying in various states that all north eastern people are safe in various cities but the reality is nobody is taking the necessary action, when there is a threat to people and police are just there to pretend that they are there to protect.

Seriously I don’t understand what’s wrong with the people… I hope someone will put some sense into their heads and make them do the right thing…


If life in real world was as simple as this kingdom we would all be happy, just because of few sadists who move like wind and pollute the air we intake which in turn results in a change in the mindset of weak ones resulting in a bigger catastrophe…..

Hope that all friends from north east are safe and are strong enough to bear this passing wind

Take care all, work on your emotions and work for a better future…

Thank you
Aneesh Bhat N(ABN)


Life is a path we take
To attain a certain goal, but
A path should never be easy
A path should never be simple

Yes, we need a path
A path with love
A path towards happiness
A path towards the goal

When we desire
we should shed our weakness
When we are certain
We work hard for success

No one said
It would be easy
Neither did they say
It’s impossible

Whatever may come
Whatever may happen
Never give up on the goal
That you have chosen

It takes time to build
It takes time to reach the goal
Be patient in every step
Do not let the weak control

With thunder and lightning
Comes the rain
With hard work and pain
Comes the success

When we do something, when we want something, when we have a goal to reach never give up on it. It’s something we want to happen not anyone else. So it’s up to us to MAKE IT HAPPEN…

Never give up on something because someone else thinks you can’t do it. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Live your life to fullest. Dream and Achieve. THE PATH TO SUCCESS might be painful but when you reach your goal, it would surely be worth it..Go follow your own path and make this life worthwhile  before you leave…

 PS: Its been long since my last post.. had some busy days… Thanks for all the support and will definitely try to write more posts in future..
Would love to end this post with one of my favorite Bob Marley song… please do listen to it… Take care all until the next post ….