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Chapter T: Tale

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The wedding ceremony was the talk of the town for the next few days. The Jester’s act after the wedding made people laugh for a long time. Overall the day was one of the best days the Kingdom ever had. The King and People of Benin had left after a few days and everything was getting back to normal in Heaven.

Advaita learnt that wedding in Heaven or in any other Kingdom for that matter happened during the middle of the day when Sun shone at its brightest. It was a belief that Sun would be spreading its light all over the world, most at that moment and light in the newlywed’s life would stay on forever. He had found that belief interesting.

Now that the days had passed. He wanted to talk to General Thomas about the truth of Rob. When he raised this matter with General Thomas, General said they would sit in the evening for the same. Advaita now was eagerly waiting for sun to set.

General Thomas, Tip Roy and Advaita were again seated in General’s study and General continued the tale from where he had left

Rob was in love. Since he was very close to Prince Aiden he could met Princess Agnes. Rob started to impress her with his visions and thoughts. Slowly even Princess Agnes fell in love with him. Even Prince Aiden didn’t know about them. Rob and Agnes had started spending time in secret. They took our help to do so. When they were sure they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, they decided to tell Aiden about it.

Prince Aiden was initially not very happy but Princess Agnes talked to him. The views of Rob had always impressed him and he finally agreed to talk to King William on the same. On the Parallel Rob wanted to bring change in the kingdom. He wanted to remove the atrocity shown against the poor by rich lords. Poor girls were getting raped and killed. None of the poor supported him as they thought this would make things even worse.  

Meanwhile the love story of him and Princess Agnes reached the King’s ears before Prince Aiden could talk to him.King William ordered the soldiers to get him Rob. They had a discussion where King threatened him. Rob was not ready to listen to any of it. But he stayed silent as he knew he could get killed if he rebelled. The King gave him a final warning and let him go. Prince Aiden tried talking to the King but it went in vain.

One day Princess Agnes wanted to meet Rob. When she tried to sneak out from the Palace to meet him, few soldiers saw her and informed the king. King disguised himself and followed her; he caught her before she could reach Rob’s place. He threatened her that he would burn Rob’s house in front of her if she saw him again. That very night Princess Agnes went to Prince Aiden and told him what had happened. She had said she would die if she doesn’t get Rob. The next day King Summoned Rob’s father Lian and warned him on this as well.

Lian came to this very house to talk to my father. He explained my father the whole scenario and said that he would be leaving the city with the family and try to live somewhere peacefully. My father said he would try talking to King on this matter. I heard their conversation and immediately went to inform Rob about his father’s idea of leaving the town. Prince Aiden was with him at that time. He suggested that Rob and Agnes should escape from the city or else they could never unite.

Prince Aiden himself devised a plan for their getaway. The very next night he got Agnes with him. As I took Rob to the outskirts of the city. We gave them gold coins, food and asked them to be careful in the forest. That was the last we had seen them. Rob’s Parents were killed the very next day and their house was put on fire by an angry King William.” General Thomas ended the tale.

“I saw the dagger in your hand the morning of wedding day when you were asleep. I had given that dagger to Rob the day they left. When I asked Shadow how you had that, she told me it was your father’s. I am sure that you are their son now” he said. Advaita was silent now. “We do not live in a perfect world where fairy tales come true but in a world where life is a struggle for survival and we need to find happiness within it” he now understood why his father had said that.

Seeing Advaita silent Thomas and Tip realised he needed a break. “You take some time son, we will talk further on this later” Tip said. General Thomas left the room. Tip sat there for sometime. When he was about to leave, Advaita said “I need a favour Tip”. Tip said he would do anything. “Can you paint portraits of Rob and Agnes?” Tip agreed and told he would give it to him by tomorrow. Advaita thanked him.

Advaita sat alone in the room deep in his own thoughts. He had called the chief of Shaka tribe his grandfather. His mother called him father as far as he knew. But people in Shaka had called his parents outsiders. Now grandfather had told his father and he were a cheat. Advaita was totally confused.

He decided he had to get to the end of this tale as soon as possible.



Chapter P: Peasant

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General Thomas White tried to ask about Advaita’s father. Advaita was adamant on knowing Rob first as he looked exactly like his father. They decided to go to General Thomas’ house. Tip felt it would be ideal to talk in Thomas’ study room. As they were on their way, Tip said “He could be Rob’s son” to Thomas. “You mean he is a Royal?” replied General Thomas. They remained silent after that.

They were in General Thomas’ study room now. The three were silent for a very long time. Advaita finally spoke as he requested Tip and General to tell him about Rob and his death. “We are not so sure about his death” replied Tip. Both Tip and General Thomas saw each other and nodded together. General Thomas started…

“Rob was the only son of Peasants Liam and Eve. They had their own field unlike other peasants who worked for Lords. Rob used to help them in fields. Seeing his interest in learning, my father got him to the  University of Heaven to study. There Rob was more interested in learning war techniques and sword fighting. He always joined me for training sessions with a wooden sword. Tip and I were very close during those days. Rob soon became one of us.”

Advaita realized why his father was interested in agriculture as well. His father used to advise the chief of Shaka tribe on what to cultivate in different seasons. “A Peasant is the one that brings food to our table. We should respect them more than the hunters” his father had said. He came back from his thoughts as he continued listening to General Thomas again.

Rob, apart from us had started hating others as they used to always bully him for being a poor peasant’s son. He was a silent guy and never retaliated back. But within he had started hating others. He hated that he was poor and had slowly stopped to help his father with work.

Once During a sword session he took on Prince Aiden. Our King was a Prince back then. Nobody used to defeat the Prince even if they could. But that day Rob did. Prince Aiden stormed out of the session furious and sad. The Prince also realized that many lost to him as he was royalty and not because he was better. From the very next day Prince Aiden chose only Rob to practice with. They became close friends and we four became a gang.

The Mural on that wall was painted during one of those days. Rob had become one of the finest swordsmen and there were only few of us who could beat him. Finally Prince Aiden too defeated him. Prince Aiden took that as great achievement and took us to show the palace the next day. I had seen the palace before as I was the Prime Minister’s son. It was the first time for Rob and Tip. They were amused by the beauty of the Palace.

As we roamed freely around the palace courtesy of Prince Aiden, we heard musical instruments playing from one of the rooms. Rob was so fascinated by the music, he ran towards the room as we followed.

Prince Aiden’s sister Princess Agnes Rich was dancing in the middle of the room with musicians playing instruments around her. King William Rich who was seated on the throne in one corner saw Prince Aiden and signaled to come to him. King William after the dance session got over, came to know that Rob was a Peasant’s son. He ordered Rob to get out of the Palace. We left along with Rob as Prince Aiden tried to convince his furious father.  

As we walked back Rob said he would marry the dancer. We told him she was the Princess and it would be impossible for him, for which he said why? can’t a peasant marry a Princess? “The General said.

There was a knock on the door. It was Commander Royston. He had come to discuss on some urgent matters. Advaita and Tip left the room. Before Tip left he said “let’s continue this after the Royal wedding. I need to prepare some more for my act tomorrow.” Advaita agreed to that.

Advaita came back to his room after a quick meal. He was lost in his own thoughts. It was Shadow who brought him back to reality. She had to shake him as he did not respond to her talk. She didn’t say anything but smiled and waited for him to speak.

“You know the Peasant Rob from that Mural” said Advaita holding her hand. “Yes,” she said. “I think he is my father” he said.

Chapter M: Mural

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Advaita and Cully were back at Cully’s home. They went directly to the kitchen to find some food. Cully’s sister Shadow was also there. Advaita and Shadow’s eyes met and they smiled at each other. There was a shyness in their face. Servant got some food for them to eat.

As they ate on the table, Cully started to explain how amazing Advaita had been on the training field. Advaita and Shadow were looking at each other and eating slowly. They were not hearing a thing what Cully was saying. As Cully put his arm on Advaita’s shoulders they came back to reality. “You know what, we should have a Mural together. I will go ask Uncle Tip to do it on my room wall” said Cully.

Cully had become an admirer of Advaita after what had happened in the field today. “If world is full of paintings then you should be a Mural” Advaita’s father had told him. With his archery skills he was reaching that stage he felt.  Before Advaita could say anything Cully had left. Advaita turned to shadow and asked “Tip?” “Uncle Tip is a very good painter, maybe we should get our painting done as well” she replied. Advaita smiled but did not say anything.  

After the food, Shadow held Advaita’s hand and took him upstairs to show her paintings. They sat beside a trunk. Shadow opened the trunk and took out a painting that was her favorite. When Advaita saw the painting he was mesmerized by Shadow’s beauty. Shadow noticed it in him. He could see the perfection in the painting. He said “This is really beautiful. You look very beautiful. The painter has painted exactly as you look”. She rested her head on his shoulders. “I am glad you like it” she said. The moment they had seen each other, they knew they were supposed to be together.

“Why you are at the house, aren’t you going to help your mother with the wedding preparations?” he said. She was about to say something when they heard Cully calling for Advaita. They both got up. Advaita said her that he will go down first and later she could come. They both smiled as he said that.

Advaita went down. Cully was waiting for him. “Uncle Tip said he will do a small painting of us first and then use that for the Mural on the wall.” said Cully. “As you guys wish,” replied Advaita. Shadow started to come downstairs. In a hurry to come down she slipped. Advaita was standing in midway. He tried to stop her fall. He slipped, but was able to stop her fall with his left hand but his right hand hit the steps. It hurt a little but he ignored. “Are you ok” he asked as they got down. She nodded.

Shadow said she too will join them as they went to Tip’s house to get the painting done. Tip painted them for hours. With both of them standing side by side. Advaita was very impressed with Tip’s painting skills and appreciated it. Cullen pointed to a room “You know in that very room, he started painting. There are lot of paintings in there” he said. “Can I check them? “ Advaita asked Tip. Tip said ok.  

Cully was talking to Tip as Advaita went to check out the paintings. Shadow who was watching silently when they were getting painted joined Advaita. They went inside the room and started to check the paintings one by one. The room was huge. Each painting amazed Advaita and made him realize how good a painter Tip was.  Shadow explained a few of the paintings as they had historical importance.

Suddenly Advaita’s eyes went on to a Mural on the corner of the right wall. There were three people standing. The painting was a little faded. He was shocked. He moved closer to confirm.

The person on the left was indeed his father!

Chapter J: Jester

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Whites’ came to know all about the incident that had happened. They thanked Advaita for saving their kids’ lives. As they were having dinner that night, “Which tribe do you belong to Advaita?” asked Mr.White. “I am from the Shaka tribe” he replied. “Peter, Do you know of a Shaka tribe in our kingdom? Is it the one on the south border?” He asked the soldier who was standing beside him.

“Yes my lord, it’s on the south border. They are immigrants from the Zulu kingdom. I believe they follow their own rules and not the Kingdom’s” Peter replied. “Thanks Peter, So Advaita why did you leave the tribe?” Advaita was not sure whether he could tell exactly what had happened. Now all the people in room were looking at him. “My Parents died when I was very young. After that I decided to travel around” Advaita finally replied.

Martha noticed that Advaita was a little uneasy talking about his past. “Tomorrow we are going to see the Jester’s act and approve it for the final performance” she said to Shadow. “Advaita you may not have seen these kind of acts before, why don’t you join us?” Said Shadow. “I was thinking of leaving tomorrow” replied Advaita.

“Don’t be in such a hurry my friend. You see the Jester’s act tomorrow. Tip Roy is the best Jester this kingdom has ever produced. Even Mr. White suggested him to stay. Advaita finally agreed, as he felt he had no choice.

The next day Martha, Shadow and Advaita went to Tip’s house. Tip was showing them the act at his place. Queen had specifically said Martha to check it as it will be the finishing act after Princess’ wedding for entertainment. Tip was ready with the costume and makeup when they reached. After initial formalities Tip started with his act. Advaita was sitting in one corner and was observing. As the act progressed Advaita laughed like never before. Everyone were enjoying the act.

Advaita had heard from his father about the Jesters. His father had said “Everyone in the world are like Jesters. A mask from outside but different from inside, hiding their true nature.” When the act got over, Advaita wondered ‘how happy the jester actually is. Does his mask from outside match the one who he is inside?’

His thoughts came back as he saw there was a huge discussion going on between Martha, shadow and Tip. They were suggesting a few things to be added and removed a part or two which involved making fun of the Bridegroom. After sometime Tip enacted again a few more times. Advaita saw that the act was finally ready. He was very impressed by the Jester’s work.

“People will fall in love with this act Tip, very well done” said Martha. “Thank you Martha, Let me clean up and come back normal” He replied. “How was the act Advaita?” asked Martha. “It was good” he replied. They waited for Tip.

As Tip came out “So Advaita, How did you find the act?” he asked. Good is all he said. “This guy doesn’t talk much, does he?” Tip asked Martha with a smile. “Only to the point” she replied back. “Oh! I see” said Tip as everyone laughed. Martha and Shadow decided to go to meet the Queen. Advaita said he would stay at Tip’s for a while. They instructed a soldier to accompany Advaita wherever he wants to go and then left.

“So what is it you wanted to ask, son” said Tip. Advaita had a smile.  “How happy are you as a Jester?” Advaita asked. “You think I am sad?’ Tip questioned back. Advaita shared his father’s view with Tip. Tip had a smile in his face. “Yes we do hide our true emotions, I feel in every profession people do that, not just this one. One has to do his Job irrespective of how their personal life is.” Advaita nodded.

They had the conversation going. Tip explained his art and told stories of the famous Jesters before him. Advaita met Tip’s wife and daughter. Tip’s two elder sons were in the army. They had lunch together. After lunch Advaita decided to leave. He conveyed the same and started to leave.

The soldier assigned to Advaita tagged along. As he was about to go out the front door “Your face looks very familiar” Tip said. Advaita turned and smiled as he walked out of the Jester’s house.

Chapter H: Heaven

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As the Carriage started moving, they thanked Advaita again. Shadow looked like she was still in shock. Cully looked cool. He was sitting as if it was just another day. Advaita was not sure why he was in that carriage. He wanted to explore the forest.

“I would like to leave now. If you could ask the men outside to stop….” Advaita’s words were cut short by Cully as he said “No way friend, you saved our life, please give us the chance to pay you back. Be with us for a few days and then we will leave you wherever you want to go”. They both argued about it for a bit, then Advaita realised this was a war of words and he could not win. He kept quiet.

Cully saw that Shadow had not spoken once they had moved. He took her hand as he asked “Are you okay?” She nodded. “Where is the Dagger father gave you? Didn’t I tell you to keep it with you?” He asked. She took out the dagger which she had placed below her seat.

As she took out the dagger Advaita noticed that it was similar to the one he had. His father had said the dagger was very special but he never knew why. Advaita wanted to check that dagger, but he said nothing.

“Is that the deer skin you are wearing?” asked Cully, nodded Advaita confirming it. Advaita had never seen the kind of a dress they were wearing but he had heard that rich people wore silk dresses. “So, what were you doing in the forest?” Cully asked. Advaita was not sure what to say. “I am just a wanderer, I move from forest to forest. Wha.. what about you people?” asked Advaita. “Oh, our grandmother is sick, we had gone to visit her. Our father is a Lord and the CHIEF OF ARMY.” Cully said with pride.

“I was wondering why those men attacked you” asked Advaita. Shadow looked at him and turned away, she was still very concerned. “We will question our captive once we get back. I am sure my father will make him speak” said Cully.

“We could have died today, when they took my hand and dragged me. I thought that was it, I will be going to hell. ” Shadow said finally looking at the dagger. She had tears in her eyes. Cully held her hand again. “Being alive is heaven and death is hell. We worry about death so much that we forget the heaven we are in. Live in the moment, this is heaven” said Advaita. Shadow saw him and smiled but she still looked sad. At least his Father’s words made her smile he thought. He didn’t know how to react though; he smiled a bit and looked down.

“Forget about all this, Princess Margaret your best friend is getting married in a few days. Think about the preparation and the events there will be, smile, be happy” said Cully. She nodded. Cully offered her and Advaita some food they had packed. He opened the window and offered some to the soldiers too. Advaita saw that they were out of forest.

After sometime Advaita started to see buildings that made him realise they were almost there. He had heard about the cities in Kingdom, but had never seen any until now. Cullen and Shadow smiled as Advaita was looking out overawed with his eyes wide open. Cully, on seeing the excitement in Advaita’s face started to give him a tour of the city as they moved ahead. The sun was slowly setting down.

They got inside a big wooden gate and then stopped beside a huge house. The open area in front could fit a whole tribe Advaita thought. Cullen took the man that was tied with the soldiers to a small house nearby. He told shadow to take Advaita inside.

“Welcome to our humble house in the city of Heaven” she said as they went in…     

The Innocent One

“How was the movie dear” his mom asked Ram as she buckled him in the back seat of the car. They had just finished watching a Superhero movie.  “It was awesome mom, I will save the world when I grow up” he said beaming with enthusiasm. “I am sure love” she said, smiling back at him as she closed the back door.

Raghuveer, Ram’s father was waiting for his son to settle into his seat as he opened the door for his wife to get in. “So Kausalya, our son will become a superhero now?” he said as she got in. Ram gave a glaring look to his dad as he shouted “Yes dad, I will be the strongest superhero ever!”, “First you need to drink your milk everyday dear” said his mom. Going by the look on his face Kausalya knew he did not like that. “Raghu it’s already 11, let’s hurry up” said Kausalya as she started to get worried about the deserted roads and the long distance they had to cover to get home, “No people, no traffic we can reach quickly” Raghuveer replied nonplussed as he drove on.

Ram started feeling drowsy, the faint noise of music from the radio in the background added to his drowsiness, he was imagining saving people like Lord Rama from the Ramayana, he wanted to tell his dad to continue this story as soon as they reached home as he fell asleep.

Ram was running behind SUBAHU, the Villain, who in turn was baying for the blood of the innocent people of Krishnanagar. Ram started to gain on SUBAHU as he sped up. But SUBAHU was very fast, laughing and taunting him as he closed in on his prey. Ram used his special jumping prowess to jump high in the air. When SUBAHU turned to mock Ram again, he could not find him and got confused. On turning back to his sheer horror he found RAM right in front of him. He panicked but he was not ready to give up. He used his special weapon BOMB which could blast off the person in front of it. Ram had destroyed all his BOMBs in his last mission and was shocked to see one in SUBAHU’s hand. He laughed as he threw it on Ram. SUBAHU was late in realizing that Ram was too close to him, Ram used his special jump again but it was too late. There was a loud thud as Ram yelled as did SUBAHU….

Ram was in shock. His hand was hurting. He thought he was in his bed as it was what would usually happen. He would fall asleep and his mom or dad would put him in bed. His first thought was he had fallen from his bed; He wanted to get up but something was stuck. It was pitch dark as he opened his eyes, he was still seated in the back seat of their car. His belt buckle was stuck and he struggled to remove it. He cried out for his mom as he was hurt.

His vision was blurred and the inside of the car was completely dark. He could see a light far away which was street light he guessed. He somehow managed to open the belt buckle. His side of the door was a little open. His dad’s head was on the steering wheel. He could not make out much. He tried to wake his dad up, he shouted for help but received no response from anywhere. He started crying “mummy, please wake up”. He managed to open the door, got down, and tried opening the front door. But he could not. He was experiencing pain in his knees, elbow and he could not say from where the blood was gushing out. He saw that their car was stuck to a side of the building. He observed that a guy was sleeping in the middle of the road. He was still crying. He wanted to go to his mom’s side and open that door as well. But it was stuck to the building.

He went near the guy who was in middle of the road. He could smell the guy from a distance. He saw that whole area was deserted. Now he had stopped crying. His hero instincts started to trigger in. He wanted to save his parents. He had to find someone to get his parents out. There weren’t many buildings around. Few which were there looked closed.

He stared towards the only street light that was on the deserted street. With all the pain in his body, he started walking towards it. As he reached there, there were 3 directions he could go. He chose left as there were street lights fully on that road.

He could not find any building or people around as he moved ahead. He was having a lot of pain in his head as he looked at various places, trying to find someone. He saw a bike approaching. He shouted “Help, please help!” The guy on the bike saw him, slowed down a little bit, but did not stop and sped off. He could not understand why the person didn’t want to help him. But he had to move and find someone.

Ram was slowing down now. As he took another right turn he saw that there was a small shop and it was open going by the light that was coming out of it. He wanted to run towards it as it was a little far to walk. But as he tried, pain took over and he stopped. He placed his hands on his thighs, took another deep breath and started walking slowly. It was a Tea shop.  Ram shouted for help as he was about to reach the shop.

The Shop’s name was ‘Parmesh Tea Corner’.  Parmesh who usually closed his shop at 12AM was waiting for his friend to arrive. Hearing someone shout at almost 12:30AM was a surprise for him. He came out of his shop to see his visitor.

Ram was in front of the shop now. He saw a guy standing in front of him. “Please help, there has been an accident, my parents are still in the car, please “he said..He held guy’s hand and tried to take him there. The guy stopped him and went inside the shop and took his mobile and dialed some numbers. All Ram could hear was “boy alone, some blood” . He was very tired now and could hardly stand.  The guy came back and offered him some water to drink. Ram said “Please help me, I need to go help my mom and dad”. The guy replied “My name is Parmesh, please drink some water, we will go in a few minutes”. He made Ram sit on a small bench which was beside the shop. He even took some chocolate from his pocket and gave him. As Ram was drinking water, Parmesh got a call and he went inside the shop again.

Three guys came from a narrow pathway near the shop and started towards Ram. They looked scary to him. They were walking towards the shop now. Ram was scared from inside but did not show any signs of fear.  

One of the guys in the group saw a chain on Ram’s neck. He asked “are you alone boy?” Ram stood up “Please help me, we met with an accident, my mom and dad are stuck in the car” as he held the glass which was half full. The three started talking among themselves and were about to make a move towards the kid.

A bike soon approached the shop. Parmesh who was scared looking at the local goons, had a sudden feeling of relief now. He had called the local inspector Yadunandan. The bike stopped in front of them. Seeing the cop the three guys started walking away.

“Hello Inspector, this is the kid I had reported about” said Parmesh pointing towards Ram as he came out of the shop. Yadunandan walked towards Ram. When Ram saw a policeman coming towards him, he said “Help me, my parents are stuck in our car”.

“Hi, I am Inspector Yadunandan. Please tell me what has happened? Can you tell me what you were trying to say to Parmesh” said Yadunandan as he sat on his knees. Ram struggled to recollect what exactly had happened, finally he said “our car has hit a shop and my parents are stuck inside. I tried to wake them up and get them out of car. But I couldn’t”. Yadunandan who just realized the seriousness of the matter asked “Can you take me there?” Ram nodded. He examined Ram and made sure that he had no major injuries. He took out his phone as he held the kid’s hand; He called someone “Possible accident, a male and female stuck inside the car, on my route there. Yes near to the Parmesh tea shop on Shyamnagar circle.”

“Parmesh you come along. Close the shop, quick” said Yadunandan. Yadunandan and Ram left on his bike towards the accident spot with Parmesh following them. As they started “which way Ram?” he asked.  The kid started to guide them. Yadunandan was shocked to see that kid was guiding them very well even in such bad condition. They had diverted 4 times already and gone about a kilometer. Yadunandan was going slowly giving the kid right amount of time to guide. He saw a car crashed to a shop when they took the last right. He accelerated and reached there quickly.

“What’s your name?” he asked the kid as they got down. “Ram” replied the kid. He saw that a guy had fallen in middle of the road. He went to inspect the guy and told Parmesh to check on Ram’s Parents. As he reached near the body it was evident that the guy was drunk.  He took his phone “Accident opposite Kubera Jeweler in Shyamnagar, need immediate attention”. He turned the body and confirmed that the guy was ok and he was just totally drunk.

Parmesh was able to open the Driver’s door as it was facing the road. He slowly removed the buckle and very carefully brought him out. “They might have taken this left turn and as they saw there was a guy in middle of the road, he might have tried to avoid him and crashed into the shop” said Yadunandan after a quick inspection. They heard the ambulance siren and soon an ambulance approached them.

Ram who was seeing and listening to everything that was going on slowly went towards his dad and dozed off as he did not have any strength left in him to stay awake.

Ram was injured badly. His followers had taken him to a nearby hospital. When Ram was fully awake “Where is SUBAHU?” he asked. One of his followers replied “He was injured too, but he escaped”. Ram got up from his bed. Everyone wanted him to rest but Ram took off from there. SUBAHU was injured and Ram wanted a solution to this as quickly as possible. But recently when Ram had gone to seek the guidance of his teacher Vishwamitra, He remembered his master saying “None are born bad, situations in our lives bring out the good or bad in us”. So Ram started to wonder why SUBAHU was bad. With the help of his brother Lakshman he found out that SUBAHU was a scientist and was devoted to his country. But when he came to know that Krishnanagar people had his mother Tataki and brother Maaricha arrested, he turned into a terrorist. Lakshman brought more info on Tataki and Maaricha’s death which proved that they were cheating and harassing people of Krishnanagar. Their death was accidental as well and people had nothing to do with their death. Moreover people were still in doubt of Maaricha’s death as his body was never found.

With all this info Ram goes in search of SUBAHU. When Ram finds SUBAHU, he talks to him with all the facts in hand. But soon Ram realizes that SUBAHU has been taken over by evil and nothing can be undone. Ram calls for Battle of Arrows till death. SUBAHU knew Ram was the best archer in the world but still he agrees to the battle as he had his own cunning plans to defeat Ram.

The battle takes place in Open grounds of Tatakaranya. Ram pleads to Subahu, “SUBAHU please listen to me, I do not want to kill you. You are mistaken about the death of your mother and brother”. SUBAHU interrupts him “Ram stop giving these talks. Do not try to talk about the dos and don’ts as you are here to kill me. This hurts Ram. He was there to fight but deep down he does not want SUBAHU dead but the bad in him. He recognized the power of love that could remove the hatred in people. He remembered the power of good to remove the bad. “Remember Ram everything can be won with good and love” he remembered the words of Vishwamitra.

The Battle started. SUBAHU was striking arrows in regular intervals. The arrows looked different and bigger. Ram realized they might blast. He made a special jump and escaped. As he jumped he sent few arrows towards SUBAHU. People who had come to watch the battle roared as they saw Ram sending arrows towards SUBAHU. Few of the arrows hit SUBAHU. But it did not hurt him at all. He was confused with the outcome, so were people. The battle continued as SUBAHU used various tricky arrows which were easily dodged by Ram. Ram’s arrows hit SUBAHU every time but nothing happened to him from outside. SUBAHU was unhurt from outside, but within something was changing him. He was getting weaker . Soon SUBAHU collapsed as an arrow from Ram hit his heart.

Ram ran towards SUBAHU. “What are you doing to me, why am I feeling as I have been wrong all along?” Ram smiled at him. “What is this feeling?” he continued. People had surrounded Ram now. “That’s love and kindness my friend” said Ram. Hearing the word friend from his enemy made SUBAHU cry. People chanted Ram’s name on seeing his big heartedness.

“Ram, Ram” Ram could hear his mom’s voice. Even though he was conscious now, he was struggling to open his eyes. He felt as his mom leave the room as he slowly opened his eyes. He heard the door open. He saw Inspector Yadunandan come in “Hi I was the inspector who got you and your family here, can you explain the events if you are ok now?” Yadunandan said. Kausalya nodded “we were coming back from theatre. On one of the turns we saw a guy coming right in front of the car. Raghu tried to avoid him and hit the shop nearby. When I woke up I was in bed.” She said. “Ya he was some drunk. He hit his head when he fell on the road. We have got him to the hospital as well. He was completely drunk and in no condition to walk. Your Husband did a great job avoiding him, but I guess he lost control in the process”. “How is Raghu? Did doctors say anything?” she asked. “Yes, he is fine, they are operating on him. Doctors are hoping he will be fine in a few days.” After a pause he continued “Your son is amazing, he walked for about a kilometer to get help in that condition” he said as he turned to see Ram.

Ram smiled as they both turned towards him. He slowly tried to get up. He sat on his bed and said “Mom I want to see Dad“. Kausalya came and sat beside him. “He is in a special room Ram, we can see him later” she said. “Please mom” he said. “Why don’t you walk him out and show around” Yadunandan said. Ram got down from his bed as he saw that his mom was bandaged on her head and hand. He himself was covered with a few bandages of his own. “He needs proper rest inspector” Said Kausalya. “I am fine mom” Ram said as he got down. She shook her head and started walking towards the door as Ram followed her. They went to the corridor.

Ram held his mom’s hand as they walked towards ICU to have a check on his Dad. “Why was that guy so drunk and what was he doing on the road?” asked Ram. Kausalya was about to say something when Yadunandan who was behind said “He is very poor and he is having a lot of issues Ram and these kind of people always think drinking will make their problem disappear.” Ram stopped walking as he turned back and said with a smile “Mom says being good, showing kindness and love towards people will always keep people happy”. Yadunandan smiled at the child’s innocence. Kausalya smiled too.

They reached the ICU door. As Kausalya opened the door and was about to enter, Ram stopped and turned once again towards the inspector to ask “What is the guy’s name?” “Oh! Its Subahu” said Inspector Yadunandan…..    

Her Aura and the Happiness

There was no one
I could love or trust
The place was dark and
Moving on was a must

I came here in search of
A light in my dark life
Followed her all around
To make her my wife

I moved from place to place
following the light
only to make the place
as dark as I am

Light turned around with
a smile on her face
lighting my darkness
with her grace

I was blind for a second
due to her brightness
only to open my eyes
with her and the happiness

She whispered to me
I was always the light
with hatred and fear
Light was the dark….

: It’s been almost a month since I last came here. We always celebrate a new year, one thing we forget is that every month of that ‘new’ year is a new month, every week of that new month is a new week and every day of that new week is a new day. This can be extended to every second that comes by… So every second in our life is new which makes it very special!

It’s very funny to see how we spend every second of our life. Just stop for a moment here and try to see the past couple of days in the next few seconds and recollect the moments that you worried about, was jealous of someone or anything which comes with the term ‘bad’.  You might have none or you might have plenty of it. Was it worth those new seconds?

In life we think about almost everything. Each second is a new possibility. Our thoughts vary with time, we change with time. But since the very beginning there will always be something very close to us which we will never realize until the end.

Most of us in life will always be looking for something which we don’t know. The statement in itself is odd and funny.  Some of us give up in the middle and accept the life we have while some find it and achieve great heights. But there will still be another question waiting. Is that all you were looking for or is there something else? This never ends, isn’t it!!

In this poem I wrote, we might be searching for anything, a person, a place, object, emotion etc.  I always say that I am someone who believes that a person who is bad will always have some good in him and vice versa. A person on his quest to find something may forget the path he took. One might fall down to a certain level to achieve his/her goal or another person will follow the honest way to reach his goal. Ultimately a final question will answer how your life was, it’s not about the struggle you had or the money you have or how much you have achieved!
I know some of us will say some of the stuff counts, I do agree but only if it answers the final question! So what is this question?

At this very moment are you happy?

One Year!

It has been one whole year since I started my blog. Though I wouldn’t say it has been a successful one , I would term it as a satisfying experience.

About two years back when I had thought of writing a blog, I was nervous. My closest friend Tejaswi had suggested that I write a blog. Even my cousin Kavya who had read my writings thought I should write one too. So initially when I started this blog exactly a year back I thought it would be good to see what people had to say about my writing. My biggest fear was English! I know my English isn’t good and I wanted to see how people would take it. I always get help from Tejaswi on the grammar perspective before publishing a post and I will always be grateful to him. Thanks a lot man!

As I started this blog, my main aim was to see what people think about me as a writer; it might be the plot, or the way I proceed with a story. To be honest, I know I am not even close to being good yet and I still have a long way to go. Though I got a few positive results from what I wrote, I wanted people to point out what was not good or right in what I wrote!

I have experimented with many things here. It might be my very short stories where the story ends in a couple of sentences; it could be the poems I wrote, I am not at all comfortable with them. I have always felt they are just random lines that rhyme! I even wrote a few articles which I don’t usually do.

I always tried to be within the theme of my blog while I wrote my posts, mainly to balance the act of darkness and light around us. I don’t know how much I have been correct in terms of Dark Light. When I write I usually have certain kinds of ideas or messages of my own and hope it would be of some help to others. Also if I am wrong I would like to hear from you about where I went wrong.

I had thought of closing my blog many times. It might be because I don’t publish much. I also felt somewhere in the middle that I am not good enough to blog. But I didn’t close it down mainly because few were following me and I had started following many and reading their blogs helped me in a lot ways which made me think more. My outset towards people around the globe has changed very much and I feel we all are so similar in a beautiful way because of the blog and I wanted to experience this more.  So I thought it would be foolish to stop coming here. I thank all of you for your wonderful writings and I am grateful to all who visit this Kingdom of Mine,

Thank You Again.


This post was meant to be published yesterday i.e. Dec 6…

Firstly I want to say this article has nothing to do with the number 23, which some people believe to be a special/powerful number.

So what is this about? I turned 23 today. I always want my birthday to be a normal one. Every year my parents, bro, few cousins and few of my friends wish me. I am someone who doesn’t celebrate his birthday, though I feel it’s a special day.

The reason why I am writing this article is because the day didn’t turn out to be a normal one!

Let us first go a few weeks back. As you all know I am working now and no more a student, my colleagues started asking me my birthday. I generally don’t tell my birthday, so I never told them. I thought tomorrow evening I would tell them my birthday was this week and I would like to treat.

So finally Dec 6 i.e. today finally came. I went to office, everything looked normal. Initially I felt that my colleagues knew it was my birthday and they were hiding it but I ignored it thinking it was my imagination. By now you all might realize that they already knew and I would be getting a big surprise. The interesting thing was how it all happened. Anyways let me continue, Lunch hour came, everything was normal. We all went together for lunch; we had our lunch. It was in second floor of the building. Couple of they went to buy some deserts, by now I should have known something was happening but I didn’t. Finally they called and rest of us went to the first floor. When I was walking down I realized there might be a cake waiting for me and these guys knew it was my birthday!

Initially what my mind said was RUN. Then I realized I knew these guys for just few months, they had become close friends (I don’t know whether they all think the same about it, though I believe they do!). I don’t know how but they managed to find out my birthday and bought a cake to celebrate it with me.

I came to the table where the cake was kept; I don’t know I just thought about the cake my mom used to make for mine and my brother’s birthday. Saw these guys all happy and smiling, I was very happy just by seeing them but I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless. I just said “I don’t like cutting the cake”.

After the cake was cut and everybody wished me, we all had the cake. I was thinking how did they know that it was my birthday? It was still a mystery to me. I realized maybe Facebook, though I have not made my birthday visible there, few had wished me last year. So I finally asked “How did you guys know?” On Dec 4 one among them had asked me to log on to one of my account to check something, I had opened it for her and I just started working. She had seen for my info and saw my birth date! Just two days back they came to know. I couldn’t believe this fact!

So the day became very special, thanks to these special people – Kalpana, Sowmya, Abhilash, Radhika, Arun, Shyam, Sindoori and Reshma.

So I am 23 now and day is back to normal. The beautiful thing was that the guy who wanted to give surprise ended up being surprised. It is these moments that makes life beautiful.

Though life has its tough moments, it’s still beautiful…

Interestingly this is my 23rd post!!