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Chapter G: GOD

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It had been months since Advaita had seen Fear. He had moved ahead as Fear stuck to its area. Advaita thought even Fear, a beast had settled down in life whereas he was still a wanderer. He came back from his thoughts as he heard some movements ahead.

He could see a few people ahead who were covered in masks. These could be the dacoits he had heard of he thought. He quickly, with his bags climbed the nearby tree treading caution. As he climbed atop he saw a road where the masked men were hiding around. He felt as if they were setting a trap.  He decided to wait and watch.

He saw many soldiers in horses and a carriage behind them. So this is an ambush he thought. He kept quiet and continued to watch. He could make out that the masked men outnumbered the soldiers. They were at least 5 to 6 members more. He wondered who was in the carriage.

The Dacoits were easily winning. A young man got down from the carriage as the fight was going on. The sword in his hand was glittering. He looked calm. With a single hit he killed a dacoit. He went on to take one more.

Advaita felt the presence of a lady in the carriage. He saw that a few soldiers were down along with couple of masked men. The young soldier was battling three of them now. He wondered whether this could be the Prince of the kingdom, the Channa tribe people talked about a year back when he had stayed with them. They had heard that the prince was the best when it came to sword fighting and could take on many and defeat them with ease. “He is as good with a sword as you are with a bow and an arrow” they had said.

When he came back from his thoughts, the soldiers were either tied up or killed. The young man was atleast battling 5 at a time. One of the masked man was just watching as two forced inside the carriage and tried forcing the lady out of it.

Advaita took his bow and arrows from the bag. He saw that there were totally nine dacoits remaining. He took nine arrows out; It’s time to be God he said to himself. Channa People called the archers God as they helped their own people from afar and usually decided the fate of small wars that happened between the tribes.

With no hesitation Advaita started shooting arrows one after another in succession. All hit the target. He did not shoot to kill but all the arrows severely injured the nine dacoits.

The young man was startled by the sudden change in scenario. The lady was shocked as the two men holding her fell. She ran back inside the carriage. The young man freed the three tied soldiers who were alive. As soon as they were freed they killed the masked men except one.

Advaita saw some movement on top of a tree from the other side of the road. An arrow passed near him. “How did I forget to check the trees” he told himself. He found the location of the man who was shooting arrows as he took an arrow from the bag. With another arrow Advaita took him down. It would have been my last day if he was good thought Advaita.

The man who was on top of the tree fell down. The soldiers seemed surprised. The young man had gone inside the carriage to check the lady. Advaita thought for few minutes and got down to meet the soldiers. They were already looking in his direction trying to find who he was.

As he met them, soldiers doubted him but the young man and lady were generous on him. They thanked him for saving their lives. The young man introduced themselves as Cullen White and his sister Shadow White. “I am A..Advaita” Advaita replied. Cullen ordered the soldiers to move from there. They tied and kept the dacoit in the back of the carriage.

Advaita sat with them inside the carriage. Cullen said “You came as a God”. Advaita was beaming with pride inside but showed none above. He just replied “I just did what I felt was right, I am no God”. “Anyone who teaches and helps others in anyway is God to them” said Shadow.

Advaita smiled and was surprised to hear that as he had heard similar lines from his father. “We still have a long journey ahead” said Cullen as the carriage moved…


Chapter A: Arrows

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In the game of arrows it’s always the bow that makes a winning decision! In life we people are arrows. The more the bow string is pulled, greater the distance covered by the arrow to reach the desired target”.  Advaita remembered his dad’s words as he started running again from the arrows in his life. As he was running, he had seen that he was followed by maybe 6 or 7 guys. In his 13 years of life he had not come across a situation like this.

His father was killed and he had managed to escape from the chaos. Since then he was on the run. He was covering an unknown distance without a target. The only intention now was to live.

He had escaped with his Dad’s bow, dagger and a few arrows in a bag. He had only two arrows left with him now. It was a very dense forest. He stopped again and hid behind the bushes when he heard a roaring sound nearby. It had come from the side where he was moving towards. He could still feel the arrows pointed towards him from behind. He made his mind to move towards the sound.

As he ran a little ahead he saw that there was a little open area and just after that a cave. He hid himself again before the open area and tried to think what needed to be done.

He slowly moved towards the cave. Making sure each of his footsteps could be seen going to the cave. He could feel something being there inside the cave. He started to retrace the same step backwards and jumped to his left towards the bushes. He started to silently climb a nearby tree. As he climbed he could hear the steps coming towards open area. He froze and waited. He was well hidden for anyone to been seen unless thoroughly investigated. Advaita saw them as they reached the open area.

One of them showed the footsteps to another. The other guy nodded. He told two of them to wait outside, as he and the others moved towards the cave.

There was a smile on the face of Advaita as his trick worked. He was in two minds now. Whether to move ahead from there or wait and watch.  He decided to wait. He waited there for some time. The tiredness was getting on him. He slowly slipped but was able to grab the branch and stay at the place.

The rustling noise from the tree got the attention of the two guarding outside. “Go check that Kiri” said one to another. Kiri slowly moved towards the tree. He could see something  atop of the tree but could not make out what it was. He moved his bow pointing the arrow towards that direction. He pulled the arrow to shoot. As he was about to shoot they heard a huge roar from the cave…..

The Innocent One

“How was the movie dear” his mom asked Ram as she buckled him in the back seat of the car. They had just finished watching a Superhero movie.  “It was awesome mom, I will save the world when I grow up” he said beaming with enthusiasm. “I am sure love” she said, smiling back at him as she closed the back door.

Raghuveer, Ram’s father was waiting for his son to settle into his seat as he opened the door for his wife to get in. “So Kausalya, our son will become a superhero now?” he said as she got in. Ram gave a glaring look to his dad as he shouted “Yes dad, I will be the strongest superhero ever!”, “First you need to drink your milk everyday dear” said his mom. Going by the look on his face Kausalya knew he did not like that. “Raghu it’s already 11, let’s hurry up” said Kausalya as she started to get worried about the deserted roads and the long distance they had to cover to get home, “No people, no traffic we can reach quickly” Raghuveer replied nonplussed as he drove on.

Ram started feeling drowsy, the faint noise of music from the radio in the background added to his drowsiness, he was imagining saving people like Lord Rama from the Ramayana, he wanted to tell his dad to continue this story as soon as they reached home as he fell asleep.

Ram was running behind SUBAHU, the Villain, who in turn was baying for the blood of the innocent people of Krishnanagar. Ram started to gain on SUBAHU as he sped up. But SUBAHU was very fast, laughing and taunting him as he closed in on his prey. Ram used his special jumping prowess to jump high in the air. When SUBAHU turned to mock Ram again, he could not find him and got confused. On turning back to his sheer horror he found RAM right in front of him. He panicked but he was not ready to give up. He used his special weapon BOMB which could blast off the person in front of it. Ram had destroyed all his BOMBs in his last mission and was shocked to see one in SUBAHU’s hand. He laughed as he threw it on Ram. SUBAHU was late in realizing that Ram was too close to him, Ram used his special jump again but it was too late. There was a loud thud as Ram yelled as did SUBAHU….

Ram was in shock. His hand was hurting. He thought he was in his bed as it was what would usually happen. He would fall asleep and his mom or dad would put him in bed. His first thought was he had fallen from his bed; He wanted to get up but something was stuck. It was pitch dark as he opened his eyes, he was still seated in the back seat of their car. His belt buckle was stuck and he struggled to remove it. He cried out for his mom as he was hurt.

His vision was blurred and the inside of the car was completely dark. He could see a light far away which was street light he guessed. He somehow managed to open the belt buckle. His side of the door was a little open. His dad’s head was on the steering wheel. He could not make out much. He tried to wake his dad up, he shouted for help but received no response from anywhere. He started crying “mummy, please wake up”. He managed to open the door, got down, and tried opening the front door. But he could not. He was experiencing pain in his knees, elbow and he could not say from where the blood was gushing out. He saw that their car was stuck to a side of the building. He observed that a guy was sleeping in the middle of the road. He was still crying. He wanted to go to his mom’s side and open that door as well. But it was stuck to the building.

He went near the guy who was in middle of the road. He could smell the guy from a distance. He saw that whole area was deserted. Now he had stopped crying. His hero instincts started to trigger in. He wanted to save his parents. He had to find someone to get his parents out. There weren’t many buildings around. Few which were there looked closed.

He stared towards the only street light that was on the deserted street. With all the pain in his body, he started walking towards it. As he reached there, there were 3 directions he could go. He chose left as there were street lights fully on that road.

He could not find any building or people around as he moved ahead. He was having a lot of pain in his head as he looked at various places, trying to find someone. He saw a bike approaching. He shouted “Help, please help!” The guy on the bike saw him, slowed down a little bit, but did not stop and sped off. He could not understand why the person didn’t want to help him. But he had to move and find someone.

Ram was slowing down now. As he took another right turn he saw that there was a small shop and it was open going by the light that was coming out of it. He wanted to run towards it as it was a little far to walk. But as he tried, pain took over and he stopped. He placed his hands on his thighs, took another deep breath and started walking slowly. It was a Tea shop.  Ram shouted for help as he was about to reach the shop.

The Shop’s name was ‘Parmesh Tea Corner’.  Parmesh who usually closed his shop at 12AM was waiting for his friend to arrive. Hearing someone shout at almost 12:30AM was a surprise for him. He came out of his shop to see his visitor.

Ram was in front of the shop now. He saw a guy standing in front of him. “Please help, there has been an accident, my parents are still in the car, please “he said..He held guy’s hand and tried to take him there. The guy stopped him and went inside the shop and took his mobile and dialed some numbers. All Ram could hear was “boy alone, some blood” . He was very tired now and could hardly stand.  The guy came back and offered him some water to drink. Ram said “Please help me, I need to go help my mom and dad”. The guy replied “My name is Parmesh, please drink some water, we will go in a few minutes”. He made Ram sit on a small bench which was beside the shop. He even took some chocolate from his pocket and gave him. As Ram was drinking water, Parmesh got a call and he went inside the shop again.

Three guys came from a narrow pathway near the shop and started towards Ram. They looked scary to him. They were walking towards the shop now. Ram was scared from inside but did not show any signs of fear.  

One of the guys in the group saw a chain on Ram’s neck. He asked “are you alone boy?” Ram stood up “Please help me, we met with an accident, my mom and dad are stuck in the car” as he held the glass which was half full. The three started talking among themselves and were about to make a move towards the kid.

A bike soon approached the shop. Parmesh who was scared looking at the local goons, had a sudden feeling of relief now. He had called the local inspector Yadunandan. The bike stopped in front of them. Seeing the cop the three guys started walking away.

“Hello Inspector, this is the kid I had reported about” said Parmesh pointing towards Ram as he came out of the shop. Yadunandan walked towards Ram. When Ram saw a policeman coming towards him, he said “Help me, my parents are stuck in our car”.

“Hi, I am Inspector Yadunandan. Please tell me what has happened? Can you tell me what you were trying to say to Parmesh” said Yadunandan as he sat on his knees. Ram struggled to recollect what exactly had happened, finally he said “our car has hit a shop and my parents are stuck inside. I tried to wake them up and get them out of car. But I couldn’t”. Yadunandan who just realized the seriousness of the matter asked “Can you take me there?” Ram nodded. He examined Ram and made sure that he had no major injuries. He took out his phone as he held the kid’s hand; He called someone “Possible accident, a male and female stuck inside the car, on my route there. Yes near to the Parmesh tea shop on Shyamnagar circle.”

“Parmesh you come along. Close the shop, quick” said Yadunandan. Yadunandan and Ram left on his bike towards the accident spot with Parmesh following them. As they started “which way Ram?” he asked.  The kid started to guide them. Yadunandan was shocked to see that kid was guiding them very well even in such bad condition. They had diverted 4 times already and gone about a kilometer. Yadunandan was going slowly giving the kid right amount of time to guide. He saw a car crashed to a shop when they took the last right. He accelerated and reached there quickly.

“What’s your name?” he asked the kid as they got down. “Ram” replied the kid. He saw that a guy had fallen in middle of the road. He went to inspect the guy and told Parmesh to check on Ram’s Parents. As he reached near the body it was evident that the guy was drunk.  He took his phone “Accident opposite Kubera Jeweler in Shyamnagar, need immediate attention”. He turned the body and confirmed that the guy was ok and he was just totally drunk.

Parmesh was able to open the Driver’s door as it was facing the road. He slowly removed the buckle and very carefully brought him out. “They might have taken this left turn and as they saw there was a guy in middle of the road, he might have tried to avoid him and crashed into the shop” said Yadunandan after a quick inspection. They heard the ambulance siren and soon an ambulance approached them.

Ram who was seeing and listening to everything that was going on slowly went towards his dad and dozed off as he did not have any strength left in him to stay awake.

Ram was injured badly. His followers had taken him to a nearby hospital. When Ram was fully awake “Where is SUBAHU?” he asked. One of his followers replied “He was injured too, but he escaped”. Ram got up from his bed. Everyone wanted him to rest but Ram took off from there. SUBAHU was injured and Ram wanted a solution to this as quickly as possible. But recently when Ram had gone to seek the guidance of his teacher Vishwamitra, He remembered his master saying “None are born bad, situations in our lives bring out the good or bad in us”. So Ram started to wonder why SUBAHU was bad. With the help of his brother Lakshman he found out that SUBAHU was a scientist and was devoted to his country. But when he came to know that Krishnanagar people had his mother Tataki and brother Maaricha arrested, he turned into a terrorist. Lakshman brought more info on Tataki and Maaricha’s death which proved that they were cheating and harassing people of Krishnanagar. Their death was accidental as well and people had nothing to do with their death. Moreover people were still in doubt of Maaricha’s death as his body was never found.

With all this info Ram goes in search of SUBAHU. When Ram finds SUBAHU, he talks to him with all the facts in hand. But soon Ram realizes that SUBAHU has been taken over by evil and nothing can be undone. Ram calls for Battle of Arrows till death. SUBAHU knew Ram was the best archer in the world but still he agrees to the battle as he had his own cunning plans to defeat Ram.

The battle takes place in Open grounds of Tatakaranya. Ram pleads to Subahu, “SUBAHU please listen to me, I do not want to kill you. You are mistaken about the death of your mother and brother”. SUBAHU interrupts him “Ram stop giving these talks. Do not try to talk about the dos and don’ts as you are here to kill me. This hurts Ram. He was there to fight but deep down he does not want SUBAHU dead but the bad in him. He recognized the power of love that could remove the hatred in people. He remembered the power of good to remove the bad. “Remember Ram everything can be won with good and love” he remembered the words of Vishwamitra.

The Battle started. SUBAHU was striking arrows in regular intervals. The arrows looked different and bigger. Ram realized they might blast. He made a special jump and escaped. As he jumped he sent few arrows towards SUBAHU. People who had come to watch the battle roared as they saw Ram sending arrows towards SUBAHU. Few of the arrows hit SUBAHU. But it did not hurt him at all. He was confused with the outcome, so were people. The battle continued as SUBAHU used various tricky arrows which were easily dodged by Ram. Ram’s arrows hit SUBAHU every time but nothing happened to him from outside. SUBAHU was unhurt from outside, but within something was changing him. He was getting weaker . Soon SUBAHU collapsed as an arrow from Ram hit his heart.

Ram ran towards SUBAHU. “What are you doing to me, why am I feeling as I have been wrong all along?” Ram smiled at him. “What is this feeling?” he continued. People had surrounded Ram now. “That’s love and kindness my friend” said Ram. Hearing the word friend from his enemy made SUBAHU cry. People chanted Ram’s name on seeing his big heartedness.

“Ram, Ram” Ram could hear his mom’s voice. Even though he was conscious now, he was struggling to open his eyes. He felt as his mom leave the room as he slowly opened his eyes. He heard the door open. He saw Inspector Yadunandan come in “Hi I was the inspector who got you and your family here, can you explain the events if you are ok now?” Yadunandan said. Kausalya nodded “we were coming back from theatre. On one of the turns we saw a guy coming right in front of the car. Raghu tried to avoid him and hit the shop nearby. When I woke up I was in bed.” She said. “Ya he was some drunk. He hit his head when he fell on the road. We have got him to the hospital as well. He was completely drunk and in no condition to walk. Your Husband did a great job avoiding him, but I guess he lost control in the process”. “How is Raghu? Did doctors say anything?” she asked. “Yes, he is fine, they are operating on him. Doctors are hoping he will be fine in a few days.” After a pause he continued “Your son is amazing, he walked for about a kilometer to get help in that condition” he said as he turned to see Ram.

Ram smiled as they both turned towards him. He slowly tried to get up. He sat on his bed and said “Mom I want to see Dad“. Kausalya came and sat beside him. “He is in a special room Ram, we can see him later” she said. “Please mom” he said. “Why don’t you walk him out and show around” Yadunandan said. Ram got down from his bed as he saw that his mom was bandaged on her head and hand. He himself was covered with a few bandages of his own. “He needs proper rest inspector” Said Kausalya. “I am fine mom” Ram said as he got down. She shook her head and started walking towards the door as Ram followed her. They went to the corridor.

Ram held his mom’s hand as they walked towards ICU to have a check on his Dad. “Why was that guy so drunk and what was he doing on the road?” asked Ram. Kausalya was about to say something when Yadunandan who was behind said “He is very poor and he is having a lot of issues Ram and these kind of people always think drinking will make their problem disappear.” Ram stopped walking as he turned back and said with a smile “Mom says being good, showing kindness and love towards people will always keep people happy”. Yadunandan smiled at the child’s innocence. Kausalya smiled too.

They reached the ICU door. As Kausalya opened the door and was about to enter, Ram stopped and turned once again towards the inspector to ask “What is the guy’s name?” “Oh! Its Subahu” said Inspector Yadunandan…..    

The Angel

“Daddy why aren’t there any angels in this world anymore?” asked the little girl. “You are an angel, love” Daddy smiled. The girl was in bed; Daddy covered her with the bedspread and kissed her forehead “Good night, my dear”. “I am not sleepy, daddy. Tell me why there are no more angels?” she asked. He was walking towards the door, but turned to see back to see his daughter, with a question on her face.

“I heard you talking to mommy regarding angels, you were saying something stopped angels” she said. Dad smiled and came back to sit beside her. “You heard that?” He asked. She nodded saying yes.

He took a deep breath thinking how to put across the story to his little angel.  He started as the girl waited eagerly holding her bedspread.

“Once upon a time there were millions of being called Grounders. These beings stood on their ground and prayed for the angels to come to earth” Dad began. “Grounder is a funny name daddy?” she interrupted. “Please do not interrupt me. Don’t you want to hear the full story?” She nodded, he continued.

“These Grounders would stand throughout their life, so that other BEINGS would also have a good life.” Dad was explaining with his hand movements and expressions suitable to the words he was putting across. His daughter was enjoying it. “When the time came for the angels to come down, these Grounders would nod and be happy; some would even lose their life!” Girl’s head was moving with the movements of her dad’s hands and her expressions changing with his.

“As the angels came to earth, their touch brought happiness to all the BEINGS. Grounders would pray for a good year ahead and would remember the ones who died. Grounders helped other beings in many other ways as well. Seeing this other BEINGS wanted to take advantage of these Grounders because of their innocence. They wanted to use Grounders for their own benefit. The BEINGS started to kill the Grounders for their own advantage. Grounders were helpless as they never gave up their stand but they didn’t object either. They sacrificed their life with no hesitation or agitation.” Girl could see the pain in her dad’s eyes as he narrated this.

“Angels saw these developments and with the decrease of the Grounders their arrival also became limited. One fine day there were no Grounders left and soon angels stopped coming and the ones who were already here, disappeared. When the BEINGS realized that angels weren’t coming and their survival was also in question, they with the best of their ability tried all they could to get angels back. When they failed to do so, they tried to recreate angels but never came close to. Soon after, they started trying to recreate Grounders as well but the result was the same, failure! So angels never came after that and the BEINGS are still trying to find a solution as their race is on the verge of the extinction.” Dad ended the story.

He made a sad face as he arranged the bedspread properly. “Will angels come again daddy?” the little girl asked as she prepared to sleep. As he was walking towards the door he saw the artificial tree made by his own BEINGS outside the window which would never succeed in getting the water his race needed badly. “I am sure they will, they surely don’t want to miss seeing you my love”. She smiled for that and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

He switched off the lights and gently shut the door as he held the seed he had finally succeeded to create, hoping that it would bring back the angel.

PS : I hope the above story makes my statement clear and no further words are needed to explain my views.

Grow green, go green.


The room was dark. You open your eyes for a bit and close again. You hear a voice and start feeling that the God is trying to wake you up. God whispers “Find the key to unlock the door and get out of the room”. You are unable to understand what is happening and by the time you wake up, you realize you are indeed in a dark room with no light.  You see a faint light coming from beneath the door. You try to peak through but will not see anything.  You try to open the door but it is locked.

Now you realize the words you heard in sleep . You start screaming for help but will not get any response. Finally you decide you will search for the key.  But there is one problem, you have no idea how big the room is or what it contains inside. You start searching, come across a lot of stuff, of which you couldn’t make sense of. After hours of searching you end up with no clue of the key with complete darkness around you.

You start feeling it’s impossible to find the key in this big room. So you decide to search for a source of light, source which could help you find the key with more ease. You start moving around the walls trying to find a switch. When you cannot find it, you think of the objects you had touched and try to remember whether any of them would be a lighter, a torch or something. You fail in it as well.

Time moves on, you start to feel weak. You think of breaking the door now. So start taking the objects and try to break the door but with no success. You try various solutions and the search continues further and further……

In the end you will be very weak, unable to get up. You finally call God for help. Ask him to help you with the solution. You hear a voice “Search your pockets”.

Your eyes close with tears as your hands touch the key in the pocket!


There is potential in each and every one of us. Instead of realizing the potential within us, we search and try to find answers everywhere else.

Hope this year gives you all the more joy, experience, happiness and makes you realize the potential within you, if you haven’t found it yet..

Wish you all a very Happy New Year….

Take care.

Things I never told…

Things left untold
will never unfold
I stand here to reveal
The things I never told

You were my strength
Supporting me all the way
You were my master
Whom I can never pay…

You showed me the way
To love and respect,
Even when I was a failure
You said I was perfect…

You were the better half
Of my struggling life
The love and wealth we have is
From your support my lovely wife…

Seeing you all cry
In front of my grave
I hope and pray,
You guys would be brave…

I loved the life I lived
But the only regret
Are the things I never told
About how much I loved you all
About how much I loved you all…

A note from the author:My blog,My kingdom and some important stuff!

Its been a long time since I published anything… I have been busy recently… no time to write… have written all my ideas in small sheets … no idea when I will be able to complete them into a full story or a poem…I do hope to write one soon.. I only feel like writing when I am alone with my ideas and not when there are thoughts about my work, my life, I mean my lifestyle….

Well, anyways.. In this note I want to share a thought that came to my mind when I started this blog…

My blog is my own place… It’s like my own kingdom (writings)… I state what I want, I show what I want.. I put forth what I want…

People who follow me (my blog) are like the people of my kingdom and these people also have their own kingdom, whichever kingdom you like you can be a member of it. It’s like every single kingdom can be your own kingdom. A king/queen in one kingdom is the citizen of another! So in a way we all are peers, all are kings/Queens!!

Travelers come, see my kingdom. Few appreciate my thoughts, few give away their thoughts as comments, few help us with their thoughts to improve our own Kingdom, few become their citizens, their wishes and likes make us follow them to their kingdom and we may become their followers. This goes on like there is no end, which is good and that’s the way it should be!!

When I see this whole concept, I feel wonderful. Life in this kingdom is sharing my thoughts, my views, in various manners, it helps me to put forth my ideas in front of the world and in turn it helps me to evolve into something new. I feel I am somehow maturing differently than when I was without this kingdom. Well, people around me still see me doing crazy stuff and talking random philosophy and cracking some pjs all the time!! As I always say there will always be a child in us whatever maybe our age.

This kingdom has made me know more about the world, people around the globe. I have started to look at things in a better way, though there are many damages being done to it. But this kingdom of ours will always be a part of us and we will always try to improve it in one way or another.

Mother Earth, if we see her as a person, we people are destroying her by destroying ourselves. The rule is simple live and let live .We still can’t manage that and we call ourselves mature, just think about it guys and least if not for us but for the future of our race.

It’s like a chain. I mean we need to see us as an individual first, we first need to fight our own thoughts, ie everything starts from inside and then we may have to face other individuals with their own thoughts  and this finally effects mother earth. Whatever we do for us or for others, it finally comes to one thing! Also amount of certain emotions is different in each humans though all have every single one, maybe that might be the reason!!

Feel like talking about what’s going on in my country, though it’s out of the syllabus as we say in college!!

If you are following the news of my country, North East India is being targeted in many ways… I don’t want talk about the facts but the aftereffect of it is that north eastern people around the country are being threatened to leave various cities like Pune, Bangalore etc. The government has been saying in various states that all north eastern people are safe in various cities but the reality is nobody is taking the necessary action, when there is a threat to people and police are just there to pretend that they are there to protect.

Seriously I don’t understand what’s wrong with the people… I hope someone will put some sense into their heads and make them do the right thing…


If life in real world was as simple as this kingdom we would all be happy, just because of few sadists who move like wind and pollute the air we intake which in turn results in a change in the mindset of weak ones resulting in a bigger catastrophe…..

Hope that all friends from north east are safe and are strong enough to bear this passing wind

Take care all, work on your emotions and work for a better future…

Thank you
Aneesh Bhat N(ABN)


           Raghu knew when he opened the door that it was not going to end well. Rajiv was standing at his doorstep, pointing the gun right in his face, “Why?” he asked Rajiv. “We might have been friends but you knew that it was not going to end well, didn’t you??” Rajiv asked. “Yes” Raghu replied. “You knew only one of us would survive and walk out from here and did you think as in the movies it would be the good guy??” Rajiv laughed.

            Raghu was silent. He was scared, but he wanted Rajiv to change his mind and give up on whatever he was doing. “Listen to me Rajiv, we can sort this out….” “No Raghu I am not going to jail and you can’t stay in this world, God might have created us but I am your GOD now, your life is in my hands and it’s going to end now, also I have made sure that she will be mine” Rajiv smiled. “Noooo……..” was all Raghu could say as Rajiv had already pulled the trigger. Shot straight into the face. Rajiv checked Raghu’s pulse to make sure Raghu was indeed dead.

            Rajiv walked out of the house leaving no clues behind. He drove away from the house, pleased that the girl and the money were waiting for him.

                                                                        The End

            Rohan completed the last lines of his novel. He was not completely satisfied with the last chapter that he wrote. He thought he would look into it later in the night. His son came to him, “Dad why do bad guys win in all your novels?” Rohan thought of how some of his writings would make young minds think like the bad guys of his novels, he had always felt it was his will to write anything he wanted, but could not control how people started thinking after reading it. “Son, it’s just fiction, you must not worry about this stuff and who told you only bad guys win in my novels?” “My classmates!”, “Don’t listen to them ok??” “Ok” his son replied. “Good boy, now go play”. The kid ran downstairs.

            “Dear, lunch is ready,” his wife called from downstairs.  Rohan was thinking of how he could create and destroy someone’s life in his book and the impact it had on people’s minds, so much so that it made him the GOD. He smiled at that thought. “Coming honey” he said. He slowly got up from his chair….


            “I should have never given these fools the power to think and create what they want. They are misusing these gifts which I have given to no other creature but them”, God thought to himself. He still had control over them. All he had to do was write in his book what he wanted to do, but the control was on the actions and not the minds of people.

God took his book and started writing…………….


                        Rohan slowly got up from his chair, thinking that another one of his novels was on its way to become a bestseller. He closed the door and started to climb down the stairs. He started asking “Honey what do we, ahhhhh……….”, Rohan had slipped on a small toy that was lying on the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs rolling, he had broken his back and hand. His wife came running and helped him to get up. His son was in a shock not knowing what to do.


            That serves him right. His mind and hand won’t be writing anything for a few months now.

            Next God started to write – helping the people in need…. His son came and asked “Daddy, when will I be writing in this book? Can I write now?” “You are just a kid, living creatures are not meant for playing or having fun with, you need to go to school and work hard, after seeing your marks I will think and decide!!!!”, replied God, “But daddy my friend has written in his daddy’s book”, “Yes I know son, your friend’s dad had to look after the planet Pandora and because of him Pandora almost got destroyed. I don’t want you destroying earth!! Now go play outside and try to keep your toys in place”. As the kid walked away sadly, “I will come and check on you in a while,” his dad said.

            Kids!!! God thought…. “Ok, now who needs to be taught a lesson, hmmm this politician looks good…..”


In the above story ‘THE GOD’ I have tried to show how we act as God in one way or the other. Each of us, have it in us to prove ourselves or motivate ourselves to make a change for the goodness of mankind.

Every one of us is God in our own way. We have got powers that no other creature has got, ‘the power of thinking’. It’s up to us, how we use our powers for the good and bad. The real God above will act according to it.

Journey of a Soul…….(the final part (3))

Somewhere nearby a baby boy got his first heartbeat in Mrs. Stevenson’s womb. After nine months the baby was born and his mother named him Rob Stevenson. The baby grew quickly and in no time he was a boy.

Meanwhile Gary’s wife had passed away due to an illness. They never had any children due to her inability to conceive.  Being all alone and missing his wife desperately, Gary sold the farm for a huge profit and moved to an apartment in the city, nearby his late father-in-law’s store. He had turned 60 on his last birthday and Gary was thinking of funding his retirement by selling the store.

Two blocks away the boy Rob Stevenson was playing baseball with his friends in a vacant lot. He was an excellent batter and all his teammates expected him to hit a home run like he did in the previous inning capturing the lead for them. He had two strikes and finally he hit a pop fly with the third pitch but a friend on the opposite team caught it and he was out. Now it was Rob‘s teams turn to be in the outfield.  He was standing deep in case a long shot came his way.

Gary, the shopkeeper, checked his watch and saw that it was 5:00 PM.  Time to close and go home he thought. He got up from his chair, changed the open sign to closed, locked the store and began walking towards his apartment. As he passed by the abandoned lot he saw the kids playing baseball.  It made him wishfully think that had he and his wife had a child. He would have taught his child to play baseball. As he was thinking one of the kids hit the ball and it rolled out into the middle of the street.

Rob Stevenson raced out to get the ball and throw it into play. As he straightened up from picking up the ball he saw a truck speeding right towards him.  He suddenly realized someone was pushing him.                                       `

Gary, the shopkeeper had seen the ball land and roll in to the middle of the street. He was going to pick it up and return it to play when he saw the kid running after the ball. Realizing the impending danger the boy was in, he immediately ran out into the street and pushed the boy to the side.

Unfortunately, he had no time to escape and the truck hit him hard. Though he was hit and lay bleeding on the ground from the impact, he just raised his eyes to make sure that the kid was safe. In spite of his pain he felt the happiness of having saved the boy and took his last breath with a smile of satisfaction on his face. His soul was gone…

Rob stood there shocked, watching the person, who just saved his life, die….


Journey of a Soul……(the journey continues (2))

In a dumpster near the store an insect egg hatched and the larva came to life with the dead ant’s soul. It was a female mosquito and after about five days she was outside looking for food. Only female mosquitoes feed off the blood of humans and other animals. She was admired by her mosquito friends because she told vivid stories about escaping harm while she fed.  She had tasted the blood of many different creatures and had grown fat. As she flew around the city she saw a man going into a store. She had just enough time to go inside as the door closed.

Gary as usual was sleeping in the chair. A man entered the store and the sound of the door opening woke him up. As Gary tried to shake off his sleepiness he tried to smile to make the customer feel happy and began showing him around the store hoping the customer would buy something. As he and the customer toured the store he thought about his old life, working in his farm instead of running this stupid store. His wife’s father had left her the store when he died and had made her promise not to sell it.  It was his dying wish that Gary look after the store. Now he was busy running the store while his wife was back on the farm taking care of the chicken and other animals. He fondly remembered how he used to go fishing and catch the night’s dinner. The memories hastily vanished as the customer asked for the price of something he wished to buy.

The mosquito in the store was starving. She had her eye on the customer but as she flew towards him she saw Gary and decided to sample his blood. Gary walked over to the customer and stood by him. In no time the mosquito landed onGary’s neck and started to feed on his blood.

As Gary talked to the customer he felt the mosquito on his neck and his hand immediately swatted at her. He had missed but saw the mosquito fly away. Gary took the customer’s purchase to the counter to write out the bill.

The sample she had tasted was delicious, so the mosquito wanted more. She flew right back and landed on Gary’s neck. She began to feed. She saw the fingers coming towards her and noticed a small gap between Gary’s fingers. That’s all she needed to easily escape.

In all, the mosquito bit Gary four or five times.  Now Gary really wanted to kill her. The customer had finished his purchase and left. So Gary pretended to go to sleep in his chair. He had uncovered his shoulder knowing that the mosquito would not be able to resist such an easy target and he was right. In no time the mosquito had once again landed on his neck. This time when he hit her he was successful and the mosquito had lost her life in no time.  He took a towel and cleaned off the blood that was on his hand as the soul of the mosquito floated up through the air…

At that exact moment a hen on Gary’s farm laid an egg in her nest and the wandering soul had a body to occupy. The small chick soon grew into a glorious rooster and had no idea that in a few days he would be killed by Gary.

The rooster loved to strut around in front off the other chickens and show off his stature and beautiful coloring. He felt his fellow chickens’ admiration and he was proud of himself.  A few feet away Gary’s wife was once again telling him to kill a chicken so she could prepare a special dinner, for when her aunt and uncle came for dinner that evening.

Gary was on his way to the henhouse when he decided he was tired of his wife’s nagging and decided the first chicken he saw would be going off to the kitchen. The cock was strutting around in front of his fellow chicken inside the chicken pen and Gary quickly grabbed him.

The rooster was in pain as he found his neck hanging from Gary’s hands.  The rooster tried everything he could to escape but had no luck. As he looked at Gary’s face, a sudden sense of fear washed over him but he did not know the reason. Up ahead the rooster saw a log with a small axe lying next to it.

By now due to Gary’s tight grip on his neck the rooster fell unconscious. In one blow his head was decapitated. Gary took the now dead rooster to his wife.  She was very happy and complimented her husband on his selection. The handsome rooster would soon be gracing their company dinner table and on its way to their stomachs as his soul was searching for a new body…

Somewhere nearby a baby boy got his first heartbeat in Mrs. Stevenson’s womb…….

… be continued (the final part)