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The War Within…

The pain in the heart grew bigger
With the thought of you leaving me
It’s weird to be scared of losing someone
Whom you have already lost

Stay and fight for your existence
It’s your life to live and love
Giving up is a fools option
Even with the pain around the loved ones

You rose from the ashes ones
Get up again from this pain
There is lot to see and explore
In this God created world for us

I know it is very difficult
With all the thoughts jumbled
Pick the pieces that are shattered
Creating a new one midst the chaos

Love and care is everywhere
Hidden between the fear and hatred
Leave the burden inside you
To reach the forgotten kingdom

Smile is indeed an essential tool
To reach the hearts in this kingdom
Happiness should never be the shadow
But the true expression from heart

Living is an art in this world
Facing the fear and dark within us
Giving the expression of love and light
To all from the heart

It is those fears that are dark
We should lose along the way
Spreading the happiness from the heart
And have a peaceful life


Every one of us want a peaceful happy life. I believe if not all, most of us long for that. The major issue is that there are so many distraction in life which gives us all the needs and finally makes us forget the most important one. For each one of us, we need to face the fears and sadness within us. The fear can be of losing someone or something. Our mind plays us so beautifully that the others around who trick us are nothing in front of it.

In the poem above if you have noticed, I have never mentioned mind anywhere. I believe when we start smiling from the heart or spread happiness from the heart, we have controlled our mind. Conquering one’s mind is the biggest challenge. When you think you have outsmarted your own Brain, it might end up saying ‘no buddy not yet’!!
Face the fear/anger within and around you. Find that peace in life. Fun fact is we already have it but we don’t ever realize or see it.

There are so many kinds of war going on around us which have no significance as it is the war within us that is needed to be won.



I lost myself the day I lost you
Each days go by me
Thinking a reason to find you with me,
Though you will never be

Peace is getting torn into pieces.
The tears falling around
Forms a sea of fear and sadness,
With happiness long gone

Swim to shore of happiness
A place we will unite
To create a better place for us
For all around the world

“I, love, am dying’ said the love
come save me and world
before the hate conquers you
and rest in the world.

Its time to love yourself, others and the world, before we lose all.

Her Aura and the Happiness

There was no one
I could love or trust
The place was dark and
Moving on was a must

I came here in search of
A light in my dark life
Followed her all around
To make her my wife

I moved from place to place
following the light
only to make the place
as dark as I am

Light turned around with
a smile on her face
lighting my darkness
with her grace

I was blind for a second
due to her brightness
only to open my eyes
with her and the happiness

She whispered to me
I was always the light
with hatred and fear
Light was the dark….

: It’s been almost a month since I last came here. We always celebrate a new year, one thing we forget is that every month of that ‘new’ year is a new month, every week of that new month is a new week and every day of that new week is a new day. This can be extended to every second that comes by… So every second in our life is new which makes it very special!

It’s very funny to see how we spend every second of our life. Just stop for a moment here and try to see the past couple of days in the next few seconds and recollect the moments that you worried about, was jealous of someone or anything which comes with the term ‘bad’.  You might have none or you might have plenty of it. Was it worth those new seconds?

In life we think about almost everything. Each second is a new possibility. Our thoughts vary with time, we change with time. But since the very beginning there will always be something very close to us which we will never realize until the end.

Most of us in life will always be looking for something which we don’t know. The statement in itself is odd and funny.  Some of us give up in the middle and accept the life we have while some find it and achieve great heights. But there will still be another question waiting. Is that all you were looking for or is there something else? This never ends, isn’t it!!

In this poem I wrote, we might be searching for anything, a person, a place, object, emotion etc.  I always say that I am someone who believes that a person who is bad will always have some good in him and vice versa. A person on his quest to find something may forget the path he took. One might fall down to a certain level to achieve his/her goal or another person will follow the honest way to reach his goal. Ultimately a final question will answer how your life was, it’s not about the struggle you had or the money you have or how much you have achieved!
I know some of us will say some of the stuff counts, I do agree but only if it answers the final question! So what is this question?

At this very moment are you happy?

Things I never told…

Things left untold
will never unfold
I stand here to reveal
The things I never told

You were my strength
Supporting me all the way
You were my master
Whom I can never pay…

You showed me the way
To love and respect,
Even when I was a failure
You said I was perfect…

You were the better half
Of my struggling life
The love and wealth we have is
From your support my lovely wife…

Seeing you all cry
In front of my grave
I hope and pray,
You guys would be brave…

I loved the life I lived
But the only regret
Are the things I never told
About how much I loved you all
About how much I loved you all…

A journey called Life…

Life is full of twist and turn
Some path will make you burn
And some shortcuts you will earn

The path for some will be alone
But not for long as we all know,
A perfect match will await ahead

Lot more ups and downs
With happiness and sorrows
But with a partner holding hands

Time may come when we will depart
Where you will look behind and think,
Why this journey at all?

All those years of hard work for what?
It is indeed a mystery for us all
Why this journey at all?

Is the journey really needed?
For one I say we indeed need it
For all the experience and emotions we face

We need this journey to be known to many
We need this journey to create a better future
We need this journey to know emotion

For the smile we see in us and others
For the moments with our loved ones
For the help we do for an unknown
For the struggle we face

To have an experience of living
To see the innocence in a child’s face
To see the beauty of the nature
To hear the melody of music

So, is this journey really needed?
Yes indeed we need this journey
As nothing is more beautiful than
A journey called life….


Life is a path we take
To attain a certain goal, but
A path should never be easy
A path should never be simple

Yes, we need a path
A path with love
A path towards happiness
A path towards the goal

When we desire
we should shed our weakness
When we are certain
We work hard for success

No one said
It would be easy
Neither did they say
It’s impossible

Whatever may come
Whatever may happen
Never give up on the goal
That you have chosen

It takes time to build
It takes time to reach the goal
Be patient in every step
Do not let the weak control

With thunder and lightning
Comes the rain
With hard work and pain
Comes the success

When we do something, when we want something, when we have a goal to reach never give up on it. It’s something we want to happen not anyone else. So it’s up to us to MAKE IT HAPPEN…

Never give up on something because someone else thinks you can’t do it. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Live your life to fullest. Dream and Achieve. THE PATH TO SUCCESS might be painful but when you reach your goal, it would surely be worth it..Go follow your own path and make this life worthwhile  before you leave…

 PS: Its been long since my last post.. had some busy days… Thanks for all the support and will definitely try to write more posts in future..
Would love to end this post with one of my favorite Bob Marley song… please do listen to it… Take care all until the next post ….

The Widow

The day was bright,
The sky was blue,
Change was in the air,
Of which I had no clue….

I rang the bell,
But no response,
I knocked the door,
Still no response….

I walked to the side,
Peeked through the window,
In search of,
My friend’s widow….

She saw me peeking and said,
The door is open,
I went in to the room,
Strong she was, though all broken….

She gave a faint smile,
As I entered the room,
I said not to worry,
He will come soon….

Everything would change,
Though it is sadness lately,
We are all waiting,
For that cry, daily!

She was on due as,
She had a 9 month old,
Inside her womb and
The baby will be her gold….

“It’s happening” she said,
I ran to arrange,
A wheelchair for the widow,
As it was indeed time for a change….


It was just another day
He had come late
With blood in his hands and
Unknown was his fate

I stood in front of him
With no reaction on my face
Took the knife from his hand
And hid it in a case

He said to me
I did it for you my dear
I said to him
Now we have no fear

He came beside me
Took me in his arms
I looked deep in his eyes
Blinding him with my charms

He felt a surge of pain
Piercing through his back
The case was empty
And knife was in his back

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

He died in my arms
Saying I didn’t cheat
Taking that knife
I ran to my new life…

On my way, all I
Could see was dark
As I reached to my new life
The guy was with his wife

I fell, seeing that sight
The guy in front of me was dark
Pierced the knife through my heart
Realizing the guy behind was my light

As I died I told myself
you and she were partners
Fooled and tricked both of us
To have all the gold….

PS: I wrote this poem with a story in my mind…I myself got confused what was the story that was in my mind when I read it! The story goes this way….

                There were two partners running a business, what business? I don’t care… lets name them ‘A’ and ‘b’ married to ‘a’ and ‘B’ respectively! ‘a’ comes to know that ‘A’ has cheated on her with ‘B’ and cheats ‘A’ with ’b’. ‘A’ loves ‘a’ but ‘a’ falls for ‘b’.  ‘a’ plans with ‘b’ to kill ‘B’ using ‘A’.  One night ‘A’ with bloody knife in his hand comes home. Now ‘a’ seeing her husband with blood coated knife takes the knife from his hand and puts it in a case. ‘A’ comes and hugs ‘a’ saying he did this for her, only to realize that knife is In his back. He dies in ‘a’ s arms saying I didn’t cheat…. after hearing ‘a’ say ,

You cheated on me and so did I
You loved me and I loved him
You killed for me and I killed for him
Go to her and I will to him

‘a’ gets fully confused but still takes the knife and goes in search of ‘b’. ‘a’ sees from distance that ‘b’ is with ‘B’. This makes her realize that it was all a plot made by ‘b’ and ‘B’ to destroy her life for money! Realizing the things she did she takes the knife and pierces it through her heart to meet her husband in another world….

The end

There are many around who plan on deceiving others… beware…

Hope I could make the story more clear for you guys 😛
Take care all…..


Few years back,

I was someone,

Having a struggle,

With myself and the world


Now he is someone,

In the dark

Trying very hard,

To make a mark


I took risks,

Played life as a game,

Ignored the people,

To reach the fame


He is honest

Like I was,

He had passion

Like I had


Now I have riches

With no one to enjoy and live,

I still have dreams

Which money couldn’t give


Now he has no riches,

But only love to live

Now he has dreams,

Which only money can give


Close ones around

Were after the money,

Life seemed dark

And the weather was sunny


He told the close ones,

How rich he wants to be,

Giving his best,

To reach his goal


I am sad and lonely,

With richness and fame,

Started to walk back,

To play a new game


As he started his walk,

To play the fame game…