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Collection of my stories…..

The Innocent One

“How was the movie dear” his mom asked Ram as she buckled him in the back seat of the car. They had just finished watching a Superhero movie.  “It was awesome mom, I will save the world when I grow up” he said beaming with enthusiasm. “I am sure love” she said, smiling back at him as she closed the back door.

Raghuveer, Ram’s father was waiting for his son to settle into his seat as he opened the door for his wife to get in. “So Kausalya, our son will become a superhero now?” he said as she got in. Ram gave a glaring look to his dad as he shouted “Yes dad, I will be the strongest superhero ever!”, “First you need to drink your milk everyday dear” said his mom. Going by the look on his face Kausalya knew he did not like that. “Raghu it’s already 11, let’s hurry up” said Kausalya as she started to get worried about the deserted roads and the long distance they had to cover to get home, “No people, no traffic we can reach quickly” Raghuveer replied nonplussed as he drove on.

Ram started feeling drowsy, the faint noise of music from the radio in the background added to his drowsiness, he was imagining saving people like Lord Rama from the Ramayana, he wanted to tell his dad to continue this story as soon as they reached home as he fell asleep.

Ram was running behind SUBAHU, the Villain, who in turn was baying for the blood of the innocent people of Krishnanagar. Ram started to gain on SUBAHU as he sped up. But SUBAHU was very fast, laughing and taunting him as he closed in on his prey. Ram used his special jumping prowess to jump high in the air. When SUBAHU turned to mock Ram again, he could not find him and got confused. On turning back to his sheer horror he found RAM right in front of him. He panicked but he was not ready to give up. He used his special weapon BOMB which could blast off the person in front of it. Ram had destroyed all his BOMBs in his last mission and was shocked to see one in SUBAHU’s hand. He laughed as he threw it on Ram. SUBAHU was late in realizing that Ram was too close to him, Ram used his special jump again but it was too late. There was a loud thud as Ram yelled as did SUBAHU….

Ram was in shock. His hand was hurting. He thought he was in his bed as it was what would usually happen. He would fall asleep and his mom or dad would put him in bed. His first thought was he had fallen from his bed; He wanted to get up but something was stuck. It was pitch dark as he opened his eyes, he was still seated in the back seat of their car. His belt buckle was stuck and he struggled to remove it. He cried out for his mom as he was hurt.

His vision was blurred and the inside of the car was completely dark. He could see a light far away which was street light he guessed. He somehow managed to open the belt buckle. His side of the door was a little open. His dad’s head was on the steering wheel. He could not make out much. He tried to wake his dad up, he shouted for help but received no response from anywhere. He started crying “mummy, please wake up”. He managed to open the door, got down, and tried opening the front door. But he could not. He was experiencing pain in his knees, elbow and he could not say from where the blood was gushing out. He saw that their car was stuck to a side of the building. He observed that a guy was sleeping in the middle of the road. He was still crying. He wanted to go to his mom’s side and open that door as well. But it was stuck to the building.

He went near the guy who was in middle of the road. He could smell the guy from a distance. He saw that whole area was deserted. Now he had stopped crying. His hero instincts started to trigger in. He wanted to save his parents. He had to find someone to get his parents out. There weren’t many buildings around. Few which were there looked closed.

He stared towards the only street light that was on the deserted street. With all the pain in his body, he started walking towards it. As he reached there, there were 3 directions he could go. He chose left as there were street lights fully on that road.

He could not find any building or people around as he moved ahead. He was having a lot of pain in his head as he looked at various places, trying to find someone. He saw a bike approaching. He shouted “Help, please help!” The guy on the bike saw him, slowed down a little bit, but did not stop and sped off. He could not understand why the person didn’t want to help him. But he had to move and find someone.

Ram was slowing down now. As he took another right turn he saw that there was a small shop and it was open going by the light that was coming out of it. He wanted to run towards it as it was a little far to walk. But as he tried, pain took over and he stopped. He placed his hands on his thighs, took another deep breath and started walking slowly. It was a Tea shop.  Ram shouted for help as he was about to reach the shop.

The Shop’s name was ‘Parmesh Tea Corner’.  Parmesh who usually closed his shop at 12AM was waiting for his friend to arrive. Hearing someone shout at almost 12:30AM was a surprise for him. He came out of his shop to see his visitor.

Ram was in front of the shop now. He saw a guy standing in front of him. “Please help, there has been an accident, my parents are still in the car, please “he said..He held guy’s hand and tried to take him there. The guy stopped him and went inside the shop and took his mobile and dialed some numbers. All Ram could hear was “boy alone, some blood” . He was very tired now and could hardly stand.  The guy came back and offered him some water to drink. Ram said “Please help me, I need to go help my mom and dad”. The guy replied “My name is Parmesh, please drink some water, we will go in a few minutes”. He made Ram sit on a small bench which was beside the shop. He even took some chocolate from his pocket and gave him. As Ram was drinking water, Parmesh got a call and he went inside the shop again.

Three guys came from a narrow pathway near the shop and started towards Ram. They looked scary to him. They were walking towards the shop now. Ram was scared from inside but did not show any signs of fear.  

One of the guys in the group saw a chain on Ram’s neck. He asked “are you alone boy?” Ram stood up “Please help me, we met with an accident, my mom and dad are stuck in the car” as he held the glass which was half full. The three started talking among themselves and were about to make a move towards the kid.

A bike soon approached the shop. Parmesh who was scared looking at the local goons, had a sudden feeling of relief now. He had called the local inspector Yadunandan. The bike stopped in front of them. Seeing the cop the three guys started walking away.

“Hello Inspector, this is the kid I had reported about” said Parmesh pointing towards Ram as he came out of the shop. Yadunandan walked towards Ram. When Ram saw a policeman coming towards him, he said “Help me, my parents are stuck in our car”.

“Hi, I am Inspector Yadunandan. Please tell me what has happened? Can you tell me what you were trying to say to Parmesh” said Yadunandan as he sat on his knees. Ram struggled to recollect what exactly had happened, finally he said “our car has hit a shop and my parents are stuck inside. I tried to wake them up and get them out of car. But I couldn’t”. Yadunandan who just realized the seriousness of the matter asked “Can you take me there?” Ram nodded. He examined Ram and made sure that he had no major injuries. He took out his phone as he held the kid’s hand; He called someone “Possible accident, a male and female stuck inside the car, on my route there. Yes near to the Parmesh tea shop on Shyamnagar circle.”

“Parmesh you come along. Close the shop, quick” said Yadunandan. Yadunandan and Ram left on his bike towards the accident spot with Parmesh following them. As they started “which way Ram?” he asked.  The kid started to guide them. Yadunandan was shocked to see that kid was guiding them very well even in such bad condition. They had diverted 4 times already and gone about a kilometer. Yadunandan was going slowly giving the kid right amount of time to guide. He saw a car crashed to a shop when they took the last right. He accelerated and reached there quickly.

“What’s your name?” he asked the kid as they got down. “Ram” replied the kid. He saw that a guy had fallen in middle of the road. He went to inspect the guy and told Parmesh to check on Ram’s Parents. As he reached near the body it was evident that the guy was drunk.  He took his phone “Accident opposite Kubera Jeweler in Shyamnagar, need immediate attention”. He turned the body and confirmed that the guy was ok and he was just totally drunk.

Parmesh was able to open the Driver’s door as it was facing the road. He slowly removed the buckle and very carefully brought him out. “They might have taken this left turn and as they saw there was a guy in middle of the road, he might have tried to avoid him and crashed into the shop” said Yadunandan after a quick inspection. They heard the ambulance siren and soon an ambulance approached them.

Ram who was seeing and listening to everything that was going on slowly went towards his dad and dozed off as he did not have any strength left in him to stay awake.

Ram was injured badly. His followers had taken him to a nearby hospital. When Ram was fully awake “Where is SUBAHU?” he asked. One of his followers replied “He was injured too, but he escaped”. Ram got up from his bed. Everyone wanted him to rest but Ram took off from there. SUBAHU was injured and Ram wanted a solution to this as quickly as possible. But recently when Ram had gone to seek the guidance of his teacher Vishwamitra, He remembered his master saying “None are born bad, situations in our lives bring out the good or bad in us”. So Ram started to wonder why SUBAHU was bad. With the help of his brother Lakshman he found out that SUBAHU was a scientist and was devoted to his country. But when he came to know that Krishnanagar people had his mother Tataki and brother Maaricha arrested, he turned into a terrorist. Lakshman brought more info on Tataki and Maaricha’s death which proved that they were cheating and harassing people of Krishnanagar. Their death was accidental as well and people had nothing to do with their death. Moreover people were still in doubt of Maaricha’s death as his body was never found.

With all this info Ram goes in search of SUBAHU. When Ram finds SUBAHU, he talks to him with all the facts in hand. But soon Ram realizes that SUBAHU has been taken over by evil and nothing can be undone. Ram calls for Battle of Arrows till death. SUBAHU knew Ram was the best archer in the world but still he agrees to the battle as he had his own cunning plans to defeat Ram.

The battle takes place in Open grounds of Tatakaranya. Ram pleads to Subahu, “SUBAHU please listen to me, I do not want to kill you. You are mistaken about the death of your mother and brother”. SUBAHU interrupts him “Ram stop giving these talks. Do not try to talk about the dos and don’ts as you are here to kill me. This hurts Ram. He was there to fight but deep down he does not want SUBAHU dead but the bad in him. He recognized the power of love that could remove the hatred in people. He remembered the power of good to remove the bad. “Remember Ram everything can be won with good and love” he remembered the words of Vishwamitra.

The Battle started. SUBAHU was striking arrows in regular intervals. The arrows looked different and bigger. Ram realized they might blast. He made a special jump and escaped. As he jumped he sent few arrows towards SUBAHU. People who had come to watch the battle roared as they saw Ram sending arrows towards SUBAHU. Few of the arrows hit SUBAHU. But it did not hurt him at all. He was confused with the outcome, so were people. The battle continued as SUBAHU used various tricky arrows which were easily dodged by Ram. Ram’s arrows hit SUBAHU every time but nothing happened to him from outside. SUBAHU was unhurt from outside, but within something was changing him. He was getting weaker . Soon SUBAHU collapsed as an arrow from Ram hit his heart.

Ram ran towards SUBAHU. “What are you doing to me, why am I feeling as I have been wrong all along?” Ram smiled at him. “What is this feeling?” he continued. People had surrounded Ram now. “That’s love and kindness my friend” said Ram. Hearing the word friend from his enemy made SUBAHU cry. People chanted Ram’s name on seeing his big heartedness.

“Ram, Ram” Ram could hear his mom’s voice. Even though he was conscious now, he was struggling to open his eyes. He felt as his mom leave the room as he slowly opened his eyes. He heard the door open. He saw Inspector Yadunandan come in “Hi I was the inspector who got you and your family here, can you explain the events if you are ok now?” Yadunandan said. Kausalya nodded “we were coming back from theatre. On one of the turns we saw a guy coming right in front of the car. Raghu tried to avoid him and hit the shop nearby. When I woke up I was in bed.” She said. “Ya he was some drunk. He hit his head when he fell on the road. We have got him to the hospital as well. He was completely drunk and in no condition to walk. Your Husband did a great job avoiding him, but I guess he lost control in the process”. “How is Raghu? Did doctors say anything?” she asked. “Yes, he is fine, they are operating on him. Doctors are hoping he will be fine in a few days.” After a pause he continued “Your son is amazing, he walked for about a kilometer to get help in that condition” he said as he turned to see Ram.

Ram smiled as they both turned towards him. He slowly tried to get up. He sat on his bed and said “Mom I want to see Dad“. Kausalya came and sat beside him. “He is in a special room Ram, we can see him later” she said. “Please mom” he said. “Why don’t you walk him out and show around” Yadunandan said. Ram got down from his bed as he saw that his mom was bandaged on her head and hand. He himself was covered with a few bandages of his own. “He needs proper rest inspector” Said Kausalya. “I am fine mom” Ram said as he got down. She shook her head and started walking towards the door as Ram followed her. They went to the corridor.

Ram held his mom’s hand as they walked towards ICU to have a check on his Dad. “Why was that guy so drunk and what was he doing on the road?” asked Ram. Kausalya was about to say something when Yadunandan who was behind said “He is very poor and he is having a lot of issues Ram and these kind of people always think drinking will make their problem disappear.” Ram stopped walking as he turned back and said with a smile “Mom says being good, showing kindness and love towards people will always keep people happy”. Yadunandan smiled at the child’s innocence. Kausalya smiled too.

They reached the ICU door. As Kausalya opened the door and was about to enter, Ram stopped and turned once again towards the inspector to ask “What is the guy’s name?” “Oh! Its Subahu” said Inspector Yadunandan…..    


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 580 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

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When he was born his cry was perfect. His cry gave away smiles in the hospital like never before. The Nurses who saw him called him the perfect one. His father’s joy knew no bounds when he held him for the first time. His mother smiled like never before when she set her eyes on him. From the day he came into this world, he was termed as Perfect.

Parents found it very difficult to name him. He grew more handsome and showed intelligence that belied his age. His walk was perfect. Finally they named him Krishna after Lord Krishna the Hindu God.

He grew up doing everything perfectly. He excelled in every field. Though he was getting tired of everyone telling him how perfect he was, he started to get arrogant about it by the time he was 16. Krishna’s friends envied him but still acted as if they were his best friends. He knew this but could not care less.

As he grew old he became lonely. When he was 20 his so called friends started to feel so insecure that they tried to avoid him. Everyone started to have girlfriends. Each girl wanted to be his girlfriend but because of insecurity they avoided him too. Moreover he was looking for a perfect girl to match his perfection.

At the age of 26 he started working for his dad, helping him with the family business. His parents had started looking for a suitable bride. He had rejected a few proposals and he got rejected by a few of them as they felt insecure. One night Krishna went to his dad “Dad, I would like to take care of the other site we have. I badly need a break from this city.” The site was in the other end of the country. His Dad considered for long and reluctantly agreed.

When he was in the plane that would take him to his new place, he saw the clouds, plains below. He was amazed by their naturally perfect beauty. “Everybody wanted to be him. All would just look at him as if he was next to God. But is there a need to be perfect? People don’t realize they are perfect in their own way. They really don’t realize it. Every child’s first cry is perfect not just his. A little one fighting for that extra piece of chocolate is perfect. A young student studying hard to attain success is perfect. A sportsperson working hard to reach his goal is perfect. A person trying to keep his family happy is perfect. A crow sitting on the branch of a tree and gazing around is perfect! It all depends on the view a person has.” Flight attendant woke him up as it was time to land. He never realized he was asleep. The thoughts were still strong in his mind. It changed his whole perspective on life.

He had come to a new city now. The look on everyone’s faces when they saw him were the same as before but now he saw perfection in them too, whether it was the auto driver arguing for extra money from his customer or the elder sister taking care of her brother while crossing the road.

Krishna was riding his new bike that was presented by his parents. As he rode, he found perfections in imperfections. He was indeed perfect now!

As he turned round the corner, another bike came from nowhere in front of him. As they tried to avoid each other they collided. Krishna fell and his head hit the road,it was just a minor fall as he just had a small cut on his face. He was worried about the other person.

“Oh my bike! I had got it ready perfectly” Krishna heard a voice. As he stood up.. “Oh No… my bike, OMG look at my face…” she said looking in the mirror. As Krishna faced to look at her, He saw a tag hanging around her neck, It had ‘Radha’ on it. He had a bruise on his face but it did not matter to him. He was not even hearing what she was telling anymore, just staring at her.

Radha was still shouting at him. As soon as she saw him, she stood still. Both were looking at each other as if they had eyes only for the other. A smile flashed across their faces as Krishna said “Perfect”.


Life we live is perfect. Every moment in our life is important as each of this moment becomes memory the very next second. Make every memory a Perfect One… Take care.

The Angel

“Daddy why aren’t there any angels in this world anymore?” asked the little girl. “You are an angel, love” Daddy smiled. The girl was in bed; Daddy covered her with the bedspread and kissed her forehead “Good night, my dear”. “I am not sleepy, daddy. Tell me why there are no more angels?” she asked. He was walking towards the door, but turned to see back to see his daughter, with a question on her face.

“I heard you talking to mommy regarding angels, you were saying something stopped angels” she said. Dad smiled and came back to sit beside her. “You heard that?” He asked. She nodded saying yes.

He took a deep breath thinking how to put across the story to his little angel.  He started as the girl waited eagerly holding her bedspread.

“Once upon a time there were millions of being called Grounders. These beings stood on their ground and prayed for the angels to come to earth” Dad began. “Grounder is a funny name daddy?” she interrupted. “Please do not interrupt me. Don’t you want to hear the full story?” She nodded, he continued.

“These Grounders would stand throughout their life, so that other BEINGS would also have a good life.” Dad was explaining with his hand movements and expressions suitable to the words he was putting across. His daughter was enjoying it. “When the time came for the angels to come down, these Grounders would nod and be happy; some would even lose their life!” Girl’s head was moving with the movements of her dad’s hands and her expressions changing with his.

“As the angels came to earth, their touch brought happiness to all the BEINGS. Grounders would pray for a good year ahead and would remember the ones who died. Grounders helped other beings in many other ways as well. Seeing this other BEINGS wanted to take advantage of these Grounders because of their innocence. They wanted to use Grounders for their own benefit. The BEINGS started to kill the Grounders for their own advantage. Grounders were helpless as they never gave up their stand but they didn’t object either. They sacrificed their life with no hesitation or agitation.” Girl could see the pain in her dad’s eyes as he narrated this.

“Angels saw these developments and with the decrease of the Grounders their arrival also became limited. One fine day there were no Grounders left and soon angels stopped coming and the ones who were already here, disappeared. When the BEINGS realized that angels weren’t coming and their survival was also in question, they with the best of their ability tried all they could to get angels back. When they failed to do so, they tried to recreate angels but never came close to. Soon after, they started trying to recreate Grounders as well but the result was the same, failure! So angels never came after that and the BEINGS are still trying to find a solution as their race is on the verge of the extinction.” Dad ended the story.

He made a sad face as he arranged the bedspread properly. “Will angels come again daddy?” the little girl asked as she prepared to sleep. As he was walking towards the door he saw the artificial tree made by his own BEINGS outside the window which would never succeed in getting the water his race needed badly. “I am sure they will, they surely don’t want to miss seeing you my love”. She smiled for that and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

He switched off the lights and gently shut the door as he held the seed he had finally succeeded to create, hoping that it would bring back the angel.

PS : I hope the above story makes my statement clear and no further words are needed to explain my views.

Grow green, go green.

A story for Valentine’s Day…

A day made for love when we love everyday!

A short love story for Valentine’s Day.

The Poem

It was a Saturday. One of my days off; I had promised my manager a poem for the next issue of the Office magazine. The submission was 5 days away and I had not started working on it yet. I was still in bed thinking about it when I heard Mom calling me for breakfast. I thought it was for Sandhya, my sister. She is studying in her final year of engineering and has classes only on Friday and Saturday and rest of the days for project work which I was helping her out with.

I got up from bed finished my morning chores.  I felt like taking a bath, took my towel and went to the bathroom. I heard the bell ring as I went inside the bathroom. I was still in bath towel around my waist when I came out of bathroom. I heard a knock and next moment I saw Sandhya coming in “Bro need that Chetan Bhagat Book” she turned around as her friend too came in, “which one Pooja?” she continued. I ran into bathroom bellowing “For god sake wait for my permission to come into the room!”. Sandhya had a big laugh about it. I asked them to come after a few min.

After 15 min they both came in, Sandhya was still laughing. “You in seeing condition!” . I was totally pissed. I had a crush on Pooja and was wondering what she was thinking. “So which book?’i asked,  “I wanted Five point someone” replied Pooja. “It’s a good book”I replied to her with a smile.

I had a whole rack filled with books. I thought it was among top two shelves but it wasn’t there. I realized it might be in the bags from my engineering days as I had read it at that time. Mom interrupted “Raghu ,come have your breakfast its getting cold.”

“your classes start by 11 right?” I asked, they both nodded saying yes. “It’s almost 9 now, will find and give it you before you guys leave” I told to Pooja. “ok, fine” replied Sandhya. Pooja smiled as she closed the door behind her. Her eyes were gorgeous…

A poem was already ringing in my head. I took a sheet and pen along with me to the dining table. Started writing as mom brought the breakfast. “So what did you think of the conversation we had yesterday?” I am 27 and parents have been chasing me to get married. I was trying my best to avoid. Seeing my silence she continued “If you have someone in mind let us know.”

I continued my silence and finished my breakfast as soon as possible. Saw Sandhya and Pooja coming towards the dining room . “I will find it and give it to you” I smiled. Sandhya made a face as Pooja smiled. Few more words fell out of my head!

I wrote them in the sheet after I came back to room. I opened couple of my college bags and found the book. As it was already late, I heard Sandhya shouting “Are you sleeping again?”, I went out of my room and handed it to Pooja. She kept it inside her bag and then they both left.

I finished my poem, kept it over the desk. Had lunch and then left to see friends. Around 7PM I got a call from Mom. I could hear her smiling as I answered. “why didn’t you tell me you like Pooja in the morning itself? Her parents are here to talk about the marriage. It seems even they saw the poem you wrote for her. Dad and I are both ok about it, So chill. Come home they will be staying for dinner.” She cut the call.

I could not believe what just had happened. I said bye to my friends and just left from there. They looked puzzled but I was more puzzled than them to explain anything! I got to the bike trying to still make sense of what just happened. I rode back to home. As I was riding I realized what had happened. I reached my home. Sandhya was talking on mobile in the corridor. She cut the call seeing me. “You could have at least told me Bro, I can’t believe…” before she would continue I placed my hand covering her face and said ”Listen I agree I have a Crush on her..” I told her what I had realized on the way. ”Oh, shit. What are we gonna do?” she replied. “I need to talk to her, Sandy, alone “I replied. “ Bro she likes you and now thinking about it, you two would look good together” she smiled. “I need to talk to her “I said and we both went in.

Pooja’s parents were sitting along with my parents completely immersed in discussions. All looked happy. As soon as I came in Pooja saw me, she had shyness in her face and she looked very cute with the smile. Her father said “Raghu, your poem was fantastic”. I couldn’t believe that were the first words from her Dad! Everybody laughed. All I could manage was “Thank you”.

They gave a lecture about life, love in general. They said they were cool with what had happened. As both knew each other’s family they readily agreed for the marriage. I was silent the whole time. After a lot of thinking “Can I speak to Pooja alone?” I asked. They all laughed at me. “Sure. Is that why you were silent the whole time? Shy to speak to your girl in front of us, only through letters huh!!” my mom said. Everybody started to laugh again. I didn’t know how to react to that. I saw Pooja, got up from my chair and started walking towards my room, she followed.

Once we were In I took a deep breath. She sat on my chair beside the desk and turned facing me. Before I could say anything “That poem was amazing, I loved each and every line of it. After reading that poem I fell completely for you. My parents….” She stopped and looked at me. I don’t know what expression I was giving, she said “sorry, you wanted to say something” she said.

At that moment i realized i liked to listen to her. I smiled and said “ go on complete what you want to say”. “My parents took that letter as I was reading it. Once they came to know it was you who had written it, they just talked to your parents and we are all here now. My mom likes you. She readily agreed to get me married off to you.” She said with her face down smiling.

“Listen, I wanted to say something” she faced me again.Her smile made it hard for me to say, but I had to “That poem it was not about you. I was close to a girl when I was doing engineering. I had written it for her. When I gave it to her, She asked me what it was, I told her it was my love letter for her. She threw the sheet without even looking at it. I didn’t even listen what she was saying after that. I Just took the letter and ran from there. I was hurt very bad. I had placed the letter in the book and didn’t remember it was actually there!”.Pooja was shocked, I could make out from her face. She stood there. She had tears on her face. I don’t know why but it hurt me seeing her like that.

Pooja slowly started moving towards the door. She was about to open the door. I held her hand , she froze.

I have no idea from where I got that courage. I made her look back at me. “Look at me. That’s past. I had forgotten about it. I do have a crush on you. But now I feel it’s something more as well” she looked at me, but this time it was different.  I took her hand and brought it near to my heart “If you are ok with my past, I would love to spend my future with you.. I think I am falling in love with you”.

She fell to my chest. I hugged her tight. She Looked at me and said softly “I want a poem first, will you write one just for me.”

“I already have written one for you!” I showed the letter that was on the desk….


Enjoy the life with your love not just the day but the whole year… Take care



The room was dark. You open your eyes for a bit and close again. You hear a voice and start feeling that the God is trying to wake you up. God whispers “Find the key to unlock the door and get out of the room”. You are unable to understand what is happening and by the time you wake up, you realize you are indeed in a dark room with no light.  You see a faint light coming from beneath the door. You try to peak through but will not see anything.  You try to open the door but it is locked.

Now you realize the words you heard in sleep . You start screaming for help but will not get any response. Finally you decide you will search for the key.  But there is one problem, you have no idea how big the room is or what it contains inside. You start searching, come across a lot of stuff, of which you couldn’t make sense of. After hours of searching you end up with no clue of the key with complete darkness around you.

You start feeling it’s impossible to find the key in this big room. So you decide to search for a source of light, source which could help you find the key with more ease. You start moving around the walls trying to find a switch. When you cannot find it, you think of the objects you had touched and try to remember whether any of them would be a lighter, a torch or something. You fail in it as well.

Time moves on, you start to feel weak. You think of breaking the door now. So start taking the objects and try to break the door but with no success. You try various solutions and the search continues further and further……

In the end you will be very weak, unable to get up. You finally call God for help. Ask him to help you with the solution. You hear a voice “Search your pockets”.

Your eyes close with tears as your hands touch the key in the pocket!


There is potential in each and every one of us. Instead of realizing the potential within us, we search and try to find answers everywhere else.

Hope this year gives you all the more joy, experience, happiness and makes you realize the potential within you, if you haven’t found it yet..

Wish you all a very Happy New Year….

Take care.

A Bitter Sweet Day

I was waiting for the bus at my usual stop to go to office. It was a bright sunny day and as the heat was too much that I preferred going in an AC bus.

Nobody was at the stop as it was a public holiday. An auto rickshaw came by asking where I wanted to go, I shook my head as I did not want his service. Couple of non – ac buses passed by, but I did not want to go in them as my office was around an hour away from where I used to stay.

Just then my phone started to ring ‘travelling lady, stay awhile, Until the night is over. I’m just a station on your way; I know I’m not your lover’ a Leonard Cohen Winter Lady song. Last night I had changed to this ringtone for someone, so I knew who exactly was calling. I just cut the call and put it in silent mode. Another non ac bus was approaching and I thought I would go in it as I had waited quite a lot for my preferred AC bus to come.

As I got into the bus most of the seats were taken and luckily one window seat was up for grabs. As I sat down, the conductor came asking me for my destination. As I bought my ticket, I felt my mobile vibrating. It was Rhea calling and so I promptly cut the call.

Last night, we had gone to eat outside. My girlfriend of 5 years had broken up with me last night without giving me a valid reason. I asked her for an explanation for which I didn’t get an answer. I even tried to convince her otherwise, but to no avail.

Two stops had passed by as I thought about last night. A guy was sitting next to me. He started to talk rudely in a loud tone on his mobile. An AC bus passed us by and this in a nutshell summed up the day that I was having.

My thoughts drifted back to last night… I was trying to drown my sorrows in alcohol……. as I was interrupted again; my phone rang ‘I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy. I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love be everything that you need’ a Savage Garden Song.  It was her, I just cut the call changed the ringtone for her and switched off my mobile.

The guy was still talking loudly on the phone. Just then a lady got into the bus, she was holding a baby. Maybe he was around two to three years old. As she stood I started to think whether to give my seat or not. As I did not want to leave my seat, I was half expecting someone else give up theirs. All of a sudden the guy next to me got up and called the lady and asked her to take his seat.

It made me think that how often we come to conclusions about someone without thinking much and let our prejudices get the better of us time and again. The Lady sat next to me, with the kid in her arms. He was looking around; asking lots of questions and his mom was trying her best to answer everything. By just looking at the kid’s curiosity and cuteness I had forgotten my sadness. He made an angry face as I looked at him and smiled; he gave me a stare and then suddenly turned and hugged his mother. I asked him his name. He shook his head saying no and started to stare at me. I couldn’t control and started to laugh. I told his mother that she had a very cute son which made her smile.

My mobile had a message from Rhea. I was thinking whether to read it or not. The lady asked whether I was ok, guess she saw some sadness in my face. I smiled as I put my mobile back in my pocket and said that I was ok. Just then there was a huge braking and the bus started to compress.

At that second, all I could think was saving the kid’s life as he had just started seeing this world. I felt I had experienced everything! I tried my best to cover the kid and the mother in that fraction of second. Something hit my back, my left hand which was covering them both. Something hit my head and my eyes started to close.

I felt severe pain in my head when I regained consciousness as I realized that I was in a hospital. As I opened my eyes completely I saw the kid and the mother were sitting near my bed.The Lady had a bandage in her forehead. A man was right next to them. I realized it must be the kid’s father. He thanked me for saving his family’s life. I just smiled and started to move my left hand trying to say no big issues but realized that I was not able to move it.

I wanted to see where I was hurt. I saw Rhea on the other side sitting beside me crying. The Lady said that after the accident my phone was ringing and she informed Rhea about the accident. I turned to Rhea and tried to say something, even though I was angry at her I could say nothing . She just brought her fingers to my lips. She said she was wrong yesterday, that she loves me a lot. She even opened my mobile showing me a page long text that she had sent me about why she broke up yesterday. I said I love you; she replied I love you too and kissed me on the chin.

As they were leaving, I again asked the kid his name. He naughtily refused with his teasing expression. We all started laughing…..



         It was Friday and I was waiting for the bus. It’s about 4hr journey to my home. Two days of holiday awaited me ahead. All I could think was to reach home and eat some good food prepared by mom. I stay in an apartment with couple of friends and go home during weekends. Had booked my ticket a day before and was waiting for the bus. While booking ticket I had seen that almost 70% seats were empty and I had selected a seat very back but not the backmost seat.

            I was carrying a bag containing my clothes that needed to be washed and a novel. i hardly wash clothes as there was no washing machine in our apartment and it had to be done manually!!! So I always wash the necessity ones and rest to home every week.

A bus arrived at the station for the fourth time and finally it was the bus I had to catch. Took the bag and got on to the bus. Few seats were already occupied. I sat on the seat for which I had booked my ticket. As I sat I realized there was none behind me. There are compartments on top of the seats for keeping luggage, I kept mine on the compartment which was above my seat and sat beside window. Bus started and my journey began. Always during a journey in bus I tend to attract sleep and this journey was no special as I soon started to fall asleep.

            After a while I was awake and noticed that bus had stopped in a bus stop and people were getting on to the bus. Empty seats were still in plenty in front of me. Few got occupied but none behind me. Finally bus started and a guy hopped into the bus. He had headphones and was listening to the songs. He took his wallet from his jeans pocket, took some cash and gave it to the conductor. Once he was done with collecting ticket, he slowly moved towards me. He was shaking his head to the mood of the song he was listening I guess. He almost started dancing and people in the bus were amazed by looking at him. He even started to sing as he sat beside me. He gave me a smile put the luggage on top maybe right next to mine as I couldn’t see. I told him not to sing as I was trying to sleep and even others in the bus were getting annoyed. He gave a thumbs up. Though he stopped singing he was doing all kinds of crazy actions. I was slowly drifting to sleep.

            Not more than a minute I was woken by the guy next to me. He was trying to take something from his bag and fell over me. He apologized and I just nodded. Saw my watch and realized only half of the journey was completed and still half way to go and the guy next to me was making me crazy….

            I analyzed him, long curly hairs, slim as Bruce Lee…. White T-shirt with ‘I am the best’ written on it. I wondered what might he be best at!!! His pants were a bit torn in both sides at knee level ‘STYLE’ I suppose. He was done searching his luggage and was back in his seat.

            Sleeping wasn’t a good idea anymore. I had my earphones in my pocket. Connected it to my mobile and started listening to the songs that were loaded in it but with very low volume. The guy had an apple in his hand. He started eating it but his head was still nodding, also moving his hands and legs. Though he was enjoying what he was doing, rest of us found it funny. I even noticed the people in front cracking jokes about him.

            His actions made me think of mental hospital. As soon as he was done with the apple, he got up again, took his time and this time he had tissues and a bottle of water from his bag.  He looked at me as he came back to seat. “I always come prepared for everything on a trip, people must be ready to face any kind of problems they going to face. I am always ready for my worst day” he was literally shouting as he said that. All the people stared at him and he didn’t give a shit , he actually smiled at them. They all sat back in their seats. He offered me water and I declined…

            “Hi I am Ranvijay…”,  I was shocked to hear that as he moved forward his hand to shake mine, “I am Ranvijay” I said . Cool was all he said.  He was about to say something when his mobile rang. It had a very unusual song as ringtone. I started to wonder what kind of  person he is!!!!  “Hi mom, yes I am on my way… I will reach in an hour… had good collection…bag is full and have a big surprise for you …. Yes a surprise!!! Ok Okay, see you in few and mom chapathis were awesome… ”

            After hearing that conversation all I could say was what the hell was this guy, maybe an adventurer who loves to travel and explore stuff. Even an elderly woman in front of me was amazed!!! He got up with the bottle started to work on his bag again.. I put on my ear phones and started to listen music. Few minutes later he was back in seat again. This time a letter and pen in his hand. He started to write in it. I tried to look as he folded it saying “its for a special friend and you cant look. Its not a good habit to look into someone else’s letter, only a person who deserve to look gets to see the letter and if you are deserving enough you will get to see too” I tried to stop him in middle couple of times but no use. I did not get a word what he was saying . “ok man , chill” I said. He continued to write , I didn’t even look at him. surely was not ready for another lecture.

            Three hours of journey was done, few had started to get down in their destination. Mr. Crazy guy had kept the letter up in his bag after he was done with it.  “Life is full of twist and turns, one time you thing everything is great and the next second you realize everything is nil” “Are you an adventurer??” I asked “A sort of, I like to take risk” he smiled.

            He got up again, “its time my friend, I will be going, hope we will never meet again” “why so???” “Always want to watch new faces my friend, with new faces we get new experiences!!” “Wow, goodbye then Mr. ranvijay” I shook his hand and he winked as I said that…

            He took his luggage from compartment above and got down the bus shaking his head with music singing in his ears. Another half an hour and I would be in my hometown. The guy I met was strange with full of adrenaline and adventure filled in him but very crazy with philosophical touch. What kind of job would he be doing was all I could think. But it was time for fun weekend..

            My stop had come. The lady in front of me was snoring. I took my bag and got down, breathing the feel of hometown. Suddenly I felt that my bag was light!!! Opened the zip of the bag and saw that half of my clothes, the novel were missing. When I saw my pant pockets my wallet was also gone. It had about two grand money in it. I searched the bag again, saw a letter which was for me, a special friend!!! My heart was pounding, was in complete shock, everything he said came to my mind “How fun can completely turn into sadness in a second, meeting new people….” Slowly opened the letter which was written for me…………..


Dear Ranvijay,

            My name is surely not your name but really nice name though. See you finely deserved to see this letter . I hope I entertained you well and taking whatever i possibly can. Also thank the old lady for a beautiful dress, my mom will love it. Be careful next time……..


                                                                                                                    Duplicate Ranvijay

            I closed the letter put it back in the bag. The day was ruined but not anymore I told myself. Went and complained in police station, called the bank and blocked both my credit and debit card. Later went home to enjoy the weekend as I intended to…but the day would be remembered as

                                    ‘A day I was outsmarted by a crazy act of a con artist’





It was just another day
He had come late
With blood in his hands and
Unknown was his fate

I stood in front of him
With no reaction on my face
Took the knife from his hand
And hid it in a case

He said to me
I did it for you my dear
I said to him
Now we have no fear

He came beside me
Took me in his arms
I looked deep in his eyes
Blinding him with my charms

He felt a surge of pain
Piercing through his back
The case was empty
And knife was in his back

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

He died in my arms
Saying I didn’t cheat
Taking that knife
I ran to my new life…

On my way, all I
Could see was dark
As I reached to my new life
The guy was with his wife

I fell, seeing that sight
The guy in front of me was dark
Pierced the knife through my heart
Realizing the guy behind was my light

As I died I told myself
you and she were partners
Fooled and tricked both of us
To have all the gold….

PS: I wrote this poem with a story in my mind…I myself got confused what was the story that was in my mind when I read it! The story goes this way….

                There were two partners running a business, what business? I don’t care… lets name them ‘A’ and ‘b’ married to ‘a’ and ‘B’ respectively! ‘a’ comes to know that ‘A’ has cheated on her with ‘B’ and cheats ‘A’ with ’b’. ‘A’ loves ‘a’ but ‘a’ falls for ‘b’.  ‘a’ plans with ‘b’ to kill ‘B’ using ‘A’.  One night ‘A’ with bloody knife in his hand comes home. Now ‘a’ seeing her husband with blood coated knife takes the knife from his hand and puts it in a case. ‘A’ comes and hugs ‘a’ saying he did this for her, only to realize that knife is In his back. He dies in ‘a’ s arms saying I didn’t cheat…. after hearing ‘a’ say ,

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

‘a’ gets fully confused but still takes the knife and goes in search of ‘b’. ‘a’ sees from distance that ‘b’ is with ‘B’. This makes her realize that it was all a plot made by ‘b’ and ‘B’ to destroy her life for money! Realizing the things she did she takes the knife and pierces it through her heart to meet her husband in another world….

The end

There are many around who plan on deceiving others… beware…

Hope I could make the story more clear for you guys 😛
Take care all…..


           Raghu knew when he opened the door that it was not going to end well. Rajiv was standing at his doorstep, pointing the gun right in his face, “Why?” he asked Rajiv. “We might have been friends but you knew that it was not going to end well, didn’t you??” Rajiv asked. “Yes” Raghu replied. “You knew only one of us would survive and walk out from here and did you think as in the movies it would be the good guy??” Rajiv laughed.

            Raghu was silent. He was scared, but he wanted Rajiv to change his mind and give up on whatever he was doing. “Listen to me Rajiv, we can sort this out….” “No Raghu I am not going to jail and you can’t stay in this world, God might have created us but I am your GOD now, your life is in my hands and it’s going to end now, also I have made sure that she will be mine” Rajiv smiled. “Noooo……..” was all Raghu could say as Rajiv had already pulled the trigger. Shot straight into the face. Rajiv checked Raghu’s pulse to make sure Raghu was indeed dead.

            Rajiv walked out of the house leaving no clues behind. He drove away from the house, pleased that the girl and the money were waiting for him.

                                                                        The End

            Rohan completed the last lines of his novel. He was not completely satisfied with the last chapter that he wrote. He thought he would look into it later in the night. His son came to him, “Dad why do bad guys win in all your novels?” Rohan thought of how some of his writings would make young minds think like the bad guys of his novels, he had always felt it was his will to write anything he wanted, but could not control how people started thinking after reading it. “Son, it’s just fiction, you must not worry about this stuff and who told you only bad guys win in my novels?” “My classmates!”, “Don’t listen to them ok??” “Ok” his son replied. “Good boy, now go play”. The kid ran downstairs.

            “Dear, lunch is ready,” his wife called from downstairs.  Rohan was thinking of how he could create and destroy someone’s life in his book and the impact it had on people’s minds, so much so that it made him the GOD. He smiled at that thought. “Coming honey” he said. He slowly got up from his chair….


            “I should have never given these fools the power to think and create what they want. They are misusing these gifts which I have given to no other creature but them”, God thought to himself. He still had control over them. All he had to do was write in his book what he wanted to do, but the control was on the actions and not the minds of people.

God took his book and started writing…………….


                        Rohan slowly got up from his chair, thinking that another one of his novels was on its way to become a bestseller. He closed the door and started to climb down the stairs. He started asking “Honey what do we, ahhhhh……….”, Rohan had slipped on a small toy that was lying on the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs rolling, he had broken his back and hand. His wife came running and helped him to get up. His son was in a shock not knowing what to do.


            That serves him right. His mind and hand won’t be writing anything for a few months now.

            Next God started to write – helping the people in need…. His son came and asked “Daddy, when will I be writing in this book? Can I write now?” “You are just a kid, living creatures are not meant for playing or having fun with, you need to go to school and work hard, after seeing your marks I will think and decide!!!!”, replied God, “But daddy my friend has written in his daddy’s book”, “Yes I know son, your friend’s dad had to look after the planet Pandora and because of him Pandora almost got destroyed. I don’t want you destroying earth!! Now go play outside and try to keep your toys in place”. As the kid walked away sadly, “I will come and check on you in a while,” his dad said.

            Kids!!! God thought…. “Ok, now who needs to be taught a lesson, hmmm this politician looks good…..”


In the above story ‘THE GOD’ I have tried to show how we act as God in one way or the other. Each of us, have it in us to prove ourselves or motivate ourselves to make a change for the goodness of mankind.

Every one of us is God in our own way. We have got powers that no other creature has got, ‘the power of thinking’. It’s up to us, how we use our powers for the good and bad. The real God above will act according to it.